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Month: May, 2015

Yesterday was a awesome day for Window Tinting ! I went to Penske and completed the last of the Commercial Vehicle Window Tinting for them.
They had a Chevy Truck for me to apply Truck Window Tinting to. After the truck they had a Chevy Equinox they wanted some Auto Window Tinting applied to as well. Today I spent about six hours removing old purple Window Tint from a older Ford Mustang Cobra. It was nice and hot outside today so it made the older Window Tint come off fairly easy. It is always a guessing game as to how easy or hard the old Window Tint removal can be. I used the black bag and 409 plus soapy water mixture today to assist in creating steam for Tint removal.
Tomorrow I have a older Tran Am to strip and apply new Window Tint on. This tint on this Trans Am looks very thin. Bring on the heat and the black bagging again tomorrow ! Its a Window Tint Resurrection Weekend!

Yesterday was a pretty good day for Window Tinting, and today was even better ! Unfortunately yesterday a girl called me looking for an estimate for Window Tinting a back window on her car. I offered her a fair price and she hung up. She called back about five minutes later and when she started to speak ,no kidding, it sounded like she had marbles in her mouth.
I could not understand a word she was saying. I don’t know if she had a lolly pop in her mouth or what.  I had to ask her to repeat herself several times. So she hung up again and decided to put a bad review up on my Google Plus page. How nice and understanding of her, NOT. I guess I can’t  please all of the people all of the time ! I am not a interpreter, I am merely a Window Tint Master. Yesterday was great I had two customers come to take advantage of my free Mobile Window Tinting service . The first Customer dropped his Prius off for Window Tint stripping and replacement. I gave him a ride to his job and after I applied new Window Tint to his car I went back to his place of business and picked him up to bring him back to his car. The second customer brought his Jetta for new CXP top of the line Window Tinting. I took him home and I picked him back up so he did not have to wait around at my place while I tinted his car. Who can beat that kind of Mobile Window Tinting Service ???  I doubt any other Window Tinting company offers that kind of Customer Care. Tomorrow its back to Penske for more Commercial Auto Window Tinting !Today I applied Window Tint to a KIA Sorento. If you look at my pictures your can see how at all cost I avoid cutting Window Tint patterns on your vehicles glass. This eliminates the possibility of scratching your car glass!

Yesterday was a great day for Window Tinting . Actually it was a great day for Commercial Window Tint stripping. I went to an office location in Phoenix and I removed old distorted and peeling Commercial Window Tint.
I knew this job was not going to go easy so I prepared well for this Window Tint stripping endeavor and I brought my Jiffy Steamer.
As I first started to try to peel the old Window Tint off of the glass it began to separate into two layers and it started to tare. Most all window films are made in at least two ply ( two layers). With my extensive experience in Window Tinting I know when stripping if the film separates into two layers, the best way to remove the film is to always try to pull both layers of film at the same time ! If you pull the first layer off and try to get the second layer of film is very thin and is usually bonded to the glass and will seem to be impossible to get to release from the glass. That means you better have a big box of razor blades, plenty of time and muscle power. Much easier with my steamer.
Today I have a customer who was supposed to be here at 8 am to drop his car off for Auto Window Tint stripping and retint. and I was going to give him a ride to and from work. He called and pushed the time back to 10 am. I don’t like to be in a rush but it looks like I will be today .

It was a great Memorial Day Window Tinting today ! Today I used my Mobile Window Tinting service after a customer dropped off their car , I gave them a ride home in my Mobile Service Vehicle. I returned to my place and applied Car Window Tint . They returned to pick up their car. My next customer wanted to wait while I applied Auto Window Tint to his Jeep Wrangler. The back glass on the jeep was once broken on the jeep and when it was replaced, it was replaced with a piece of privacy glass.
So the back glass was tinted but the rest of the jeep had no tint, until today!  It was a nice easy Window Tinting day today . Tomorrow  I will go to a business office building being remodeled and I will strip old Commercial Silver Window Tint. This film should be a challenge to get off of the glass. It has been baked on the glass for over 20 years and is finally starting to deteriorate.

