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Month: May, 2016

Happy Memorial Day ! It has been a productive memorial weekend.
Yesterday I had a customer who lives close by come over and drop off his VW Passot for Car Window Tinting. After I tinted the Passot I had another customer come for Mobile Window Tinting service. He had a Toyota Celica he wanted stripped and new window tint applied. I gave this customer a ride home then I returned to my place and stripped the old window tint off his car and I applied new specialty window film to his car.
Tomorrow I will do some commercial window tinting for a construction company that has used my service before for other commercial window tinting applications. This new job they have for me will require stripping old tint and applying new commercial tint.

We are closing in on 300,000 views of my Google + Page !
That is unbelievably  awesome ! This week I tinted two Burger King Locations . The second location was out on Waddell and the 303 !
This location I tinted the entire dinning room.
On Friday I returned to the Anytime Fitness location on 40th street and Thunderbird to apply commercial window tint to the South side windows.
Today I had a customer who took advantage of my awesome Mobile Auto Window Tinting service . He brought his car to me and I gave him a ride home in my car . I went back to his place to pick him up and bring him back to his newly tinted car. Tomorrow I have a couple of vehicles scheduled for auto window tinting and Mobile Auto Window Tinting.
Here comes the Heat so don’t delay get your professionally installed window tint today !

Yesterday was a Burger King day . Once again I went to a Burger King Location on El Mirage . I spent several hours applying Commercial Window Tint on both the East and West side of this building. I love beautifying these Burger Kings with this awesome Bronze Window Tint.
Today I will go to a business in Scottsdale Airpark  and give a commercial window tinting estimate. Tomorrow I will apply commercial window tint to another Burger King located on Waddell and the 303. The Heat is ON !

Today I was supposed to have a Corolla to strip and retint and the customer contacted me via text got my information , he even called and told me he was about 10 minutes away , I told him I was waiting for him . He never showed up . And there you have it , another flake. I do not understand that . Never the less I had an opportunity to go and do some commercial window tinting on a smoke shop in Phoenix. This place had some old cracked and flaking security window film they wanted removed.
After I removed the old cracked and peeling security film the customer decided he wanted the inside window tint removed too.
Tomorrow I will do some more commercial window tinting for Burger King. This will be the third location I will be tinting for BK and I will also go to another BK and do a commercial window tinting estimate which I will install on Thursday !

Yesterday went as scheduled. I like it when that happens. My first customer was a “many Cars” repeat customer with a Fiat 500L.
I applied some metal window film to this vehicle.
My next customer was also a repeat customer who had a bad accident and her car was a total wreck. She got a 2014 KIA Forte and came to me for the application of Car Window Tint. My first customer for today text me last night not being able to make it today. My second customer is coming for back window tint stripping on a cavalier. it is distorted Tomorrow I am supposed to have a Corolla here for stripping and re tinting. We have more commercial window tinting this week for Burger King and Anytime Fitness !

Yesterday my friend Kevin came out to assist me in the preparation of the Glass at Anytime Fitness for Commercial Window Tinting. Together we were able to get the entire North side of the Fitness center Tinted. I set 3 days aside to accomplish this commercial job but we did it in one day . Last night I was able to set a couple of auto window tinting jobs for today and tomorrow. Today I had a customer come to me with his Doge Avenger. I started his car this morning and I completed the Auto Window Tinting installation after I stopped to provide Mobile Window Tinting for a customer with a Nissan Truck. Tomorrow I will apply tint to a Fiat 500 in the morning and I will tint another car after that . Sunday I will apply tint to a new Nissan Altima

Yesterday was a good day for auto window tinting. I had a customer get my mobile window tinting service . After that vehicle I met a customer at my place for Auto Window Tinting on her Audi Q5. This was an all day window tinting day. Today I went to Pebble Creek and McDowell in Goodyear AZ. I applied Bronze Commercial Window Tint to two huge windows to help reduce the heat from the west exposure to the sun. Tomorrow I will return to Anytime Fitness on Central and Dunlap in Phoenix to apply commercial window tinting to the North side of the Fitness Center.
I have also scheduled two more Burger King Restaurants for commercial window tinting next week. I keep tinting them and they keep lining up more ! With good reason, the commercial tint matches the decor of the buildings and blocks out the maximum amount of heat.

It was a fairly slow day yesterday. I did have a customer show up for some Car Window Tinting. Today I am supposed to have a car come for mobile auto tinting then I have a vehicle here at 2pm drop off and another car with two front doors, so it should be a busy day. Tomorrow I will go do some Commercial Window Tinting for Burger King way out west on McDowell and Pebble Creek. I have two huge windows that I will apply commercial tint. 5 feet tall by 8 foot wide stretched over dinning booths .  Limber with the balance of a cat !

Yesterday I had a customer come back for more window tinting on her Honda. I gave her a ride home with my Mobile Window tinting Service , then I went back to pick her up to bring her back to her newly tinted back half of her SUV. I applied window tint to her front doors last week and she liked it so much she decided to have me apply the tint to the back half of her vehicle.  I also had another customer who saw me on Google, he liked my Google rating and the fact that I was very close to his home. He was having a BBQ that day so he was also happy to bring his car to me so I could give him a ride to his house so he could entertain his guests while I applied the top notch window film to his Lincoln in MY garage. I went back to his house to pick him up and bring him back to his car.

It was an early day yesterday but it was a very good day. I was able to complete the Commercial Window Tinting on the Burger King at 83ed Avenue and McDowell in Phoenix. Today I did some much needed yard management. Today I also Booked an appointment for tinting a neighbors
vehicle and I also have a return customer coming back to get the back half of her Honda tinted. I may have a little time available for some Auto Window Tinting on Sunday after noon.