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Month: October, 2018

Stick To It Window Tinting

We did a couple of Mobile Window Tint installations this week. I also had some customers come to my place to get the Window Tinting done on their cars. We got two or three great reviews added to our google+ reviews, which is very much appreciated. We love our customers ! Next week we have some commercial window tinting to do at an apartment complex in central Phoenix and we have a car or two lined up for Window Tinting. See the pictures of our latest window tinting. We love to tint!


Stick To It Window Tinting

This month has been a slow go, not too much demand for Auto Window Tinting. we are hoping things pick up soon. Cold weather and rain keeping the opportunities away. We have tinted two cars in the last week. Nasty juvenile competitors are costing us money by clicking on our advertising campaigns.
We look forward to this slow period to pass. Below are the pictures of our latest Auto Window Tinting endeavors.

Stick To It Window Tinting

We finished up the month of September with some excellent work on several Cars and Automobile for Window Tinting. October has started out with a bit of a stutter on opportunity for tinting. Many starving competitors are giving it away for bleak survival. We have managed to have been lucky enough to have a couple of happily satisfied return customers come back for more tinting on more of there personal vehicles and we also had some Commercial Window Tinting opportunities from repeat customers. Below you will see some of our latest window tinting ventures. We have also had a few new customers call and take advantage of our great Mobile Window Tinting service