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Month: October, 2014

Busy,busy,busy ! We LOVE it !

Another great day Window Tinting. Today I took my Mobile Window Tinting Service to a house today in Phoenix , and I did an estimate on putting Clear Security Window Tint on a set of mirrors in a bath room in a “half way house”. Tomorrow I will return to apply this Commercial Window Tint to these mirrors. I also got a call from a “regular repeat customer” at Lovetts Paint and Auto Body . They scratched a driver door glass Tint on a Camero they were repairing. So I stripped off the scratched piece of Window Tint and applied new Auto Tint, for this Commercial Window Tint job. I then returned to my garage where I had a Hyundai Sonata that was dropped off early this morning for a complete High Grade Car Window Tint installation.
Tomorrow I will tint the mirrors on the “half way house” and then I have a ford truck coming to my garage for Truck Window Tint removal and re-Tint ! I also schedule four cars for next week Tuesday
and part of Wednesday for Commercial Window Tinting.

More Commercial Work !!!

Awesome day today again !!! I had the opportunity to do some Commercial Window Tinting Estimates on some apartment s for Camden Properties ! Next week on Monday I will be applying some Window Tint to a complete apartment. This apartment is being brutally hit by the sun through both the east and west side windows. The Bronze Commercial Window Tint I will be using will match the Decor of the building and allow a soft amber glow to the rooms. I have no doubt that Camden and I will become very good business associates in the future. There are a lot of apartments with bad sun exposure in this complex. The apartments have nice quality tinted dual pane windows but the tinted glass is just not enough to block out the heat. With Window Tint on Commercial or Residential structures as much as 80% of the solar energy can be rejected !

Open and available for Window Tinting !

My Sunday Window Tinting work consisted of taking my Mobile Window Tinting Service to a customer to strip off some old pealing and distorted Tint.After stripping off the old Window Tint I replaced it with some Arizona Legal Window Tint. Our Mobile Automotive Window Tinting Service returned to our garage and we applied some dark, limo Tint on a Toyota truck for a Visor front windshield Window Tint strip.
After The Toyota truck, we had a customer show up with some old distorted Auto Tint on a Mustang. I spent about a hour , maybe a little longer, removing the old distorted Window Tint. It was a great day to help out my customers driving visibility !

We now have a open schedule and we look forward to taking care of any one in need of professional high quality Window Tinting. We are still giving away a free auto air freshener for anyone who gets a complete Auto Tint ! We are open and available for Window Tinting !

Residential Window Tinting in Cave Creek today !

Today was another great day for Window Tinting !  Our Mobile Window Tinting Service went to Cave Creek today to strip some old Window Tint that my customers dog scratched. The customer also had some more windows he wanted some Residential Home Window Tint on. I was at his home about a year ago and applied Home Window Tint to a majority of the windows on his home. Today we Tinted more of the windows where there was quite a bit of bright light glare. Tomorrow I will using my Mobile Window Tinting Service to go to a customers house and strip and re-Tint two front doors on his Chevy Taho. I will also put a visor on a Toyota Truck who had his windshield replaced by Strictly Mobile Auto Glass with Tom Thorpe.
I will also strip and re-Tint two more front windows on a Truck.

Reduce Glare and lower the light intensity !

Today I applied some Car Window Tint to a Toyota Corolla. These cars are so easy to Tint I offer low prices on Corolla’s. The customer brought his car to my comforted air conditioned garage and waited while I Tinted his car. This Window Tint that I applied to his car was the 30% AZ. Legal on all of his windows. This was a breeze !
Tomorrow I will be using my Mobile Window Tinting Service to return to a customer in Cave Creek ,who had most of his windows on his House Tinted by Stick To It about a year ago. He wants more of his House Tinted ! Home Window Tinting can provide you with the most comfortable atmosphere. Reduce glare, lower the outdoor light intensity and relax in the cool air, conditioned by our awesome Home Window Tint ! We will bring our Mobile Window Tinting Service to you !

Today I drove to my customers house and used my Mobile Automobile Window Tinting Service to apply Window Tint to his 2014 Mercedes 350 C. This car is very “small” inside , the back seat has molded head rests to over come when installing the back Window Tint. Not too challenging to tint but inside the trunk we never forget to look for sensitive electronic components that could be damaged from the installation of the Window Tint. We are confident in our ability to provide the absolute best Window Tinting Installations on everything we touch, House Office Truck Auto or Car Window Tinting is our expertise ! Tomorrow I will be Tinting in my garage. I have a Toyota Corolla coming to me for complete Window Tinting.

We LOVE to Tint !

Absolutely awesome day for Commercial Window Tinting.
I went to Voices Music and Arts Studio and did some Commercial Window Tinting . These were practice studio windows and two practice studio doors. Very Challenging to apply Window Tint to windows that are butted together with silicone . A precision cut on the edges of the window tint is required to achieve a awesome appearance from the inside and the outside. During the application of this Commercial Window Tinting I received a call for my Mobile Automobile Window Tinting Service, so tomorrow I will go to South Tempe, almost Chandler to apply Window Tint to a Mercedes coupe.
I will take pictures of this vehicle before and after my Mobile Automobile Window Tinting Service .

Stick To It Mobile Automobile Window Tinting

Yesterday was another great day for Tinting. I used my Mobile Automobile Window Tinting Service and went to SunCity Auto Service to apply Auto Window Tint to a older Chevy Suburban. Then our Mobile Auto Window Tinting service drove to Aircom in Phoenix to Tint a Mercedes. We always check for sensitive exposed electronics in your automobile and we protect these sensitive components from potential water damage due to the application of Auto Window Tinting.
Today we will do some Commercial Window Tinting for Voices Music Studios, in Scottsdale Az. The type of Commercial Window Tint I will use today will be for Privacy .
We still have a lot of time available for all of your Window Tinting needs ! Please call for Free Estimates! 602-439-9500 We are still giving away free air fresheners for those who get a complete Car, Truck, or Auto Tint.

More Happy Tinting !

I went to a music studio in Scottsdale AZ. today to give an estimate for some Commercial Window Tinting for privacy in some of the practice rooms. I have done Commercial Window Tinting for this music studio before. I put up some reflective Window Tint for Privacy for them before and this Wednesday I will be doing some more Commercial Tinting for them again. Tomorrow I will be using my Mobile Automobile Window Tinting service to deliver Window Tint on two front doors of a Chevy Truck in Sun City West. After that I will be Using my Mobile Automobile Window Tinting service to go to a company in central Phoenix and Commercially Tint a Mercedes for a return, happy customer, with a new lease on a new Mercedes !

The last couple of days have been great in my Window Tint World.
Yesterday I used my awesome Mobile Auto Window Tint service to pick up a car for a customer , bring it back to my garage to strip the old Tint off and apply new Car Window Tint, then I returned the newly Tinted Auto to my Customer !
Today I stripped two front doors on a Toyota Echo for a customer who had been ticketed for too dark of Window Tint. I also had the opportunity to apply Auto Window Tint to a Ford Focus.
More Auto Tinting Tomorrow !