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Month: April, 2016

Yesterday was a good easy day for window tinting . I went to the Paraphernalia Boutique and applied some commercial window tinting on a couple of the store front windows. After the commercial Window Tinting I returned to my place to rendezvous with a customer who wanted the front door windows on a KIA Sorento tinted. Today was a festive day of Commercial Window Tinting at anytime fitness. Tomorrow I will return to complete the west wall of windows on this business location . When I finish the Commercial Tinting on the Anytime Fitness on Dunlap and Central in Phoenix I will then Go to the other Anytime Fitness Location on 40th street and Thunderbird to apply Commercial Tint to that location . We love Commercial Window Tinting.
I brought a friend out with me to assist in the glass preparation for tinting.

Yesterday was a day of old car Window Tinting and newer car Window Tinting. My first appointment was a 69 El Camino. I gave the customer a ride home and I went back to his house to pick him up. While I was completing the Window Tint application to the El Camino I had a customer show up to drop off his Toyota Camry for Mobile Window Tinting. I gave him a ride home and I went and picked up my first customer right after that. The timing worked out great . Yesterday I also got a call from the Commercial Window Tinting job at the Paraphernalia Boutique. This guy forgot about me last week , but he seems sincere this time so, hopefully I will apply some commercial tint for him today.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I spent most of the day spinning my wheels . I tried to procure some product from the distributor but they had a Shortage of the type of film I needed to do some Commercial Window Tinting. Needless to say I lost that job. I also went to a Commercial Window Tinting estimate out west. After that I went to a Home Window Tinting estimate on a house near mine. I don’t think the customer was expecting window tinting to cost as much as my estimate was. Today I had a customer come to me with his car for auto window tint stripping and re tinting. I used my Mobile Service to give the customer a ride to Metro Center Mall where he went and watched a movie while I worked on his vehicle that way he did not have to wait around my place . After I Re tinted his vehicle I went to Metro Center and picked him up to bring him back to his car. After the stripping and re tinting of the Hyundai I had the Dodge Mega Cab return for a windshield tint strip. Tomorrow I have a completely open schedule and we welcome all window tinting opportunities.

It was a very busy weekend for window tinting. I Spent all day today stripping old purple stinky window tint off a Saab. I used my Mobile Window Tinting service to provide the customer with a ride home and a pick up to bring him back to his newly tinted Saab. I had to use my Jiffy Steamer to help get the “many a stubborn patch of tint off this car.” Yesterday I had two trucks come to me for truck window tinting. I was able to get both of them done. Yesterday I stripped and re tinted a older Nissan Altima.¬† Tomorrow I will go and deliver three Commercial Window Tinting potentials. Hear comes the HEAT !!! Don’t burn your seat !!! Come to Stick To It where the tinting is sweet !

My first scheduled customer flaked out on me this morning – no call from him so i called him and he hung up on me. Weirdo ! Fortunately I had another customer call for some Truck Window Tinting today. I love to work and apply window tint , I do not like to sit idle. I wish some people were a little more responsible but like grandpa used to tell me , “wish in one hand and cry in the other and you know which one will get full first ! ” Tomorrow I am supposed to have two trucks coming for window tinting. I am happy to help those in need of quality workmanship and a quality product !

Yesterday was a day of Car Window Tinting on a Jaguar. This car was a 2004 and the Back deck was shoved up against the back glass at the bottom of the window. It was next to impossible to try to get the film to meet the black matrix at the bottom of the window. I ended up cutting the pattern of tint just short of the bottom of the back glass. The customer said he would get some black felt from the hobby shop to fill the gap.
Today I am supposed to have a BMW coming here for Mobile Window Tinting service.

Today I went to do some Commercial Window Tinting in Phoenix. When I got to the job location I realized the windows that they wanted tint applied to were directly in the sun. It can be very challenging applying flat glass window tint on glass surfaces that are hot. In order to over come the heat on the glass I taped towels over the outside of the windows to help cool them down so I could apply the tint. I have a Jaguar coming here tomorrow for some Auto Window Tinting. The customer will wait while I apply the tint to his car.

Yesterday was a good day for repeat window tinting. My customer liked his specialty tint so much on his front door windows he decided to come back for complete specialty window tinting, including his sun roof.
Today I did some home window tinting on two 50 square foot picture windows. After the Home Tinting I went to a commercial business to apply some Commercial Window Tint but the customer was not there, I think he forgot I was coming today. After the potential Commercial Window Tinting I returned back to my place to apply some Auto Tint on a Nissan Altima. Tomorrow I will go do some more Commercial Window Tinting in Phoenix.

Friday I used my Mobile Window Tinting service to apply Auto Window Tint to a Toyota Corolla. After I finished with the Mobile Window Tinting I went to a commercial chiropractors office in south Phoenix to finish some Commercial Window Tinting on two entrance doors. I also Had an old customer from years ago come to me for some window tint stripping on his Lexus and I applied some specialty tint to his two front doors and I applied a Visor strip on his windshield. He liked the new tint so much he came back today with a Toyota Tundra that he wanted some back glass window tinting done. Tomorrow I am supposed to go do a Home Window Tinting estimate on some sliding doors. After the Home Window Tinting estimate I will return to my place to hopefully rendezvous with a customer for some Mobile Window Tinting.
The heat is coming I can only hope this help to improve my work opportunities and increase my ROI through my very sleepy and groggy Adwords advertising.

Yesterday was a BMW SUV today was a older BMW Car. This customer chose to have the non-fading Carbon Auto Window Tint applied to the back glass on his car and metal auto tint applied to the back and front doors . This is a common way to make the film blend from the darkest to the lighter finish giving the vehicle an esthetic appearance.
I had that weird feeling about my scheduled appointment for tomorrow so I tried to contact him and he text messaged me and said he would not be able to make his appointment  with me tomorrow. I hate making appointments with people so far in advance and then have them flake out on me. TOMORROW I HAVE AN OPEN SCHEDULE FOR any potential TINTING ! My AdWords campaigns are not functioning very well ! How about bringing me some REAL business Google  !