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Month: April, 2015

Today was a nice day for Window Tinting ! I went out to the west side for Commercial Window Tinting estimate for a Realty company on McDowell then I went to do a Commercial Window Tinting estimate on a lunch room for a retirement Hotel on the East side of McDowell.
We love Commercial Window Tinting !

Today was an amazingly slow day for Window Tinting. I had a customer scheduled today for Mobile Auto Window Tinting but he flaked on me. So I spent the day catching up with yard work and  oil changes.
Tomorrow I have two commercial Window Tinting estimates to do.
We are open and available for any Window Tinting needs our schedule is very open for work. Get your Auto Window Tinting now before the demand and the price go up !

It was a nice casual day for Window Tinting ! I had a customer who last year had his office tinted by me decide to bring his car to me for the application of my top of the line carbon grade Car Window Tint.
I also scheduled a couple of Mobile Auto Window Tinting appointments for this week  and I received conformation of complete strip and re-tint of Palermos Pizza Parlor . I start that Commercial Window Tinting on the 7th of next month. Get ready , cause here comes the heat ! Protect yourself with quality Window Tint !

Today was a great day for Window Tinting ! I finished applying 483 Square feet of Residential Glass Window Tinting. This house had a lot of large windows with a total of 38 pieces of glass. Some of the sliding glass doors were approximately 93 inches tall by 48 inches wide. This house was tucked in the middle of a small residential farming community. The application of the Window Tint and my attention to detail in workmanship was impeccable. Another very satisfied customer!
Tomorrow I will apply some of the top of the line Mobile Auto Window Tint !

It was a fine day Window Tinting ! I went to a house in  extreme North Phoenix to do some Residential Window Tinting. The Sliding glass door in this picture is 46 &1/2 inches wide by 93 inches tall, a Window Tinting not for the Novice . Extreme skills are required for a clean application of this Home Window Tint. This house has 38 pieces of glass that all require Window Tint. Today I completed 30 windows. We love Home and Residential Window Tinting and we offer free estimates as well as free mobile Service ! ! I have a lot of free time and I will be available for for Auto Window Tinting for tomorrow after noon !

It was a great day for Window Tinting ! I took my Mobile Window Tinting service to Penske in Phoenix today for the application of Auto Window Tinting to a Chevy Cruze. This four door sedan was new and it was a diesel engine. When I started the car to pull it into the Penske garage it sounded like it had a bad bad connecting rod bearing , it had a hard knock . I also posted some pictures of the Honda I applied Window Tint to yesterday at Penske. After the Window Tint application to the Cruze I went to a Commercial Window Tinting estimate at a Pizza Parlor in Phoenix. Tomorrow I will apply Home Window Tint to a huge house with lots of windows, 483 square feet to be exact. I will apply a light silver Window Tint to all of the windows in this house tough it will take a couple of days for the completion.
I will still be available for evening Auto Window Tinting applications so please feel free to call and schedule your car now !

It was a fantastic day for Window Tinting ! Today I did some Mobile Auto Window Tinting for Penske. I tinted an employees Honda Civic hatch back and I also applied Truck Window Tint to on on the Commercial vehicles. After the two Auto Window Tinting appointments with Penske I went to a T-Mobile store in Phoenix to strip Commercial Window Tint off a entrance door. I went to Suntek today to pick up some Window Film for a Residential Home Window Tinting  job for this weekend. Tomorrow I will go back to Penske and apply Mobile Auto Window Tint to the district managers car. I will have some extra time available tomorrow for more Auto Window Tinting so “come and get it” your gonna need it !

It was another awesome day for Window Tinting. My first appointment was in Phoenix near New River . I went to a customers home to do a Home Window Tinting estimate. The Window Tinting company who came out to his house to do a Home Window Tinting estimate before me had over estimated his total square footage of glass to be Tinted by 100 square feet. That is why you should call me at Stick To It Window Tinting, I am an honest person who will make recommendations that will beautify your home decor. I secured this job because of my honesty and my fair pricing for Home Window Tinting. After the Home Window Tinting estimate I went to a Job I had scheduled for Commercial Window Tinting. I applied over 45 square feet of Commercial Window Tint on one window alone.
This one window was over 126 inches long by 54 inches high. After I got done with the Commercial Window Tinting I returned to my place to apply Car Window Tint to a Audi Station Wagon. We love staying busy providing awesome quality installations of professional grade Window Tint !

Today was a fantastic day for Window Tinting ! My first customer wanted to take advantage of my Mobile Auto Window Tinting service so she brought her car to me this morning and I gave her a ride in my car to her job at the Bank. I dropped her off and went back to my place and proceeded to apply Window Tint to her car. She got a ride back to my place and was very pleased to see her perfect Window Tint installation.
After the Passot Car Window Tinting I had a customer come to me with their Dodge Charger. This girl wanted darker Window Tint on her car and she also wanted to take advantage of my Mobile Window Tinting service. So I dropped her off at her home and went back to my place . I stripped the old lighter Window Tint and applied new Limo Window Tinting to her car . I went back to her house and picked her up to bring her back to her newly Tinted car.
Tomorrow I have an estimate to do on a house and I also have a Commercial Window Tinting appointment to go and apply some reflective Window Tint on a business for Privacy. After the House Window Tinting estimate and the Commercial Window Tint installation tomorrow I also have and Audi station wagon a customer dropped off tonight for me  to apply Auto Window Tint on.

Yesterday was an awesome day for Window Tinting ! I stripped a Chevy Impala of old faded purple Window Tint and I re applied New Carbon Window Tint that wont fade to purple again for this customer. After the Auto Window Tinting I had another customer with a Honda Pilot that wanted the “Top of the line” Auto Window Tinting applied to their car.
So I applied the Suntek CarbonXP to their Honda Pilot.
Today I have already applied new Truck Window Tint to a Toyota Tundra!
I also have another customer with an Audi coming by today for Car Window Tinting. It is sure to be a Hot and busy summer !