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Month: June, 2017

Yesterday I went to a couple of commercial business locations in Phoenix and I stripped and re applied new window tint. The first place was Lamar’s Doughnut shop. I stripped some old discolored and damaged window tint on the East side entrance doors, then I applied some new commercial tint that blocks out a lot of heat. After Lamar’s I went to a book store that I have done work for before and applied some of the same heat blocking commercial window tint to there new entrance door and side light. Today I have a SUV scheduled for a complete tint.

It has been a hot week outside ,everyone is scrambling for cover from the heat from the sun. I have notice much more erratic driving on the roads. We have provided out Mobile Window Tinting service for many customers the last few days and we also did some Commercial Truck Window tinting for one of our many “regular customers”. They call when they get new vehicles and expand there business. Tomorrow I will do a commercial window tinting estimate and then we will apply some commercial window tint to a building that I have done other tinting for. I have scheduled a couple of Auto Window Tinting appointments for this week but i have noticed a lot of people not showing up and a lot of rescheduling . That’s okay we roll with the punches and we keep on tinting and helping the public get some relief from the heat.

Stick To It

It was a good week for some Home Window Tinting and some Mobile Auto Window Tinting. I went to a home near mine this week to apply some Neutral Finished Architectural Home Window Tint. I used my scaffolding to get to one window that was over the top of the Sliding glass doors. Yesterday I did some Mobile Auto Window Tinting. My customer came to drop off his car and I took him back to his house so he did not have to wait around for me to tint his car. After I applied the Auto Tint I went back to his house, picked him up and brought him back to his newly tinted automobile. Today I will apply auto window tint to a SUV and I will provide the customer with my free mobile service.

It is getting hotter outside ! This week we are going to experience higher than average temperatures in Arizona and the demand for Commercial Tinting , Home Tinting and Auto Tinting is here. We have done several Mobile Auto Window Tinting appointments this week. We have also done a couple of commercial window tinting installations and some Home Window Tinting estimates. I have a house to apply some window tint on tomorrow through Angie’s List. I have had several of calls from Angie’s List customers this week.
We Have a couple of Auto Window Tinting appointments scheduled for this week. The temperature is going to be very high so its time to hide inside behind some new window tint, and we LOVE to apply window tint !

Today I did some Commercial Window Tinting for a construction company that uses my Window Tinting services for all of its tinting needs.
We applied some white Matte “Frost” to a sliding glass door and some office windows. Tomorrow I will be applying Commercial Bronze Window Tint to the entire west side of the Red Robbin Restaurant in Metro Center.
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Another hoop of fire or what I like to call , YOU FIGURE IT OUT from Google.
They changed some things on everyone’s G+ page and they managed to loose all of my followers. I had 28 listed followers of my G+ page and now I have 0.
To top it off they (Google) are not going to do anything about this. There answer was , “call all of your followers and ask them to follow you again.”
I have worked very hard on trying to keep up with the Google requirements to keep my business optimized in the stream, I struggle to keep this nice and Google makes it even harder for me by messing up my Google G+ page and mysteriously loosing all of my followers.
Having people follow my Google G+ page helps me to stay in touch with my past clientele who appreciated my service and want expressed interest to follow my business. The followers are recognized by Google as a method of social networking , they like this but they destroyed my social network on my Google G+ page.
On that page you will see a link to my Google + page please select that G+ link
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Strangely enough the followers show up on my cellular phone but not on my land line internet .
Enough of that , now on to the action, it has been hot outside very hot, and the people looking for shade are scrambling for it right now !
We have had the pleasure of taking care of many return customers with different cars they need tinted. More heat is on the way and I expect to see more scrambling for cover !

It has been quite a festive week of window tinting, a lot of Auto Window Tinting and a little bit of Commercial Window Tinting too. Yesterday I applied tint to a Toyota Prius and a Subaru Impreza Wagon. Today I applied window tint to a Toyota Corolla . I also went to do a commercial estimate for a construction company that I have done many window tint installations for in the past.
We set an appointment for next week to apply some white frost on some office windows for privacy. Its starting to get HOT outside ! Time to let us install your protection ! Got a hot spot in the house ? Some tint can give it a douse !