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Month: August, 2014

I had the opportunity to complete two tint jobs today . One was a 2014 Chevy Malibu with specialty Shiny Tint. This customer wanted a film which has a different look than most common films. He has a Silver car so the Shiny Film looked great on this particular car.
After the Malibu I tinted a Honda CRV. I used my professional Mobile Window Tinting Service to take the customer home and Pick him back up to bring him back to his Professionally Tinted Car.
This is what I mean when I say ” We have the absolute best” professional Mobile Window Tinting Service in the Valley !
Tomorrow I will again use my Mobile Window Tinting Service and provide my customers with transportation to and from their cars. Pictures are on my Google Plus Page and Face Book and my Web Site .
Today was a busy day. I stripped and re-tinted a Honda Acure and used my professional mobile service to take the customer back to his home.
I came back to my shop and Stripped and re-Tinted his car. Then I used my professional Mobile Window Tinting Service and went to 91st ave and Bell road to Liberty/GMC Goodwrench. There I  stripped and re-Tinted a passenger front door glass on a GMC truck.
Then I returned to my shop and Tinted a BMW 535i.
If you look at the pictures (on Face Book or my Google Places Page) of the BMW you will see that I have the intestinal fortitude (Guts) and the knowledge (Smarts) on how to remove the third brake light assembly in order to give the cleanest most professional look to the back glass after Tint. Tomorrow I will apply some very shiny tint ! Either Solar Guard Quantum or Suntek Infinity.
Today was a great day re-beautifying a Ford Escort Wagon !
Another happy customer ! Tomorrow will be a busy day for window tinting I have scheduled an Acura four door for stripping and re-tinting , and I have also scheduled a BMW four door car for tint.
Our business hours are 7am to 2am every day, so I can best serve my customers. This weekend through Monday I am offering a 5% discount for holiday window tinting so call to reserve an appointment for this weekend and SAVE !  Keith 602-439-9500
Its Tuesday August 26th 2014.
We are open from 7am to 2am every day, available for your Car, Office or Residential Window Tinting needs !
Call for free estimates ! We have an open schedule right now, so take advantage of discounted window tinting prices !
If you schedule an appointment to get your Auto Window Tinting done this week we are offering a free air freshener for your automobile.
We are also experts in camper and recreational vehicle tinting and we offer the absolute best Mobile Window Tinting Service in the Valley !

Please, bring me your weak, weary, old, tired and failing Window Tint.
I will strip, clean, and re-beautify your auto with new reliable warranted Auto Window Tint !

There is nothing like giving your car a “face-lift” with new window film.

It is one of the most rewarding parts of my Business !
Seeing the smiling face of the customer when they see there new, perfectly installed auto tint !

It’s not GOOGLE it’s my computer  –

What happened to my Map Listings GOOGLE ???
Why has my business name disappeared from all of the map listings GOOGLE ???????
Today was a day of striping and Re-tinting some old purple ,curling window tint. It can be time consuming taking off old window film depending upon how much damage has been allowed to happen to the old film. Most standard grade window films last about 3 years before the film will show signs of degradation, and should be removed and replaced before the film starts to experience bubbling and peeling.
Once the bubbling and peeling start to happen it can become extremely challenging to remove the old Window Tint. High performance films last about 3 to 5 years before you may notice some discoloration and some signs of degrading. I have seen 7 year old High Performance film that still looks good, but that was on a car that spent most of the time in a garage and  was not driven much.
I also had the opportunity to go Strip and Re-Tint a passenger rear door glass on a Mazda 6 at Liberty GMC/Goodwrench Via Mobile Window Tinting Service ! Tomorrow is Saturday the 23rd of August and my schedule is completely open for window tinting. Please call 602-439-9500 for the absolute Best Mobile Window Tinting Service in the Valley !
Today I put a Window Tint Strip on the front windshield of a Toyota Corolla. I still have plenty of time available for any window tinting needs for the week or for this coming weekend. Please feel free to call and schedule an appointment to get Window Tint on your Car or Home. Estimates are always free !
I did some early morning Truck Tinting for Vulcan Materials.
I have plenty of time available this week for any window tinting needs.