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Month: July, 2014

It was a very busy day today. I got to put Auto Window Tint  on two vehicles today. Both vehicles wanted to get the 6% Carbon Window Tint. After Tinting these two vehicles I went to a customers house to put some more Residential Window Tint on his home . Tomorrow I will complete this home and prepare myself for a Commercial Window Tinting job on Friday !

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I will be giving these away with a complete Tint on your auto all the month of August !

Today I had the opportunity to strip old cheap window film from a 2010 Camero , and put new Carbon Window Film on the car.

I also had a customer who mentioned that he did not see any pictures of Residential Window Tinting on my web site, so i took pictures of his home before Window Tinting and after Residential Window Tinting and I posted those pictures on my web site picture gallery. They can be seen at

If you look at my Google Places page you will see the Photos I am describing.

Notice how I pull the “back deck” on the Chevy Cavalier so I can access the film over that area. These cars have a huge plastic assembly that goes around the third brake light on the back deck. After a few years of exposure to the Arizona sun the plastic deteriorates and leaves a cloudy haze around the third brake light. This method of removing the back deck and placing the Window Tint over this area is the optimum way to eliminate the cloudy deterioration of the plastic. My competitors often skip this essential step ! If you look closely at the “After Tint” picture you will also see how  perfect the film looks over the black dots at the top of the back window . I Tinted the back window in one piece.
I also did some Residential Window Tinting.  45 square feet of Bronze Window Tint on a house near 83rd avenue and Sweetwater.
Tomorrow will be a busy day, all day long, but I will have plenty of time for more Auto Tint tomorrow evening, after all we are open til  2 a.m..

I used some silver Window Tint on the Guard Shack at a company called Service Wire in Phoenix today. I also did a Window Tinting estimate for a fitness center in west phoenix today.

We always provide FREE Window Tinting estimates whether on your car, home or place of business, Valley wide!

Received a call from one of my many references, Vulcan Materials. Today I went out to the 51st ave location and tinted a deep quarry mining water truck. I posted some pictures on face book of “Before Tint” and “After Tint” of the huge truck I tinted. I also tinted a visor strip across the windshield of a Sweeper Truck.

Then I returned to my clean air-conditioned enclosed garage to tint a Nisson SUV.

Tomorrow I will be doing some Residential Window Tinting on a home near sun city. After that I will be available for more Auto Window Tinting. Call for free estimates !

Today I got to estimate Commercial Window Tinting on a building in central phoenix.

I placed a few samples of window tint on the windows for the customer to look through and look at.

This allows the customer to view the samples of window tint from all perspectives.

This particular customer was looking for daytime privacy but still wanting to see out through the windows from the inside.

This is no problem, with all of the window film variations I carry I am happy to satisfy my customers needs!

I got the opportunity to tint about 250 square feet of white matte ( White Frost) on a commercial property on 16th street and Osborn in phoenix yesterday. Office tinting is always a pleasure for me  to satisfy my customers who are suffering from heat and want some privacy.

Today I tinted another 2014 Honda Accord. This customer lived very close to me. I had another auto window tinting job I did earlier this week and this guy lived close enough to walk home, and walk back to pick his car up .

Now if I could just get my business listed under more keywords in the Google Places !

Nice warm day out today ! I stripped and replaced some window tint on two front doors of a Mercedes today. The customer was stopped by the Highway Patrol in Arizona, and ticketed for having too dark window tint on the two front doors of his car. The violation is called excessive window tint/film. I stripped off the illegal film he had and replaced it with Arizona legal 30% window film. For more information about window tinting laws and a list of restrictions for almost every state in the U.S. please see my web site

I tinted two trucks yesterday. Both trucks were Ford crew cab trucks. I took some “before tint’ and “after tint” pictures which I will post on face book today. Getting ready to gear up for some “white frost” tint, for an office complex on Monday. This white frost tint is not easy to work with. It is a bit thicker than standard architectural window film. It is commonly called an opaque film. This means you cannot see through this film. You may be able to notice shadows and see figures moving behind this film but you cannot identify faces.

I had a couple of car window tinting customers reschedule this weekend, so I will have plenty of time to take care of people who may be looking for immediate window tinting service this weekend.


Today was quite an exhausting day! I got many calls today for residential and commercial window tinting estimates. The window tinting season is in “full swing”. I also gave at least 5 Car window tinting and Truck window tinting estimates, and I booked some window tinting work this for this  weekend.

I have had so many customers return for more tinting on their other vehicles , with every customer commenting on how much cooler the inside of the car is ! They cant believe how much cooler/better life is with window tinting. Many satisfied window tinting customers. Its my pleasure to bring comfort and privacy to my customers through the use of high performance window films!