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Month: June, 2014


It has been quite a long week. I had the pleasure of doing some residential window tinting this week as well as doing estimates for a huge building for commercial window tinting, and I have tinted about 16 cars this week. As the temperature outside rises so does the demand for protection from the heat. I have posted some more recent pictures of some cars I tinted this month on my “Picture Gallery” on my web site

I love to tint new cars, they are such a pleasure to tint because there usually is no “harbored dirt”.

Clean cars helps to make perfect window film installations, so it is a regular practice that we clean your car before we tint it and we clean your car after we tint it.!

Another long weekend of window tinting. Spent the weekend earning $ so I can take my dog to the Vet. for surgery on his eyelid.  He has some strange growth on his eyelid. He is a great guard dog for my window tinting establishment. I tinted so much this weekend I am starting to run out of window film. Not to worry, they will make more ! Loving the work !

Another beautiful day in AZ tinting my heart out ! Soaking up the beautiful weather and waiting for the hellish heat to hit !

I have had some good fortune come my way, here at my window tinting establishment. Suffered some hail damage a few years ago and have been enjoying the benefits that came from the insurance company. I used every penny to upgrade my place to provide a comfortable area for my window tinting customers to relax and stay cool while I tint their car, truck or RV !

The hail damage upgrade also included a air conditioned garage for me to tint in !

It provides me with a safe,clean and comfortable working environment ! No constant drip of sweat off the end of my nose while tinting in my garage!

Thank goodness for hail ! Maybe we will see some more hail with the monsoon season here at last .

Window tinting

It takes a lot of experience to become a good window tinter. Some people think they can tint too. Like there is nothing to it.

Tinting is a life long learning process. You can never be told all of the innuendos that come with tinting. Some of the things a person learns as a window tinter come from what I call

” The School of Hard Knocks.”  A steady hand and an artful soul will take the extra steps others would not to make your tinting as perfect as it would be if he were doing it for himself.

Window tinting tools can assist in the installation process, and a window tinter is only as good as the tools they use as well as their experience  and  their conscience.

We take pride in our work and we will work as hard as possible to give you complete satisfaction! That is our goal at Stick To It. If you read my G+ reviews you will see this is a fact .