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Month: August, 2015

It was a fantastic day today. My first customer came to me with his Dodge for Truck Window Tinting. This was a new truck and it was a pleasure to work on a clean vehicle. The window tinting came out perfect, as usual.
After the Truck Window Tinting I had a customer come to me a wait while I applied Arizona Legal High Performance Window Tint to the front doors of his Toyota Highlander. It was a nice day to be working. Tomorrow I will go to a Florist to strip some window tint off her commercial business store front so that her new neon “open” signs can be seen from the street.
After that I will have an open schedule and anxiously await some window tinting business!

Yesterday was a nice day for work. It was definitely hot enough to do some Auto Window Tint stripping.  My customer from Angie’s List brought his mustang to me for stripping and re tinting of his car. Using the “black bag” technique worked well with the heat . The old window tint took the glue off with it when I pulled it off the glass. That’s the way we like it.
It does not always work like that some times you just have to blade off the old window tint. This old tint was so distorted you could not see through it. The new window tint looked great on this white car and it re beautified the appearance of the car.
Today we have a truck coming for Mobile Window tinting and tomorrow I will go to a flower shop central Phoenix to strip some tint off of windows so the neon – “OPEN” signs can be seen from the outside.
We love to revitalize the look of your vehicle with new Window Tint !

Today was a great day. I went to the Rec. Centers of Sun City and completed the installation of the Decorative Commercial Window Tint and some solar efficient Commercial Window Tint. I spent quality time yesterday prepping the windows for the application of the tint today.
That time was well worth it. I was able to apply this decorative window tint to three separate door sections at the recreation centers. I was also able to apply some solar efficient silver film to another door section at the   recreation center Theater entrance. I also got a call from an Angie’s List customer who will bring his vehicle over to my place for some stripping and re tinting. It should be nice and hot outside tomorrow so this may help in the removal of this old tint on his car. We still will have plenty of time available this weekend for more Auto Window Tinting we have an open schedule after about 2pm tomorrow through Sunday. Great mix of window tinting .

Yesterday was a good day. I went to Automotive Dynamics in Sun City to strip old peeling window tint and then applied new film on a Toyota Camry.
After the Mobile Auto Window Tinting I went to the Recreation Centers of Sun City and applied some white matte Commercial Window Tint to a couple of door sections. The white matte window tint is to beautify and improve the look and privacy of the Rec Centers Theater.I spent the majority of the day preparing these windows for the application of the tint.
Today I will complete this commercial window tinting project.
We still have the entire weekend open for window tinting we could use some prospective customers.

Yesterday was a good day for work. I stripped window tint off a Chevy Cruze and applied new darker window tint. It was a hot day outside today so I used the “black bag” steaming technique to strip off the light color film. After the Chevy Cruze I waited for a customer who showed up at 10 p.m. for some late night mobile auto window tinting. He dropped off his Nissan and I gave him a ride home and back to his car after I applied auto window tint to it. In a few hours I will be going out west to the Recreation Centers of Sun City West and apply some decorative commercial window tint to some interior windows. There are several windows they want this white frost type tint . I will do the commercial window tinting after I go to Automotive Dynamics to strip and retint the drivers door on a Toyota Camry. We are happy to be window tinting ! We have a great mix of all types of window tinting .
So far this weekend is open for any and all type of window tinting, we have an open schedule for Saturday and Sunday so please come and get it !

It was a great day window tinting yesterday. I spent the entire day working on a Motor home window tinting project. Fortunately the owner of the Motor Home turned on the air conditioners for me so it was not too hot. Applying window tint to a motor home can be a very tedious task. Quality time is spent in preparing the glass around the edges of the glass frames.
Usually there is a lot of silicone that needs to be cleaned and removed from the edges before the application of the window tint. This is very time consuming and requires some back breaking action bending over to reach under the valance . There were many windows that required this silicone removal and my back is paying the price today ! I have a Chevy Cruze coming for strip and re tint today, the customer bought the car new with tint on it but she wants darker more effective film so she is coming here for that. She found me on a Google Search, and I am near 200,000 views of my Google Plus Page since August of last year !
Go Google ! Go Facebook !

It was a casual day in my garage today. My phone rang a few times and I scheduled and appointment for future window tinting. My first customer today came from sun city west to have his vehicle tinted by me. It was a Honda CRV, which is almost always a bit of a chore to apply tint to. This particular model was not as bad as some of the older Honda CRV’s.
Tomorrow is going to be a major sweat fest . The humidity will be high and the temperature will be hot enough to make it feel like your working in a swamp. I have to go mobile window tinting on a motor home in central Phoenix. Early tomorrow to try to beat some of the heat of the day for Motor Home Window Tinting. Sweat or not , we love to tint !

It was a nice day working in my garage. A friend of mine for many years has brought many of his personal vehicles to me for window tinting. I have not seen him in quite a while but I did see him today! He brought his daughters car over for Complete Auto Window Tinting. It was a Ford Fusion . I have seen so many different styles of these Ford cars.
It almost appears as though each year of the Ford Fusion, goes through some kind of “evolution” on the body style.
I confirmed my appointment for tomorrow with my customer so I will apply auto window tint on a Honda CRV.
Providing protection from the sun on a daily basis is what we do best !

Today was a fairly slow day. My phone did not ring too much today.
My first customer flaked out and did not show or bother to call . I called him and got no answer. Why some people do this is beyond my understanding. I did have my second customer , who was a repeat customer with a new car who showed up today for the application of Auto Window Tinting on his vehicle. This was a Ford Escape. This particular year and model of escape was much smaller and more curvy than most of the others I have done.
Tomorrow I will use my Mobile Window Tinting service to tint a Ford.
I will have plenty of time tomorrow for any and all opportunities for auto or residential window tinting.

Today was a nice day . I had a customer drop off his car for my Mobile Auto Window Tinting service.  I took him to his place of business in central Phoenix and I came back to my place and applied Auto Window Tint to his car. I applied carbon window film to the back glass and back quarters on his car with Arizona Legal window tint on the front doors. Tomorrow I am supposed to have a BMW here for Auto Window Tint. Then I will have a Ford Escape to apply tint to after that. Happy to be window tinting and protecting people from the harmful Sun.