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Month: September, 2016

Today I had another Angie’s List customer come to me with his Lexus for Car Window Tinting. He chose the Suntek CXP specialty window tint.
This is one of the most optically clear auto window tints on the market not to forget to mention the high heat rejecting capabilities and a no fade warranty too ! Smart choice for Car Window Tinting . Tomorrow I will apply commercial window tint to a Burger King restaurant !
We love commercial window tinting and specialty auto window tinting !
It is nice to beautify and provide protection from the UV in the BK restaurants!

Today I got not one call for window tinting possibilities. Good thing I have some regular return customers who want more commercial window tinting on their restaurants. I do have a car coming here tomorrow for Mobile Auto Window Tinting. Friday I will spend the majority of the day applying commercial tint to another BK restaurant. I sure hope my Ad Words starts working again, right now it seems as lame as it ever was !glndle-commercial-bk-before-tint-estimate

Yesterday I had a Angie’s List customer come to me for Mobile Window Tinting on a Ford Escape. Tinting the back windows on these older escapes is like a little science project. Detail expert tinting skill is required to precisely cut out the back window patter because of the plastic shroud for defroster wire routing, and cutting around the metal tabs the defroster wires connect to.  After you have tinted a few hundred of them you get used to it, I have tinted thousands \ so it has become a walk in the park for me, (a non- issue). I called my advertiser Google Ad Words yesterday looking for more assistance in my advertising. I supposedly talked to a manager and I should see some improvement soon. We are open all day and we have nothing scheduled for window tinting today.

Yesterday was a slow day for window tinting. I had a customer who took advantage of my mobile Window Tinting service. She dropped off her car for new lighter window tint on the back glass. She said the existing tint was too dark for her to see out of at night.  I gave her a ride home so she would not have to wait around while I stripped off the old tint and applied the new tint. After I finished I went back to her place and brought her back to her car. After I did the Auto Tint stripping and reapplication of tint I went to a commercial business in central Phoenix to apply some Commercial tint to some Kitchen barn doors. The light coming through the door windows was too bright for the patrons .
Today I has a customer scheduled for tinting but she flaked / no show no call which means I am open all day and available for any potential work window tinting .

I had a couple of calls today for window tinting. I had one customer come and drop off his daughters car for stripping of the old window tint and the re application of some new standard quality window tint. It was just hot enough today and with the use of my steamer in conjunction with the black bag technique I was able to successfully preserve the rear window defroster
Tomorrow I will go to a restaurant near me that has two small plexiglass windows they want tint on. I am not really into the idea of tinting plexiglass, but I made the customer aware of no warranty on the tint , no warranty against glass breakage and they still want it done.
I have one back glass for stripping and re Auto Window Tinting with a lighter shade than what the car came with when she bought it.

We are open all weekend for any possible window tinting !

It is starting to SUCK pretty good around here ! I got NO calls for any work  opportunities in the last three days ! Where the heck is my prospective  business clientele ??? I blog every day, I cover all spectrum’s of window tinting like , Home Window Tinting , Auto Window Tinting , and Commercial Window Tinting . I have the most Google reviews compared to all of the looser competitors in my line of work , I stay more active on line than all the others, the quality of my workmanship cannot be surpassed  and my Mobile Window Tinting service is second to no one yet here I sit with no work. At this point I think I will go screw with my lame ad words account. It is compared to nothing good. I’m a glutton for more punishment !
I NEED WORK NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello world, we are ready willing and able for any window tinting opportunities ! We have openings all day today and this weekend !

It was a very slow day . I had no window tinting today. I did get a call to schedule Auto Window Tinting appointment for next week Tuesday.
We could use some work Window Tinting.

Yesterday was a great day for Mobile Window Tinting. With all of the humidity in the air I sweat buckets of water yesterday inside a warehouse applying auto window tint to a commercial delivery companies delivery vehicles. All four of these vehicles were identical to one another. This made the preparation of the pieces of tint easy to do. I used one of the trucks to make all of the patterns of tint for the other trucks .
Today we are open and available for any potential window tinting opportunities. I got no calls for any tinting yesterday and we are starting to get hungry for work. The temperature is dropping and so are our prices !
This week and next week we will experience lower than normal temperatures but we are ready willing and able to take care of any window tinting opportunities !