by sticktoittint1

Today was a day of Commercial Window Tinting. I went to a dental office near my place and I stripped off some old window tint and I applied some nice new Commercial Window Tint to a couple of windows near the entrance . I had been there a couple of weeks ago to strip and re tint the entrance door . I took a couple minutes this morning to put 6 layers of limo auto tint together so i could view the solar eclipse. Everyone in the dental office and the deli next door got to see the solar eclipse through my 6 layers of tint. Tomorrow I have a truck coming to me , a customer from Angie’s list who came here earlier this week to get her vehicle tinted now wants to get her husbands window tinted on his vehicle. My adwords advertising has fallen flat on its face today . No calls other than pesky sales people trying to sell me on borrowing money. I will drop my budget to 1.00 a day and expect to get the same kind of action.
No calls from my adwords campaign makes no sense to me because it is still extremely hot outside and it is only going to get much hotter by the end of this week , 110 degrees all weekend to come .