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Month: July, 2015

Today was a semi slow day for Window Tinting. I did go to a School in Phoenix to do a Commercial Window Tinting Estimate. The big window above the 8 foot tall doors needs to be re tinted. It was broken and now the new replacement window needs Commercial Window Tint. I have the exact match of tint so the estimate went favorable for me. I came back to my place and the Commercial Estimate I had just done was confirmed by them via telephone. Next Tuesday afternoon I will set up my scaffolding and apply new tint to their window. I also set a couple of Window Tinting appointments for next week. Saturday this weekend I will apply Home Window Tint and Mobile Auto Truck Window Tinting in Litchfield. Tomorrow I have a open schedule. Please call for free Auto Window Tinting estimates and free Mobile Window Tinting !

Thank you Google for the Mobile Auto Window Tinting today !  I had a customer call today and request my free mobile window tinting service.
He brought his Camry to me for Window Tinting I drove him to his place of business in central Phoenix. I came back to my place and applied the Window Tint . He decided to go with the standard high performance metal film. This film does not come with a color fade warranty but it is color stable for at least 3 to 5 years. The metal film blocks much more heat than the standard carbon window tint. though the carbon film does come with a color fade warranty. I sell more High Performance Metal film than I do the standard Carbon window film, but I do offer either films for the same price. Happy to be Window Tinting and I am happy to use my Google connections ! Tomorrow I have another Mobile Auto Window Tinting job scheduled !

A  day of Flaky customers for Window Tinting , for the most part. My first customer was a no show and no call. My second customer was a no show , no call. Fortunately I had a customer call for some Truck Window Tinting on his Ford F 150. It was not too much work , he just wanted the two front doors Window Tinted. My third customer came for Mobile Service Window Tinting so I gave him a ride home . I returned to my place to apply the top of the line auto tint that I carry which was the Suntek CXP.  After the Window Tint application I returned to my customers home to pick him up to bring him back to his newly tinted Jeep.
I have a completely open schedule for tomorrow ! We could use some window tint customers. We don’t like to sit around because we are geared up and ready to provide exceptional Window Tinting products and services !
I think it is time for a call to Google Places my business again !

It was a good day today for Window Tinting. I scheduled a couple of appointments for tomorrow for Auto Window Tinting . One customer tomorrow is coming just for the back window tint on her car. She had a broken window that was replaced and she needs the window re tinted.
I will be doing some home Window Tinting this weekend . We love to tint flat glass ! Looking forward to a great week of window tinting.

Today was a great Day for Window Tinting. My first customer with a Crown Vic wanted me to strip and re apply window tint to his car but his passenger side window’s would not roll up and down . He mentioned this right when he showed up. I informed him that unfortunately professional application of the Auto Window Tint requires the full function of all windows to roll up and down. It is impossible to get a perfect application of Window Tint if the windows do not function. So he is going to keep his car and get his windows to work and bring his car back another day.
I had another repeat customer come to me today for a windshield Window Tint strip on his moms car. I love my repeat customers !
I also had a customer come to me today for Mobile Auto Window Tint on his Chrysler. I have no Window Tinting scheduled tomorrow with the exception of a Windshield visor Window Tint strip on the Chrysler 200 I applied tint to today. We are open and available for all Window Tint needs tomorrow and all week this week . It is going to get very hot again this week so let us help protect you from the heat with our Awesome Window Tinting applications !

Yesterday was a good day for Window Tinting ! I finally got some customers to come to me for Auto Window Tinting. The person who came yesterday with his Hyundai drove all the way from south east Phoenix to come to me for Auto Window Tinting. I also had a customer with a Malibu that came for a windshield Visor strip. Today I have a huge car to strip and re apply Window Tint to. It is a crown Vic , one of the biggest “Film eater” on the road. We do love to stay gainfully employed with our Window Tinting Service ! We love to Tint !

Another slow day for Window Tinting . I got a few calls but no takers. I offer very reasonable prices but I guess my competitors are what I would call “starvin Marvins”. I will be soon too if I don’t start to get more Auto Window Tinting opportunities ! I have a huge Crown Vic to strip and retint on Sunday. This job came through my Angie’s List Advertising. They sent me a letter in reference to my renewal for advertising with them . I told them politely ,no thanks. Suddenly I get calls … too much game playing with Angie’s List to continue spending money to advertise with them.
I think maybe I need to call Google Places and Google Ad words and find out what is going on with the slow in my business opportunities.
We will continue to press on with our proficient Window Tinting applications and positive attitude!

I am not sure what is going on with my Window Tinting Business !
The last two days have been extremely slow ! I know its still hot outside, so where is my business ? I have no pictures to post today because I have no Car Window Tinting, Auto Window Tinting , truck Window Tinting or Home Window Tinting or Commercial Window Tinting. Starting to starve for work is not cool ! We are open and available for ANY Window Tinting needs. Open schedule all weekend too !

Yesterday was a hot day for Window Tinting . I spent the day operating with my Mobile Window Tinting Service . I went to Premier A/C in Phoenix to apply Commercial Window Tint to one of their Maintenance Trucks.
While I was there I received a call from someone who had a door glass replaced on their Honda and needed new Window Tint applied. After I applied the Auto Window Tint on the one door glass I got a call from someone who was close to me and he wanted to strip and re apply New Auto Window Tint to his Chevy Cavalier. So I spent pretty much the rest of the day working on his Auto Window Tint. I used a combination of stripping methods to help remove the old distorted Window Tint. If you look at my pictures associated with this post you will also notice the complete removal of the third brake light assembly as well as the back deck to give me complete access to the entire back window.
This is absolutely the best method of Window Tinting on a Cavalier.
The way we do it , this will provide you with the best most professional appearance of your new Window Tint. .

It was a nice day for Mobile Window Tinting today ! I went to Automotive Dynamics today and applied some Window Tint to a new Honda Accord using my Mobile Window Tinting Service. ( I am the exclusive Window Tint installation specialist for this Auto Repair and Auto body shop.)  While I was applying the Auto Window Tint to this car I had a customer call for Window Tint stripping and new legal Window Tint on his Mitsubishi Lancer.  Automotive Dynamics has a few Window Tinting displays in their office and that can help to bring us business from time to time. Tomorrow I will go to Premier Air Conditioning and apply Commercial Truck Window Tint to one of their Mobile Service Vehicles.
We are starting to slow down for some reason. I need more Business from my advertising. Please help my phone ring more frequently Google, as I have plenty of time available this week for any and all types of Window Tinting .