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Month: November, 2014

Today was a great day ! I had a customer show up with his Chevy Cavalier. I applied Car Window Tint to his two front doors. Hopefully someday he will come back to get the rest of the car tinted.
After the Cavalier I had a customer show up with his dodge truck.
I applied Truck Window Tint to his two front doors. He had a friend in a Chevy Truck who followed him over to my place. After I applied Window Tint to his two front doors , his friend in the Chevy Truck wanted some Window Tint on his front windshield. I applied a visor Window Tint.
The guy in the Dodge truck liked the front windshield visor Window Tint so much on his friends truck, he pulled back into my garage and had me apply a visor windshield Window Tint strip to his truck too!
We still have an open schedule for this week so, please feel free to contact me for professional window film installation !

The cool weather has finally arrived. This has put quite a slow to the window tinting industry in Phoenix. Not to worry, its just a reminder as to how hot it really gets here! Yesterday we used our Mobile Window Tinting service to do a Commercial Window Tinting estimate for Cube Smart. The people in the front reception area are frying due to the massive amount of glass that was used for the walls of this building.
Unfortunately they already had the most effective Window Tint available on the glass. The reception area is where the most amount of glass for the building is located. There were some windows that could have been tinted but that would not have sufficient for there cause.
We are open and available for all your Window Tinting needs !
We have an open schedule and we are offering discounted Window Tinting prices! Call for free estimates !
I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a nice day Window Tinting today. As scheduled a VW Passot came to my garage today for my professional Auto Window Tinting !
We have an open schedule for next week so please feel free to call for free Mobile Window Tinting Estimates !

Christmas will be here soon !
Window Tinting is the best gift you could give to your loved one !
Professionally applied Auto Window Tint or Residential Window Tint will give years of protection from the harmful sun,heat and UV ! Open Schedule next week so call now for winter window tint pricing !

What a great day ! I had a customer who had to return to me for some Specialty Window Tint on a window in his Impala. About 6 months ago this customer was looking for a “particular look” with Window Tint that was similar to the Paint Color of his car. After looking at quite a bit of different Window Tint Samples he chose a specialty film that is very rare and hard to find. It was my pleasure to replace that specialty film and  tint a window on his car that had been broken and replaced.
After the Impala Window Tint work we had a customer come  drop off his truck for Window Tint stripping and new Truck Window Tint and take advantage of my Awesome Free Mobile Window Tinting Service . I drove him back to his home on bell road in Phoenix .
I returned to my garage to Strip and re-Tint his Truck. I then went and picked him up at his house and brought him back to his new Truck Window Tint. We also scheduled a VW Passot for Window Tinting tomorrow ! So we happily Tint ON !

Today was a good day. I had a truck strip and re-Tint back out of an appointment this morning, they wanted me to come and strip and re-tint their truck in a parking lot.  Parking lots are not sufficient for professional Window Tinting. Wind, dust and dirt are not conducive for a professional application of Window Tint. We will not work in parking lots to tint any vehicle unless it is a large Industrial commercial vehicle were no garage is available.
I had a customer with a garage panel of glass that needed some Residential Window Tinting applied. I also had the opportunity to go to Orange Tree Golf Resort to do a Commercial Window Tinting estimate on the lounge area in the Seville Room as well as some privacy window tinting on glass partitions.

Today we did a lot of driving across the city of Phoenix to do some Window Tinting. First we used our Mobile Window Tinting Service to go to a customer’s  truck I tinted a few days ago and put a Window Tint visor strip across the front windshield. Then our Mobile Window Tinting service went to Sun City Auto Repair to strip and re-Tint a passenger front door glass for a customer that had some old pealing window tint.
Tomorrow a customer will come to me and drop off his truck for new Window Tint. I will have to strip off his old Window Tint and I will also use our Mobile Window Tinting service to provide a ride for this customer back to his place of business, and I will also return to pick him up and bring him back to his new Truck Window Tint.
Happy Tinting!

Today, we used our Mobile Window Tinting service and applied Home Window Tint to a residence in Scottsdale AZ.  This home had some old cracked and pealing Window Tint on the outside of the master bedroom sliding glass door. In almost all circumstances Window Tint is applied to the inside of the glass. Some Window Tint manufacturers make a outside weather-able Window Tint. Some of the films used in an outdoor situation are clear security window films. Other outdoor Window Tint is usually limited to a minimum variety of color. Almost all Window Tint manufacturers offer a two year warranty for outdoor weather-able Window Tint or Film. There was no obvious reason why this home in Scottsdale had Window Tint on the outside of the door. So I stripped off the old tint on the outside of the door and applied new Home Window Tint on the inside of the door. I also Tinted a door that was 48″X93 in the Dinning room of this home.

Mobile Commercial Window Tinting

This morning our Mobile Window Tinting service went to Scottsdale for some Commercial Window Tinting . I have posted before and after pictures of this Window Tinting work on my Google + Page and on my Sticktoit on Face Book. Tomorrow I have some Residential window tinting in Scottsdale to do, then I will return to my place of business to apply Auto Window Tinting to a Mercedes !

Today our Mobile Window Tinting service went to a customers house in central Phoenix and applied Truck Window Tint to his new Silverado.
I love to Tint Silverado’s ! They are so easy to apply Window Tint to, I think I could Tint one blindfolded with one arm tied behind my back !
Tomorrow our Mobile Window Tinting service will go to a building in Scottsdale that I have already done a good majority of the Commercial Window Tinting on and I will apply Commercial Tint to two doors that remain . I will have to strip off the old Window Tint so I can apply my new Commercial Window Tint so it will match the rest of the building.
I also have a Residential Window Tinting estimate to do.
More Mobile Window Tinting in store for my future endeavors !

Mobile Window Tinting today !

Today I went to a customers house with my Mobile Window Tinting Service and I applied Auto Window Tint on  his two front doors and his two extended cab windows on his Chevy Truck. Nice easy beautiful day!