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Month: February, 2015

I had a great day Window Tinting today ! I had a customer come to me with a Suburban that had some old bubbly Window Tint that I removed and I applied new Truck Window Tint. After the Truck Window Tinting I used my Mobile Window Tinting service to go strip and re apply new Car Window Tinting on a Honda Accord. Tomorrow I Will be doing some early morning Commercial Window Tinting on the exterior of a building using a exterior weather able Window Tint to mask some broken glass a contractor applied black  paint on.  These are dual pane windows. After the Commercial Window Tinting I will return to my place of business and apply Car Window Tinting to a couple of vehicles. It should be a busy day tomorrow ! I still have a little time available on Sunday for some Auto Window Tinting. Now is the time to get your self prepared for the summer ! Get your Window Tint NOW !

Yesterday was a nice slow day for Window Tinting ! I went to a State Farm Store front to give a Commercial Window Tinting Estimate . The rest of the day I spent on working up my 2014 Taxes. All done with the tax paper work now off to the Tax man. Today I will be stripping and applying new Truck Window Tint to  a suburban. Then I will use my Mobile Window Tinting service to go strip and apply new Car Window Tint to a Honda Accord. We are happy to be Window Tinting !

Today was a great day in my Window Tinting world. I went to Scottsdale Cox Communications and stripped and re-applied Commercial Window Tint to a window that had damage to the Window Tint. After that I went to the Camel back road in Phoenix Cox Store to strip and re-apply Commercial Window Tint to a window at that store that had damage. I also applied Commercial Window Tint to the front door entrance of the store. Nice and easy day for Window Tinting !

Awesome day today Window Tinting. I was expecting to have the day off but I had a customer that wanted Car Window Tint applied to his Lexus. The Lexus just like all Lexus vehicles are probably the easiest vehicle to tint. They are exactly the same as applying Window Tint to a Toyota. In fact this vehicle had glass that had Toyota labels in the glass. Tomorrow I will be working all day doing Commercial Window Tinting on two Cox Communications buildings, one in Scottsdale and the other in central Phoenix. We love to Window Tint !

Today was a good day for Window Tinting . Today I had a customer bring his Impala for Car Window Tinting . I used my Mobile Window Tinting service to give him a ride home and after I applied the Car Window Tint I went back to the customers house ,picked him up and brought him back to his newly Tinted car. These Impalas have a door pillar issue that can be enough of a pain to drive the Window Tinter crazy! A huge rubber seal , tightly pressed up against each door window is a impediment to the Window Tint application. ( Thanks a lot-NOT, Chevrolet) The installation of the Window Tint on each door is not a job for the “novice” installer. This car requires a highly skilled installation technician to achieve the highest quality appearance of the film after the installation. Very challenging even for the most experienced installation specialist like me. I will not stand for anything less than the most exceptional installation of Window Tint on the most challenging of vehicles to tint. If you look at the pictures I have attached to this blog you will see how nice the Window Tint can be applied to this challenging car. Only the Highest Quality installation and Window Tint products at Stick To It . Tomorrow I have some Commercial Window Tinting I must get ready for. I have two Cox Communications buildings that require some stripping and re-tinting of damaged Window Tint as well as an entrance door that was replaced that needs new Commercial Window Tint. So we Tint On !

It was a nice casual day of Window Tinting today ! I had a customer who read my Google Reviews and was so impressed she decided to come to me in Phoenix all the way from Globe Arizona to get her Car Windows Tinted. The car was a Honda Civic . Piece of cake to tint. The installation went quickly and I scheduled an appointment for applying Car Window Tint to a Chevy Impala tomorrow.

Excellent day Window Tinting today ! My first appointment showed up as scheduled today for Truck Window Tint stripping and application of new Truck Tint. This truck was what we in the Window Tinting business call ” the worst case scenario ”  for window tint stripping. The only way I was able to remove the old Window Tint was to razor blade it off.  This old tint was thin and unwilling to come off the glass with the use of my Jiffy steamer. I did, and I will always try to use the steamer for Window Tint removal, but there are those cases in which the old film is so thin due to degradation that when steaming, the film will just tare into tiny shards of tint making the removal process “No Fun “! After the Truck Window Tinting I had a customer come to me with a 2008 Saturn Vue for Auto Window Tinting. Tomorrow I have a customer coming to me from Northern Arizona for Auto Window Tinting ! The summer heat is coming soon, so come and get your Window Tint ASAP before you pay too much ! When the demand goes up , so do the prices. We have some of the best Window Tint available which is worth spending the extra dollar on for longevity ! Happy to be Tinting !

Today was a great day for Window Tinting ! I had a customer who dropped off her Dodge Avenger for Car Window Tinting today. I used my Mobile Window Tinting service to take her to her work place and drop her off. During the Avenger Car Window Tinting I had another customer show up at my place with a Chevy Silverado Truck that needed the old Window Tinting stripped off and the application of Truck Window Tinting. Tomorrow I will have at least two Window Tinting appointments . The first job tomorrow will be Truck Window Tinting for a customer with a “gift certificate”.

It was a very good day for Window Tinting today ! As scheduled I had a customer and his wife show up this morning with their Audi A6 for Auto Window Tinting. I showed my customer and his wife to my comfortable waiting area and they waited while I applied Auto Window Tint to their car. After I Tinted the Audi I had another customer show up with his Hyundai Accent to get the back window Tinted. Apparently he experienced some vandalism and his back window got broke, so he had the glass replaced and he needed new Window Tint.
We love to Window Tint, and we do it all !

Today was just another fantastic day in my Window Tinting World !
I went to two different locations for Cox Communications for some Commercial Window Tinting estimates. Both of these locations have old Window Tint that has been damaged and needs to be stripped and re-tinted. After the Commercial Window Tinting estimates I went to a customers house who lives around the corner from my house and I applied some Residential Window Tinting to two windows on either side of his entrance to his house . The Home Window Tinting I applied will provide him with privacy during the day, so no one can see directly into his home. Another Satisfied customer !