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Month: March, 2018

Stick To It Window Tinting

I thought I had seen it all like the worst case scenario of old window tint , but yesterday I stripped and re tinted a Jeep that had been left out in the sun for 18 years. My steamer was no match for the baked on window tint. I used almost a full box of single edged razor blades to remove the old tint, and there was no saving the rear window defroster.  ( Don’t do this to your window tinter).
Two days ago I stripped old distorted back glass window tint off of a Hyundai and replaced it with Specialty Carbon window tint.
The day before yesterday I had the “pleasure” of applying window tint to a new Honda Civic. Some “genius” justifying there legitimacy to be an engineer for Honda planted a completely unnecessary rear window air spoiler smack in the middle of the back window – What a nightmare to tint ! The Spoiler can not be removed to allow access to the entire window. I have done two of these cars this year so pretty soon I will get used to it. Although it has been a tough week we still love to Window Tint !

Stick To It Window Tinting

Yesterday we applied Auto Window Tint to a Chevy Silverado and we also applied Home Window Tint to a house on the west side of town. Today we applied Car Window Tint to a Ford Fusion. I just got confirmation from my customer for tomorrow I will apply Auto Window Tint to the two front doors of his Ford Escape and I will apply tint to the passenger front door of his Ford Fusion. It was hot today, I almost turned the A/C in my garage !

Stick To It

Several Cars and a Commercial Window Tinting at a Thai Restaurant the past few days. Today I stripped some old tint off a Chevy Avalanche and replaced it with new Metal 30% Legal window tinting. Tomorrow I will apply tint to a Chevy crew cab truck . Then I will strip and retint a back window for a customer who cant see out of the window because his tint is so old . Then I will do some commercial vehicle window tinting for a customer who I have done other commercial vehicles for before. 91 degrees this week, just a little reminder of how hot it is going to get outside. Time to prepare !

Stick To It Window Tinting

The last couple of weeks we have helped many customers prepare for the summer. We have tinted houses and many vehicles. The next several days are filled with customers waiting for our professional service of Window Tinting.
We look forward to it because we love to help and we love to work Window Tinting.

Stick To It Window Tinting

We had a decent week of helping our customers prepare for the Coming summer heat. I did some Home Window Tinting on some arch windows for a new customer. I did many Auto Front Window Tinting on several cars and Trucks. This weekend I applied some Auto Window Tint to a Mercury Cougar on Saturday and Today I did some Truck Window Tinting for a repeat customer with a new Nissan Truck. This coming week I have a few customers scheduled for Auto Window Tinting. Here comes the heat so move your feet so you don’t burn your seat come see Keith where the Window Tinting is sweet