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Month: December, 2016

It was a good day for some Mobile Window Tinting. Today I returned to the Building I applied Commercial Window Tint to yesterday and I applied some Auto Window Tinting to the managers small Chevy Car.
Tomorrow is New Years Eve and we will be willing to do a small amount of auto window tinting tomorrow.

Today I went to a office store front in central Phoenix and I applied Commercial Window Tint . The office manager liked the tint so much he asked if I could come back tomorrow and apply Auto Window Tint to his car, so tomorrow I will go Mobile Window Tinting . After I completed the office tinting today I went to a second location related to glass hobby where I did a commercial window tinting estimate. I have an open schedule this New Years weekend and I am available for any window tinting needs.

Yesterday was a good day for work. I went Mobile Window Tinting to a place that I have done several cars for before. This business was located in central Phoenix. They had a small shipping and receiving garage that I did the window tinting in. I also had two other customers come for window tint stripping on the doors and re tinting. Tomorrow I will do some Commercial Window Tinting in central Phoenix. This job may run into Friday before I am Complete.

Today I went to a customers house and provided them with my Mobile Window Tinting service. I applied some Dye Metal window film to a Toyota Corolla. Tomorrow I will go Mobile Tinting again and apply specialty tint to another car. We are working for the weekend to wrap up the old year in tint and bring in the new year with some more shade ! We love to tint !

Merry Christmas to all of my family, friends and followers !
Yesterday on Chris5tmas Eve I helped out a customer who was making a sudden trip to California. He came to me with his Ford mustang to get his illegal window tint removed so that he would not get stopped by the police for having illegal window tint. It did not take long to remove his tint with the use of my Jiffy Steamer. Tomorrow I will go Mobile Window Tinting and apply Auto Window Tint to a Toyota Corolla. I will also go mobile window tinting on Tuesday and apply specialty window tint to a Mercedes.
Work into the New Year !

The day before yesterday I had a couple of customers come for some window tinting and some Auto Window Tint stripping and re tinting.
Yesterday I had a customer come and take advantage of my Mobile Window Tinting service. He dropped off his Chevy Volt , I gave him a ride home then I went back and picked him up to bring him back to his newly tinted auto. Today is the start of the Holidays and before you know it , it will be the start of the new year ! Happy Holidays everyone !

Today I went Mobile Window Tinting to a home in North Phoenix to apply some Visor Strip Window Tinting on a couple of cars. I was scheduled to strip and re tint the front doors of these vehicles but the customer already had legal window tint on the front doors so there was no need to do any thing there. The customer wanted to have me at least install some visor strips on the two vehicles he owned. Tomorrow I have a couple of vehicles scheduled for some front door stripping and re tinting. Here comes Santa !
If you look North the red light you’ll see is Rudolph !

The day before yesterday was very slow, dead you might say. Yesterday was a little better . I had a return customer come with another car for Mobile Window Tinting. Just like the last time he was here for tinting I gave him a ride home, the I returned t9o his house to pick him up and drive him back to my place to get his newly tinted Volvo. After the Mobile Window Tinting I had a customer come to me with his Acura . I was recommended to him by a relative of his who came to me in the past for Mobile Window Tinting. This Acura had illegal window tint on his front doors and he was stopped by the Tempe Police for his illegal window tint. He waited while I stripped his two front doors and applied Arizona Legal window tint to his two front doors. Today I will go do a Commercial Window Tinting estimate for a business located in central Phoenix.

It was a good day for window tinting yesterday. I had a customer come and drop off his Jeep Wrangler for some specialty Auto Window Tint.
This was another returning customer with another vehicle he bought.
I also had a customer come for some front door Window Tinting on his Tracker. I also applied a visor strip of window tint on his front windshield.
Today I have an open schedule for any window tinting. Holiday window tinting gifts are always guaranteed to put a smile on that special someones face ! Modify and beautify !

Yesterday I had a customer come to me with his Chevy Silverado Truck For Some Window Tinting. He was a return customer with a new vehicle. After the Truck Tinting I had another customer come for Mobile Window Tinting. She dropped off her vehicle and I gave her a ride to her place of business. After I applied the tint I went back to her place of business, picked her up and brought her back to her newly tinted new car.
Today I have a vehicle scheduled for specialty window tint application.
We are getting closer to Christmas so don’t forget about the gift that’s keeps on giving year after year of protection , Window Tint !