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Month: December, 2014

Well my computer is still on the Doctors table, thank goodness for good friends ! This has been a great week for Window Tinting. I have used my Mobile Auto Window Tinting Service several times this week . I did some Window Tinting for I-17 Collision Auto Repair this week. I Put a Tint strip on a front windshield of a Mazda for them.I also went out to central Phoenix to do a Commercial Window Tinting Estimate on a building for a real estate company. I also applied Commercial Window Tint to one of the windows in this building, prior to the tenants moving in. I will return to this building to do more Window Tinting for the tenants. We went to a customers house out in Surprise AZ. to tint the windows on his VW Jetta in his garage for him.
Also this week I stripped old purple Window Tint from a Nisson Sentra and applied new Auto Window Tint to it. I had a New Chevy Duramax come for Truck Window Tint on his two front doors.
I also Tinted a Mazda 2. This car had a very curvy back glass but was no challenge for my Window Tint shrink ability or my Window Tinting Skills! Last night at about 9 pm I did some Mobile Auto Window Tinting for a customer who works nights and wanted me to pick up his car and bring it to my shop so I could apply Auto Window Tint to his two front doors. We love to stay busy Window Tinting !!!

My computer has a virus so I am getting it fixed. I haven’t had the opportunity to write/blog about my business too often because of this problem. I should have it back soon ! It has been a great week and a great weekend for Window Tinting. This week I had the opportunity to use my Mobile Window Tinting service to apply some Commercial¬† Window film for Cox Solutions. I also did some Car Window Tinting on a couple of vehicles this week . I applied Window Tint to a Dodge Truck and also a Toyota Truck. I love Truck Window Tinting. For the dodge Window Tint I removed the hardware that holds the back extended cab glass and I cut a “through Hole” in the Window Tint for the hardware to be reattached. That is not only the nice way but it is the best way to achieve the most professional appearance. Today used my Mobile Auto Window Tinting service to go and apply Car Window Tint to a new VW Passot. These VW’s have extremely close tolerances for the Window Tint application to the back window. These cars require a Window Tinter with extreme knowledge and skill. Remember, Window Tint makes the best Christmas Present you could give to yourself or your loved one !
The gift that keeps giving (Protection) for years and years !

Commercial Window Tinting

Today we will use our professional Mobile Window Tinting Service to go to Cox Communications building and apply Commercial Window Tint to a large window for privacy. I will be using a Window Tint called “Blackout” or Black Opaque, to provide no visibility into the building, or out of the building .

Today was a fairly busy day . I used our Mobile Window Tinting service to go to a building in Phoenix today for a Commercial Window Tinting estimate. This building has a lot of old Architectural Window Tint that needs to be remover and replaced. I am sure the customer was not expecting the cost for this Window Tint removal and replacement . There is a lot of labor involved when removing old baked on Window Tint. We look forward satisfying more customers with our professional Mobile Auto Window Tinting. Please call for free estimates !

Thank you Google + Team !

Thank you Google for helping me figure out the appropriate measures needed to keep up with the Google guild lines ! Thank you Google !

Today I went to a company in central Phoenix to do a Commercial Window Tinting Estimate. One of the windows had a small break in it which prevents Window Tinting until the glass is replaced. Any window film applied to a broken piece of glass can cause further damage to the window due to the fact that Window Film has what is called a “Solar Absorbance Ratio”, which in most common terms means the Window Tint will absorb heat, the absorbed solar energy can cause a crack to travel across the piece of glass from the absorbed heat !
We are desperate for work ! For some unknown reason Google is moving my listings further down in Google Places. I have been playing by all of the Google Rules but yet I am listed lower than my competitors that do not have any where near the amount of Relevant Content or good information that I have listed on my website . WHATS UP GOOGLE ???

Today I finish applying Commercial Window Tint on the south side of this commercial building. Tomorrow I will finish the North side of this building. I also scheduled a Auto Window Tint installation for this Saturday, a back glass on a Ford Focus.
We still have a lot of free time on the schedule for Window Tinting. Please call for free estimates ! The holidays are here so keep Window Tinting in mind for a Gift for you or your loved ones ! Window Tint- The Gift that keeps on giving year after year of protection from the harmful sun !

Today was an extremely slow day . I think I gave one telephone estimate all day. Christmas is coming soon so keep Window Tinting your Home or your Automobile in mind as a Christmas Gift. This kind of gift is the kind of gift that will “give” all year long and for years to come. Call right away to set an appointment for professional Window Tinting from Keith at Stick To It !

It was a very nice day today for Window Tinting. My first appointment was going Mobile Window Tinting to a Commercial Window Tint job in Phoenix. I applied some Window Tinting Samples for my customer to choose from and then I went to work applying some Commercial Window Tint for him.
I was unable to complete the commercial job, I ran out of the particular type of Window Tint I was using. I will go back Monday and finish.
After the commercial work today I returned home to tint a Visor Strip on a Ford front windshield for a Commercial Glass installation company called Strictly Mobile. I am looking for more work , so please feel free to call with any questions or to set an appointment for the best professional Window Tinting in Town !

Today was a Great Day for Window Tinting ! My first appointment required my Mobile Window Tinting service . I went to I-17 Collision and Auto Repair today to apply Auto Window Tint to a Honda CRV door glass. After the Mobile Tinting Service I returned to my garage and applied some Truck Window Tint to a new Chevy Duramax. We applied Window Tint to the two front doors and we also applied a limo visor strip of Window Tint to the front windshield. Tomorrow I will be going to a business with my Mobile Window Tinting Service and do a Commercial Window Tinting estimate in downtown Phoenix !