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Month: August, 2017

Slow goes it with business window tinting. The last two days it has been very slow . We could use some more opportunity. I have a couple of cars to do some Auto Window Tinting on tomorrow and my Friday customer had to reschedule so I am open all day on Friday and it also looks as though Saturday is open too.

Yesterday we did a little bit of Auto Window Tinting. I had a customer come to me with some old purple window tint on the quarter glass of his Toyota.
I stripped both quarters and applied some new color stable carbon Auto Window Tint . Today is the anniversary of the opening of our Window Tinting business !
21 years of successful window tinting and more than 30 years experience !

The last couple of days I have been getting requests for the Specialty Auto Window Tint. I have done three cars in the last two days with this specialty window tinting. The people who are getting this film, I have noticed that these cars are in very good condition considering the age. Smart customers !
Today I did some Home Window Tinting on a Condo very close to my place.
I came back to my place and I applied some more Specialty Auto Window Tint to a 19 year old Toyota Corolla that was in great shape.

It was hot today but we were able to provide Mobile Window Tinting to a customer who was close to me. I gave her a ride home in my car and I went back to her house and picked her up in my car and took her back to her newly tinted older car. She loved my service !
Tomorrow we have a couple of tough cars to tint. We are prepared for the fun !

Today I went Mobile Window Tinting. I went to a Home in Phoenix to apply some Home Window Tint to a couple of windows right next to the entrance door of my customers home. He was looking for more privacy. Tomorrow I will have a customer come for my Mobile Auto Window Tinting service.

The last two days have been slow, but I am confident things will again pick up.
Today I did a Home Window Tinting Estimate close to my place. Then I went to a commercial Italian restaurant very close to my place and measured some windows for window Tint stripping and replacing with newer better looking Bronze window film . I told the owner that it is all about the ambiance and he was in very much agreement with me and what I thought would be nicer for his clientele and his establishment. I measured the glass and I will provide him with a fair bid for doing the window tinting work. I love having the opportunity to beautify a customers Business Store Front or beautify their Auto mobile Window Tint. It is very rewarding to see the changes.
Today I also stripped some old window tint from a drivers door on a Nissan and replaced it with new Window tint, while my customer waited in my Air Conditioned Garage while I did the tint work. Another happily satisfied customer !

It was a very active weekend running my Mobile Window Tinting, We spent a lot of quality time on the installation because our customers had the time available to give me a few hours. I also did some old window tint removal on a Toyota Corolla. I have some picture of a Nissan altima but I was so busy I forgot the after pictures. Everyone will just have to take my word for it we tinted that car.
We also did a service vehicle in which the environment was too dusty so I brought his vehicle to my place and we applied Auto Tint there. I also did some Commercial Window Tinting on a Chick fil -a near my place. I applied some clear security window tinting over a sticker on the entrance door to the playground.
Tomorrow I will do a Commercial Window Tinting estimate.

Yesterday I attempted to do some front door RV window tinting but it was too windy outside. We rescheduled for tomorrow morning. Today I had a customer who lives in Phoenix very close to me, so I offered my free Mobile Window Tinting Service. After I applied the Specialty Window Tint to his vehicle I went to pick him up and bring him back to his newly tinted vehicle. We love our Phoenix customers, especially those who are close to me. Tomorrow I will do some early morning RV window Tinting, then I will strip some old truck tint and apply new auto tint.

It is very slow right now . I have had a couple of flaky customers call set appointments then don’t bother to call or show up. What is wrong with some people ? We are open and available for ANY WINDOW TINTING opportunities !
We do it all Auto Window Tinting, Commercial Window Tinting, Home Window Tinting and RV Window Tinting.