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Month: March, 2017

I think I will start calling my blog the “Blue Car Blog” !
Today I had a customer come for some Auto Window Tinting on his Blue Scion.
I took the customer to the corner coffee shop and he waited there while I applied the tint to his car . When I finished I sent him a text picture of his car with the new window tint on it and then I went and picked him up to bring him to his newly tinted car. Many customers do this . I also went to a commercial building in Phoenix today to do a window tinting estimate . Tomorrow I have a couple of doors on a SUV to tint and then I will apply window tint to a window on a trailer home. After that i will strip and apply window tint to a couple of front doors on a car.

I have had two blue cars come to me for Mobile Window Tinting in the last two days. Today I applied auto window tint to a Blue Chevy Volt. Tomorrow we have an open schedule for window tinting so we await those who are eager to get some protection from the harsh sun exposure ! We make it better !

Yesterday I has customer who lived close by come to me for Auto Window Tinting. I applied the window tint on his Chrysler 300 with ease . Today I had a customer scheduled who did not show up or call or answer my call to him.
We have an open schedule for window tinting this week. Get it now before it gets to you ! (The Tint, the Heat)

Yesterday I had a customer come to me with his Subaru WRX. Easy to apply the tint but very tight tolerances. We applied some specialty Auto Window Film that is the most optically clear film and has a color fade warranty, and it blocks as much heat as the metal window films do. Today I have one car to tint so I should be free some time around 3pm for some more tinting.

Yesterday I applied some Commercial Window Tint to the entrance of a new Business on Deer valley Road. I also did a complete Commercial Tinting estimate on the entire office building. After I did the commercial tint I came back to my place to meet a customer who had two Mercedes C300’s he wanted tinted. I used my mobile tinting service to provide him a ride back home. I spent the rest of the afternoon tinting these two cars. Today I have a car coming for some specialty window tint to help block out as much heat as possible.

It was a festive window tinting weekend . We ran our Mobile Window Tinting Service all weekend , providing transport for our customers from, and then back to their vehicles. We took care of several customers who live in my area in North Phoenix. My web site is strong enough to provide my potential customers enough information to not want to “shop around”. This week we have several more customers getting ready for the blazing summer heat to come ! Its time to get ready because here it comes !

Yesterday I spent some quality time chiseling away some 18 year old purple
bubbled window tint on the back glass of a Chevy truck. This film was so baked onto the glass my steamer would not even touch this stuff. After the several hours of stripping and prepping the truck for the Window Film application we applied some new Dye metal film to this truck. I went back to the customer and picked him up to bring him back to his newly tinted truck. Today I will do a little home window tinting in north Phoenix, then its face down into the tax paper work to get it over with !

Its going to get HOT HOT HOT, so if you want to be not so hot our window tint will hit the spot ! Yesterday I did some Mobile Window Tinting on a Cadillac ATS.
The customer was close to where I am at so it was a easy job. The new Cadillac cars are easy to apply Auto Window Tint. Today I will provide my Mobile Window Tinting Service for another customer who lives very close to me in Phoenix. Cadillac ATS After Mobile Window Tinting

It was a busy day yesterday and a fairly busy day today. I did a lot of Mobile Auto Tinting. I had a customer fill in a spot this morning that was scheduled by someone else who had to reschedule . I applied some Window Tint to his Hyundai and gave him a ride too and from his place back to his newly tinted car. I also had another customer who lived around the corner come to me today for Mobile Tinting . I applied light Arizona legal window tint to her KIA and she was what I refer to as “Vertically Challenged” about 5 foot tall so she was also definite about having a windshield Visor Tint applied. Tomorrow I have a truck coming for Truck Tinting and afterwards I will go and do a Commercial Window Tinting estimate in central Phoenix.

It was quite a window tinting weekend. A lot of people very close to me in my neighborhood found me on Google. It was very convenient for my customers to come and drop their car off for mobile window tinting. They bring there car I give them a ride back to home and I go back and pick them up to bring them back to their newly tinted car. People LOVE this part of my Window Tinting Service , no waiting around ! Tomorrow we will do a Home Window Tint estimates in Anthem. Tomorrow we were supposed to have a car to tint but I am getting no response back from the ” customer”, so I am OPEN FOR BUSINESS tomorrow !