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Month: May, 2018

Stick To It Window Tinting

It has been a whirl wind of window tinting the past couple of weeks.
We have done a lot of Mobile Window Tinting , window tint stripping and replacing as well as Home and Commercial Window Tinting. Up Up Up with the protective Window Tint ! Many happy customers with new window tinting !
Here are just a few pictures of what we have been up to.


Stick To It Window Tinting

We have had a lot of window tinting going on. It has been a busy last 10 to 15 days applying tint to cars and commercial buildings as well as homes . It is getting very hot outside and no sight of a cooling period in the forecast.
Yesterday I had a customer come to me in the evening unannounced but we were able to take care of the Window Tinting on his Toyota Tacoma with some specialty window film. I also had another customer come by for tinting on the two front windows of his car. I have a car to tint tonight and I have a big van coming for Window Tinting tomorrow. Here are a few pictures of our recent window tinting work.

Stick To It Window Tinting

Last week was a good week for an entire mix of all of our window tinting specialties. We applied Auto Window Tin t to many vehicles , we did some Home Window Tinting and we also had the opportunity for Commercial Window Tinting. We used some Blackout Window Tint on on business, and we stripped some old purple tint and replaced it with nice Bronze tint on another business in Phoenix. This week Monday we did some Mobile Window Tinting and Tuesday we will do some Commercial Window Tinting which will once again require the use of our professional two tier scaffolding . We love all of the mixture of the different types of window tinting, it keeps our skills highly polished !