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Month: January, 2015

It rained just about all day today so there was not much call for Window Tinting although I did have an appointment set to Strip and apply new Auto Window Tint to a GTO, but it is going to be too cold outside. Even though my garage is some-what climate controlled the ambient air temperature will be too cold to even attempt to remove old baked on Window Tint. I did set another appointment for strictly Auto Window Tint application . The customer will bring his VW Jetta to my place and I will use my Mobile Window Tinting service to give him a ride too and from his home ! You cannot beat that kind of Mobile Window Tinting Service !

It was a great day for Window Tinting ! I completed the Commercial Window Tint application at the north valley Cox Communications building today. It was a casual day of Window Tinting today with not too many calls for Auto Window Tinting. It was a wet drizzly day outside today. We are open and available for and Auto Window Tinting for the rest of this week and the week end, so come and get it while it is still cool outside and prices are reasonable! Cox communications is another satisfied customer !

I was a very busy boy today Window Tinting at Cox. I applied Commercial Window Tint to 28 of the 38 windows that were requested to be Tinted. It was a day of a lot of bending ,stretching ,reaching , climbing and Window Tinting ! I also received a call for the Home Window Tinting on the Mansion. I will begin that tint work on Monday next week and this Home Window Tinting will require the use of my scaffolding ! I will Finish the Building at Cox  earlier than anticipated so I will have plenty of time for Auto Window Tinting this week !

Today was a great day of Truck Window Tinting. We used our Mobile Window Tinting service to go and apply Truck Window Tinting on a Commercial vehicle for a company in North Phoenix. After that we returned to our place of business and Stripped some old Window Tint off a GMC truck and applied new Truck Window Tint. Tomorrow we start the Commercial Window Tinting on Cox Communications in North Phoenix.
I have done several Commercial Window Tinting applications for Cox.
I look forward to a couple of days of nothing but flat glass Window Tinting, though this job will require a lot of “up and down” the ladder.
Happy Happy Tinting !

Today I was going to complete some Commercial Window Tinting on a building that I have been waiting for the glass to be replaced , it was decided by the designer for the “look” of the building not to apply Commercial Window Tinting to the south faced windows.
I then went to a home in north Scottsdale to do a Home Window Tinting estimate. This home was a Mansion. The home had large picture windows that over looked the mountain terrain surrounding.
No actual physical window tinting today. I spent the rest of the day preparing for the upcoming Commercial Window Tinting on the North Phoenix Cox Building. I also set two appointments for Truck Window Tinting tomorrow. One truck at my place of business, and another Mobile Commercial Window Tint for Elite Mechanical Commercial  Truck . So that’s two trucks tomorrow and Commercial Window Tinting for Cox on Wednesday and Thursday. I may be able to squeeze in some evening Auto Window Tinting in my well lit and climate controlled garage. Please call for a free estimate !

Today was a Festive day of Window Tinting ! I started the day of with applying Auto Window Tint to a Mercury Grand Marquis . This car had a factory leather roof that also went around the back door windows. That roof made the application of the window film a lot less labor intensive.
I also had a customer come to me for a Window Tint visor strip on his Nissan Cube. After the Mercury and the Nissan I had a Jeep Wrangler come to me for a complete application of Auto Window Tinting !
Festive day ! Tomorrow I anticipate the completion of a Commercial Window Tinting job that has been on delay for glass matching replacement. After that I will got to North Scottsdale and give a Home Window Tinting estimate for a customer who found me through Angie’s List. We love the festive days of Window Tinting !

Today was a Fantastic day for Window Tinting ! I used my Mobile Window Tinting Service to go to a customers garage and strip off his old distorted and peeling Window Tint and apply new Car Window Tinting. This was quite a long process because it really was not quite hot enough outside today, to generate an adequate amount of solar energy to assist in the old tint removal so it ALL came down to my trusty Jiffy Steamer !
After stripping and re-tinting this Honda Accord with my Mobile Auto Window Tinting service , I returned home to apply new Auto Window Tint to a Hyundai Sonata. It was a full day of great Window Tinting !

I had an awesome day yesterday Window Tinting. First I had a Toyota Corolla come bye for stripping and new Auto Window Tint on the two front doors. I am also excited about starting to apply Commercial Window Tint for Cox Communications on a building in North Phoenix. I also got word that the Commercial Window Tinting I have been put on hold for bronze colored glass replacement is now ready for completion of Commercial Window Tinting, so some time this weekend or on Monday I will finish that job and on Wednesday I will start the Cox Commercial Window Tint. Today I will be going to strip and re tint a vehicle for a customer who found me on Angie’s List. Awesome Window Tinting days ahead !

Today I had scheduled for my mobile service to go to and give a complete strip / re-tint on a car, but I called the customer and I rescheduled the job for a day when it will be warmer outside. Stripping old window film can be much easier,  less time consuming and more successfully done in the heat of the day or while using natural solar energy to assist in the removal process. Sometimes if the glass is hot enough, while stripping the old tint it will also keep the glue attached to the window film rather than leaving the glue on the glass. A steamer is very helpful in this process but on a cold temperature day outside, it is much better to wait for a warm day for greater success. The lesser use of razor blades to remove the old film and glue the better, and in most cases the rear defroster metallic bands will not get damaged.
At Stick To It Window Tinting we will use all of our knowledge and experience to provide you with the most optimum Vehicle or Commercial Window Tinting service! Today we also applied Window Tint to a truck windshield for a local mobile glass installation company in Phoenix call Strictly Mobile. Happy Tinting and preparing for the hot summer! !

Today was a casual day at Stick To It Window Tinting. We used our mobile service to give a Commercial Window Tinting estimate on a Pizza Parlor on Cave creek and Cactus in Phoenix. After that estimate we returned to our place of business to apply Auto Window Tint to a Nisson Rogue. The customer drove over 25 miles one way to get my professional installation of Window Tint. Tomorrow I will be going Mobile Window Tinting again to strip and re-tint a four door car.
Happy Tinting !