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Month: July, 2016

Yesterday was a good day for some window tinting estimates.
I went to a place in Phoenix and did a Home Window Tinting estimate. These people were recommended to me by a friend who has had tinting done by me . I also went to another Burger King to do a Commercial Window Tinting Estimate and I will apply the film on this restaurant on Tuesday next week. Today I am supposed to strip and apply new Auto Window Tint to a Honda Accord but the weather is not cooperating today. I use a lot of solar energy to help remove the old auto tint in conjunction with my Jiffy Steamer, but it is not sunny or hot enough right now . Hopefully the clouds will burn off this morning and I can satisfy my customers needs . He has been waiting patiently to get this done.

It was a very hot day today, with more profuse sweating while applying Commercial Window Tint. This commercial application was 90 windows.
With the help of my assistant we were able to complete this job in two 7 hour days. We were pressured by the person who hired me to get the job done in two days. I was expecting payment upon complete of the installation and I was lied to by the person who hired me. I requested a deposit he told me they don’t do deposit so the agreement was to be paid upon complete, and this guy lied when he said he would handle it. He was on vacation today and when I called him he “passed the buck” to his boss. Then I get informed that the payment comes from the corporate office in Texas and I wont get paid for TWO WEEKS ! I will NEVER do ANY more work for the losers at TOP GOLF ! Jokes on me ! And in future commercial endeavors  if no deposit comes  I will refuse to do any work for them , other than for my friends at Barnett Management for Burger King . They called today with another restaurant they want window tinted. So tomorrow I will do the estimate on this Goodyear BK and I will apply the tint on Tuesday !

Today was a great day of sweating 6am to 3pm dripping wet ! I was outdoors at Top Golf applying some commercial window tint to help cool off some of the areas that have a west face sun exposure. Tomorrow I will return to this commercial window tint job and hopefully finish the application. I have a friend helping me by going in front of me and pre-cleaning the windows before I get to them to apply the tint.  He is a  good worker. He has helped me on some other commercial window tinting applications.

Today I had a customer who wanted illegal window tint applied to her vehicle, she left angry because I refused to do anything illegal for her.
After she left I called my second scheduled customer to get him to come over earlier to drop off his Jeep for Specialty Auto Window Tinting. That worked out great. Tomorrow I will get up very early to get to Top Golf for some Commercial Window Tinting of Garage Patio Doors, this commercial tint job will take a couple of days due to sun exposure in the afternoon. I will bring a friend to help assist in prep work so I can apply behind him. Hopefully it wont be too humid outside.

It is Wednesday July 27th. I had a customer scheduled for auto tinting this morning and when the lady showed up she said she wanted the tint darker on the front doors than what the Arizona Law allows. I told her what she was asking for was illegal but she didn’t care . Somehow she got the impression that I was going to apply illegal window tint to her Dodge.
What is wrong with some people ??? We are a professional tint service that will NOT apply Darker than legal tint !
I will be willing to bet that this person will write a bad review about me because I would not tint her vehicle illegally ! She already has darker than legal tint on her two front doors and she wanted it darker.
Psycho !

It was a great day today. I started the day off with an hour and a half conversation with Google Adwords. After straightening things out I went to a potential customer that was referred  to me by a good friend. I went last week to this home and warned them about the home owners association restrictions in the area they live in and I warned them about the potential issues that can occur when applying window tint to dual pane low -E windows. They called me back after a discussion with the home owners association, so today I measured all of the windows in their home.
After the Home Window Tinting estimate I went to a Angie’s List customer that I did some home tinting for last year. They called me out to apply more of the Bronze 35%. Tomorrow I have two vehicles coming for Auto Window Tinting the second car will get the specialty window tint.

Well I increased my Adwords budget and I get no calls today for any prospective window tinting. Pretty Lame ! Looks like I have to call again and wring someones neck! One day adwords tells me to do one thing then I get a letter from them telling me I need to change something they just made me change. I am getting very tired of the games with this overpriced advertising .
I used my Mobile Window Tinting service today to apply Auto Window Tint to a Audi Sport, and I fielded NO CALLS for window tinting ! 110 degrees out and NO CALLS ?!?!! Adwords sucks !

It was a hot day today ! I applied a visor strip of window tint on a customer who called this morning. My first scheduled customer flaked and did not show. After applying the visor tint I had a customer call who was my next door neighbor 16 years ago. She had me apply tint to her car over 16 years ago, she kept my business car and she called to get her new car tinted. I provided her with my awesome mobile window tinting service and gave her a ride home and back to her car . This week is gonna be a hot and muggy week with the monsoon weather moving into the valley.  I will be stuck outside applying commercial window tint to a place in Scottsdale on Thursday and Friday . I have many Auto window tinting details scheduled for the week but if the week goes anything like today I may have a few spots open up .

Today I applied door window tint to a Jeep Wranglers two front doors.
After the Jeep Window Tinting I stripped some original (after market) dealer auto tint from a Toyota Tacoma Truck. Then I applied some specialty window tint to this truck. This was again, a return customer who came last week for auto window tinting on their Mini Cooper with sunroof tinting. I got a call late this evening to establish an appointment for stripping and re tinting a BMW in the afternoon on Monday. Frantic panic from the unrelenting heat wave !

Today was a easy day of window tinting. My customer came by this morning and dropped off her car. I applied Auto Window Tint , she came back later today and picked it up. This was another customer who I have helped with  car tint in the past. Tomorrow I had a 10am customer scheduled who called and had to reschedule, so I am available for any window tinting tomorrow morning. I am supposed to have another vehicle for window tinting but I have that weird feeling that they are not going to show,I am usually right so we will see . I will call him tomorrow and check to see if he is coming ,so I may have the whole day free for window tinting !