by sticktoittint1

Yesterday I applied some Auto Window Tint on a newer Honda Civic .
I also Had a customer show up that had a Toyota Avalon that needed a Piece of Auto Tint applied to the drivers door. This was a customer who manages the Italian Restaurant in Phoenix. I stripped and re tinted the entrance door on his restaurant about 5 months ago. After the Toyota drivers door window tinting I had another repeat customer come with a different car for some back door Window Tinting on his new/used Nissan Maxima. I applied tint to both the back doors. Today I applied specialty Auto Window Tint to a Honda CRV. After the Honda Window Tinting I had another customer come for Mobile Auto Window Tinting with the specialty Auto Window tint. I gave him a ride back to his place in north Phoenix and picked him up after I applied the specialty tint to his new Jeep Grand Cherokee. The first customer today brought his Toyota truck to me for me to tint for him tomorrow. I have the whole week open for any window tinting . Ad words was VERY weak today maybe one call for tinting -bogus for the money I am spending with them !
GET IT TOGETHER GOOGLE AD WORDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did everything they said I should do and I get one call today ,LAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!