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Month: August, 2017

The phone rang a few more times today than it did yesterday. I will take what I can get if its gonna be like that. Yesterday I had a customer leave his truck for some Truck Tinting. I don’t cut corners on the installation ( no pun intended ), so I remove all of the sliding back window hardware and clasp and I also remove the extended cab window hardware. That allows me to cut “through holes” in the Window Tint for a professional quality installation. I heat the applied Window Tint before re installing the window hardware. This process takes time and patience but it is the right way to do Auto Window Tinting if your a pro.
I have an open schedule tomorrow and Friday and plenty of time available this weekend for any window tinting. Come one, come all to the best tint man in town !

NEED WORK !!! Ad Words is once again falling on its face !!!!
Open and available ALL WEEK FOR ANY POSSIBILITIES OF window tinting !

Yesterday I applied some Auto Window Tint on a newer Honda Civic .
I also Had a customer show up that had a Toyota Avalon that needed a Piece of Auto Tint applied to the drivers door. This was a customer who manages the Italian Restaurant in Phoenix. I stripped and re tinted the entrance door on his restaurant about 5 months ago. After the Toyota drivers door window tinting I had another repeat customer come with a different car for some back door Window Tinting on his new/used Nissan Maxima. I applied tint to both the back doors. Today I applied specialty Auto Window Tint to a Honda CRV. After the Honda Window Tinting I had another customer come for Mobile Auto Window Tinting with the specialty Auto Window tint. I gave him a ride back to his place in north Phoenix and picked him up after I applied the specialty tint to his new Jeep Grand Cherokee. The first customer today brought his Toyota truck to me for me to tint for him tomorrow. I have the whole week open for any window tinting . Ad words was VERY weak today maybe one call for tinting -bogus for the money I am spending with them !
GET IT TOGETHER GOOGLE AD WORDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did everything they said I should do and I get one call today ,LAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minimal opportunity with all the money I spend on Google Ad Words does not bring me work . I NEED BETTER OPPORTUNITY FOR MY MONEY SPENT !!!!!
Lets get it together Ad Words !!!!! I NEED WORK !!!

Today was a day of new Commercial Window Tinting experience for me.
For the first time in my over 35 years of Window Tinting I had the opportunity to apply Commercial Window Tint to a 6 foot circular window. I pre-cut a template out of cardboard and pre-cut the 6 foot circle of Window Tint at my office using the cardboard template to get very close to the approximate dimensions. I also used the cardboard tem0plate to pre-cut the half circle of Commercial Tint.
This made the job go excellent. I got to remove some old tint that had a high solar absorbance ratio which means it pulled a lot of heat into the room. I applied some tint that has the lowest solar absorbance which made the room more comfortable. Tomorrow I have an open schedule and we could do some window tinting.

Yesterday got better with my advertising after all. I had a customer come for some late night Auto Window Tinting. She had a sunroof on her car and she wanted her car tinted with specialty window tint and she wanted the sunroof tinted. She dropped her car off to me at about 5:30 pm and I finished the application of the specialty window tint at about 10pm. I know she will be much cooler in her car now with the specialty tint and especially with the sunroof tinting. Today I will do some Commercial Window Tinting in downtown Phoenix.
For this Commercial Window Tinting I had to make a template to make a 68 inch circle to do this window tinting. This will be the first time I have tinted a huge circular piece of glass . There is also a half circle that is 68 inches tall and 36 inches wide. We love all types of window tinting.

Thank goodness for my return customers who want their new car tinted by me.
This week I have had three return customers call for new Auto Window Tinting.
I have used my Mobile Window Tinting Service to help a couple of my customers out this week. Yesterday I applied some carbon and metal tint to a 2016 Mercedes C300 ( return for more customer). It seem as though I cannot count on my Ad words account on Google any more. They have made me jump through hoops of fire again, just to try to keep things the way they were going. All of the changes they recommended at the beginning of this year have now all been changed again. Simply put, maniacal !
Looks like I will have to start my complaining again about no opportunities coming by them. What a joke on me, the honest business man.
Once again , NO WORK AGAIN ! IT IS HOT AS HELL OUTSIDE AND I HAVE NO WORK ! NO CALLS FROM GOOGLE AD WORDS ! If it were not for my return customers I would be heading down to the DPS looking for food stamps ! Jokes on me again ! Thanks for nothing Ad Words !

Today was a day of Commercial Window Tinting. I went to a dental office near my place and I stripped off some old window tint and I applied some nice new Commercial Window Tint to a couple of windows near the entrance . I had been there a couple of weeks ago to strip and re tint the entrance door . I took a couple minutes this morning to put 6 layers of limo auto tint together so i could view the solar eclipse. Everyone in the dental office and the deli next door got to see the solar eclipse through my 6 layers of tint. Tomorrow I have a truck coming to me , a customer from Angie’s list who came here earlier this week to get her vehicle tinted now wants to get her husbands window tinted on his vehicle. My adwords advertising has fallen flat on its face today . No calls other than pesky sales people trying to sell me on borrowing money. I will drop my budget to 1.00 a day and expect to get the same kind of action.
No calls from my adwords campaign makes no sense to me because it is still extremely hot outside and it is only going to get much hotter by the end of this week , 110 degrees all weekend to come .

It was a great day for Mobile Window Tinting ! My first customer came to me with holes in her window tint. She did not realize that some people throw the clasp of the seat belt into the tint. I replaced the tint for her and I warned her about the seat belt damaging the tint. I also had a customer come to me for the application of Auto Window Tint on his car. It was a simple installation on a Nissan Altima.
I gave the customer a ride home and I went back to pick him up to bring him back to his newly tinted automobile. We love to tint !

It was a great day for window tinting. I had a Angie’s List customer come today with her SUV for some Auto Window Tinting. This was a Lexus RX 450h. The back window spoiler hangs over one side of the rear window making it nearly impossible to tint, but we handled it, it came out great. Tomorrow I will do some Commercial Window Tinting Estimate after we do some auto tint stripping and re tinting.