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Month: October, 2015

Today was a much cooler day outside. I spent the majority of the day traveling to Rio Verde for Shea Homes. They have a sales trailer out in Rio Verde that was allowing heat and a great amount of sun glare into the main office area through the entrance doors. I went out and applied some light Bronze tint to the doors that were duel pane low-E windows. The bronze light 35% is the safest window film to apply to these type of windows. If someone put too dark of a film on the glass that could cause glass breakage or window seal failure (Cloud up the window) between the two panes of glass due to solar absorbance ratio of the window tint. Commercial Window Tint will absorb heat and that heat can cause the air between duel pane windows to increase in pressure.
The film manufacturers can back up a current glass warranty.
I have a Mobile Window Tinting appointment tomorrow for a Chevy Impala. We enjoy our work !

Today was a good day for working in my garage. I had a customer show up with a Toyota Camry that wanted to apply new window tint to his two front doors. The existing tint was distorted old peeling and a little purple.
I have applied window tint to well over a thousand Camry’s so no big deal.
I used my Jiffy steamer to remove the old tint that made the removal a breeze. After I finished the window tinting on the Camry I had a customer who lives in my neighborhood find me on Google. She was impressed with my likability on Google with all of my 5 star reviews. There was no question that she wanted me to tint her car today. That was no problem because we still have a fairly open schedule so we were happy to get a chance to stay busy in our profession. She left here very happy after she saw the impressive tint installation I did on her Chevy Spark. Tomorrow it is off to Shea Homes to apply tint to some french doors in their sales trailer. I have a lot of time available for tint opportunities !

Yesterday I went to a Town Home in Phoenix and gave a window tinting estimate. Monday I will apply some bronze architectural window tint to these low-E windows on this town home. After the estimate I returned to Honey Baked Ham in Phoenix to finish up the last window that was broken and replaced . I got a couple of calls today, and will probably have a small truck to tint tomorrow.  I still have a completely open schedule all week and weekend for any window tinting. We look forward to and we are hopeful for more window tinting of any kind.

Way too slow today. One call for window tinting all day. I wonder what is going on with my Ad Words on Google. I increased my daily budget, you’d think I would at least get more than one call. I will finish commercial window tinting the Honey Baked Ham in phoenix tomorrow. I will apply Black Out Commercial Window Film. I also have a house to do a home window tinting estimate in Phoenix. My Friday customer cancelled because he got the auto dealership where he bought his car to tint it for him for free.
We are getting hard up for work again and I don’t like it ! It puts me in a position which is hard for me to comprehend when I am working so hard on keeping myself “up” in the Google Listings and relevant with new current information. What more can a guy do ?? I will keep plugging along and hope for some recognition for my hard work on Google. I do love my Google Customers ! They are my bread and Butter !

It was an easy day.  This morning I went to a potential customers house to give them a Home Window Tinting estimate. They were unable to achieve the special kind of privacy at night from the options of window tint I showed them. After the Home Window Tinting estimate I had a customer come to me with a Toyota Corolla . I love to tint this kind of car because of the ease of installation. I have no work scheduled for the rest of the week until Friday. I am open and available for any potential window tinting !
Free estimates, free mobile service and the best possible installation available !

It was a nice day yesterday for working inside and outside of my window tinting garage. I had a customer come over and drop off his Mitsubishi Eclipse for auto window tint stripping. This was a arduous task. The old tint came off fairly easy but the back glass is very challenging to try to get perfect tinting. I was able to get this one perfect! I have had no calls for any prospective tinting in two days. I am supposed to have a car coming here for Mobile Auto Window Tinting and I will also go do a Home Window Tinting estimate. We could use some more opportunities for window tinting .

Today was a full day of working. I got up early this morning and did a home estimate and I brought some film with me so I could do the work right away. The customer was happy with the estimate and he had me apply Home Window Tint to a couple of window sections in his home . He found me on Yelp. After that first appointment I returned to my place to rendezvous with a customer for some Truck Window Tint stripping and a  application of new Window Tint. After that customer left I had another customer come and drop off his vehicle for my awesome Mobile Auto Window Tinting service. As I usually do I gave this customer a ride back to his home then I returned to my place to apply the Auto Window Tint ,then I went back to his home and picked him up to bring him back to his newly tinted auto. Very festive day of window tinting today . Tomorrow I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse coming for Mobile Auto Window Tinting . I will have to strip some old film and apply new film to this car. It is nice to be steadily working and window tinting !
We are very happy about that !

Today was a good day for finishing up on a job I started yesterday. I applied some Black Out commercial tint on the first floor of a building under construction in central Phoenix yesterday. I was unable to finish this job yesterday because I had a scheduled Mobile Auto Window Tinting job to go to. Today I went back to this building and completed the commercial window tinting on the second floor. I was supposed to have a Full size bronco to strip and re tint but the guy was a no show. That’s okay with me . Those older broncos harbor dirt in every crevasse. All day love affair for not enough return . I have a home window tinting estimate to go to tomorrow in Laveen. I also have two trucks coming to me for front door window tint stripping and re-tinting.  I also have a Mitsubishi Montero coming for complete Mobile Auto Window Tinting .
It will be a good weekend for work.

Today was a good day. I had to get up early this morning to go to a Commercial Window Tinting project in down town Phoenix.
This job was referred to me by a Glass company I subcontract for out on the west side. More Black Out window tinting for masking . Very big windows . I still need to return to this job site to complete two more sections of glass. I will be up early again tomorrow. I am supposed to have a Ford Bronco coming for Stripping and new Mobile Auto Window Tinting tomorrow . If the bronco shows up this will be an all day affair of tinting removal and re tinting. We are open and available for some afternoon auto tinting this weekend ! Thank goodness for my references and my return Google customers for more tint !

It was another good day. I got a call from a contractor doing a major building remodel in central Phoenix. There are four windows that surround a support pillar for the building. they want to put some Black Out film to mask the view of the pillars. This is not going to be an easy job. Extreme no space for working in . I will put some pictures up tomorrow . I also have a car to tint using my specialty window tint with my mobile window tinting service . I will go to the customers garage. Very happy to be working!