It was anther great day for Window Tinting today ! I finished the 430 square foot of glass Home Window Tinting in Laveen. Two days of Home Window Tinting . Tomorrow on Memorial Day I will work. I have a vehicle coming here for two front doors Auto Tinting . I have another Coming around three and I have an Infinity coupe coming here at about six. It should be a great day of tinting. Hopefully I can squeeze in some Lawn mowing !

Yesterday was a very busy day for Window Tinting ! I had a great day yesterday going and providing my Mobile Window Tinting  service to my regular customers at Safeguard Security. That is the fourth Nissan Van I have applied Auto Window Tinting to this week for Safeguard. From what I have heard there will be many more for me to apply Commercial Auto Window Tint to . After the Van Window Tinting I went to the Recreation Centers of Sun City West to do some Commercial Window Tinting on some French Doors. After the mornings application of Commercial Window Tinting I had a customer bring me a car they just bought for their son for Graduation. So I applied some Metal Suntek Window Tint to provide a great amount of heat. Today I started the Home Window Tinting I had scheduled in Laveen. I applied Home Window Tint to 35 Windows in my customers home today . There are 28 More for me to apply Residential Window Tint to tomorrow. We LOVE Home Window Tinting!  I hope all of my followers and friends have a safe and Happy Memorial Weekend, as we go on happily Tinting

Yesterday was a good day for Window Tinting. I had a customer come to me with his Jeep Cherokee for Auto Window Tinting. This customer wanted the Highest Quality Window Tint I have available so I applied the Suntek Carbon XP Window Tint. This CXP Window Tint made by Suntek is the one of the  most optically clear Window Tints available. The CXP is also warranted against color fade or change of color. This CXP also blocks as much heat as the Metal Window Tint and it will not interfere with Sirius Satellite radio signals. Most new cars today have a Satellite receiver “pod” or antenna mounted on the top of the car so in this case you can get away with the application of Metal Window Tint without radio satellite signal interference.
Today I will go Mobile Window Tinting to Enterprise Fleet Management and apply Auto Window Tinting to another Nissan Van for Safeguard Security. After the Auto Window Tinting I will go Mobile Window Tinting to the Recreation Centers of Sun City. They have two french doors the want Commercial Window Tint applied on. After the Commercial Window Tinting I will return to my place and apply Auto Window Tint to a VW Passot. It should be a good day in my world of Window Tint !

Today was a long day for Window Tinting. I spent all day at a customers house applying Auto Window Tint to his Motor Home. This customer wanted the best film available for his RV so I applied Suntek Cxp. I applied Window Tint to the front doors, the Kitchen and Living room area and to the Master Bedroom. Tomorrow I have Jury Duty. Not looking forward to the long dragged out day tomorrow.

It was another terrific day for Window Tinting ! I used my Mobile Window Tinting service to go to Enterprise Fleet Vehicle Management to apply Auto Window Tint to three Nissan NV 200’s for Safeguard Security. I have tinted all of Safeguard Security’s Vehicles since 1996 .
Tomorrow I will return to a customer who had his Smart Car tinted by me and I will apply specialty Suntek CXP to his motor home .
Yes we tint it all cars, trucks , motor homes, office and residential window tinting, and we specialize in all of these types of Window Film application !
For top quality products and expertise in Window Tinting call us at Stick To It Window Tinting

Today was a great day for Window Tinting ! I had a customer come and drop off his VW SUV for Car Window Tinting. This was a third time return customer. Years ago I tinted a Toyota Corolla , a Toyota Truck and now his VW Tiguan. This was a fairly easy vehicle to tint. It is always a good when the customer brings their vehicle to me, especially when the vehicle has all German Glass. I do not like cutting the window tint patterns on this type of glass. I use a sharpie and a light behind the glass to trace a pattern then I remove the tint from the outside of the vehicle and I cut the pattern on a separate sliding glass door in my shop used for “Pattern Cutting”. This method of Window Tint cutting ensures not cutting into the soft German glass.
Tomorrow I will go to Enterprise Fleet Management to apply Commercial Vehicle Window Tint for Safeguard Security. They have four Commercial Vans that need Auto Window Tinting. I have applied Commercial Window Tint to all of Safeguard security Commercial Vehicles for over 19 years.