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Month: August, 2016

Today was a good day for Mobile Window Tinting. I Had a customer come for Mobile service on window  tinting his Jeep. After I finished the Jeep tinting I went to the Recreation Centers of Sun City West to do some tinting on a new Chevy Colorado maintenance truck. They also had another project for me to strip some commercial window tinting on there golf course office. I had applied some film to the office windows years ago. One of the windows was vandalized and when they put the new window in it had no tint on it. They decided in order to be able to see out over the golf course they had me remove the tint from the other adjacent windows.  Tomorrow I have a customer coming to check out the different types of Auto Window Tint I have and schedule an appointment for Auto Window Tinting. He was referred to me by a commercial glass company I have done work for in the past.

Today was a day of window tint removal. My first appointment I used my Mobile Window Tinting service to go to Automotive Dynamics to strip and re apply Auto Window Tinting to a Buick La sabre. After that I used my mobile service to go to a customers who was at the Goodwrench Auto Body getting her door glass replaced. Goodwrench used a used piece of glass that was already tinted. The only reason they wanted the door re tinted was because of color change compared to the rest of the existing tint. It would have been impossible for me to match the existing tint because it was faded, and the piece of glass that they put in had newer fresher tint. So I left after doing no tint work for them , but I was there for them. I came back to my place to rendezvous with a good friend of mine to provide mobile window tinting for him . I stripped his Challenger and I will apply specialty Auto Window Tint for him tomorrow. After removing the tint from the Challenger I had a customer come to me for Illegal Window Tint removal. She was ticketed by a Phoenix Motor cycle officer for “excessive window tint”. She was pleased that I am open late enough
to take care of this for her. She has a court date in the morning for the illegal window tint. Tomorrow I will go to Sun City Recreation center to strip some commercial window tint and I will apply some Commercial Window Tint to one of their maintenance vehicles ! We love to window tint and after looking at my competitors advertising on Google today it is nice to know that I am not the only person who is  paying for advertising on Google Ad words and their ad is on the second page or ‘More Results” . I cannot imagine why when paying GOOD MONEY for advertising that the paid ad lands under “More Results” or on the Second page. This is the worst place to be for a paid ad. Stupid to pay anymore.

Adwords SUCKS !

We are open and available for any Window Tinting opportunities today !
It is going to be another warm day as we get ready for the intense heat to return this week. We are here to help keep you cool .

It was a day of customer flake out ! It would have been hot enough to strip and re tint the Porsche I was supposed to do today but for then second time this customer didn’t even bother to call , just sent me a text message saying she could not make it today. Then a little later I got another text message from my customer I have scheduled for tomorrow who also cannot make it. Fortunately I got a call from another customer coming here tomorrow for Auto Window Tinting on his Audi A-4. He is willing to come to me all the way from Tempe. He will not be here until 1pm so I will have plenty of time for other Auto Window Tinting. We are open and available for any Window Tinting opportunities tomorrow !

The Car I had scheduled for stripping and new tinting has had to reschedule. This means I am open and available for any window tinting today. It is a bit cloudy and overcast which is not the best environment to do ant window tint stripping anyway. . I like to use solar energy as well as my Jiffy Steamer to assist in the window tint removal. We are open and ready to take care of any of your window tinting needs, today !
Nothing scheduled today so come on in !

Today was a very slow day. I got a couple of calls for potential window tinting but my starving competitors are giving it away. There are way to many people who THINK they know how to tint. They buy cheap products and they have no conscious  about applying garbage window tint to your car or home. NOT ME ! I absolutely care about the professional installation of a quality product to your vehicle. My tinting environment for Auto Tinting is Stellar ! Come get the cleanest most professional window tinting installed on your vehicle right here in my climate controlled enclosed garage ! We’ll give you a ride home and come back to pick you up and bring you back to your newly tinted vehicle ! If the weather will cooperate tomorrow I may strip and re tint a Porsche Panorama , that is if the weather is hot enough with plenty of  sunshine.  We love Window Tinting !

Yesterday I had a customer come to me for new window tinting on his Corvette. I also applied a windshield visor strip . Today we have no work scheduled. We are open and available for any type of Window Tinting.
The clouds are starting to burn off and the heat is building up and by the middle of this week it will be back to excessive heat again.
We are open for Work !

It was a day of much sweating. I spent a couple of hours in the driveway using the black bag technique in combination with my Jiffy Steamer stripping off old baked on Auto Window Tint. Tomorrow I will strip and tint a 2015 corvette and I may also be tinting the glass top. The customer is uncomfortable due to the glass top allowing in so much heat. We love to help our customers be more comfortable in their vehicles with heat rejecting Auto Window Tint.

Yesterday I spent a majority of the day stripping old purple baked on commercial window tint from a coming soon Fitness center.  . I had a buddy help me out with the stripping so we were able to complete the stripping and we were able to prepare the windows for the application of new commercial window tint.
Today I went back to the fitness center and applied all new commercial silver window tint. The silver is the most effective for blocking out solar energy ( Heat ). After I finished the commercial window tinting I came back to my place to apply new auto window tinting to a VW Passat. I had tinted this car before but this customer had his car vandalized.
Someone broke the back window on his car . Tomorrow I have a customer coming for the stripping of auto dealer window tint and the application of new Auto window tinting that is more effective for blocking heat.