by sticktoittint1

Thank goodness for my return customers who want their new car tinted by me.
This week I have had three return customers call for new Auto Window Tinting.
I have used my Mobile Window Tinting Service to help a couple of my customers out this week. Yesterday I applied some carbon and metal tint to a 2016 Mercedes C300 ( return for more customer). It seem as though I cannot count on my Ad words account on Google any more. They have made me jump through hoops of fire again, just to try to keep things the way they were going. All of the changes they recommended at the beginning of this year have now all been changed again. Simply put, maniacal !
Looks like I will have to start my complaining again about no opportunities coming by them. What a joke on me, the honest business man.
Once again , NO WORK AGAIN ! IT IS HOT AS HELL OUTSIDE AND I HAVE NO WORK ! NO CALLS FROM GOOGLE AD WORDS ! If it were not for my return customers I would be heading down to the DPS looking for food stamps ! Jokes on me again ! Thanks for nothing Ad Words !