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Well it just goes to show you , you can’t please all of the people all of the time!
I had a potential customer put a bad review up about me, and he also thought he was funny, he was not. Everyone is realizing the heat is starting to build up and I think a few people are freaking out and going a little bit crazy about getting prepared for the heat. Some people want there car tinted RIGHT NOW, but I know that my competitors are busy and I have been pretty busy too. I have done a mixture of Auto Tint Stripping and reapplying new tint as well as a few commercial window tinting jobs. I am not in any way complaining but I just can not get to everyone. Setting an appointment for tint is the way to go ! You can guarantee we wont change the appointment, we will wait on you !!!
My history of satisfied customers will always be the true underlying theme !
We aim to please and we enjoy our customer interaction !

It has been a week of helping my customers get ready for the summer heat to come. I have done some mobile tinting at a commercial auto repair shop. They are good to me , they send me customers from time to time for Mobile Auto Window Tinting and I have done commercial subcontract Car Window Tinting for them for at least 20 years. I have done much auto tinting this week at my place of business, and I have provided my mobile service to many of these customers. I have some commercial window tinting to do today and I also have a commercial tinting estimate to do. Come get your tint where the tinting is sweet because here comes the HEAT ! Don’t delay schedule today !

It was a busy day up and down the ladder applying some Commercial Window Tint. Tomorrow I will go back to the same place and do more tinting. Today after all day applying the commercial tint I came back to my place and met a customer who wanted to get some Auto Window Tint applied to his car, so I took care of his window tinting needs, after hours ! We aim to please !

It was a good weekend for Auto Window Tinting. Business has been busy with the demand for tint. This week we will hit 100 degrees outside so up with the barometric pressure , and up with the heat. We will apply some auto window tint today and we will also get prepared for some Commercial Window Tinting on a building in north Phoenix. The commercial Window Tinting I will do this week will take a couple of days to apply so I will be available for some after hours auto window tinting at my place.

It has been a good week with a mix of window tinting jobs. I have tinted several cars this week using my Mobile Window Tinting Service and I also did some Commercial Window Tinting at the Desert Botanical Gardens. I also did a couple of Commercial Window Tinting estimates in north Phoenix and I will be applying more Commercial Bronze Window Tint for a Padding company. Today I have a customer coming with both his vehicle and his wife’s vehicle for the application of Auto Window Tint. Its gonna be over 100 degrees outside next week so lets get ready, get your tint or swim in sweat , whats it gonna be ?

It has been a few days since I have visited with my “pages” because of the many customers who are coming to the realization that it is going to soon be very hot outside, and with all the heat it can make you uncomfortable in your home , office and car. Most of the last few days I have done Mobile Car Window Tinting. I have also had many repeat customers coming to me with other vehicles they need to get window tinting on. This week I have several customers scheduled for Car and Auto Window Tinting. I did get a call from the Desert Botanical Garden to come back out and do some more Commercial Window Tinting on more office windows. The Commercial and Home Window Tinting is so effective for blocking out heat the best way I can describe it is, its like eating one potato chip and only one potato chip. No one can do that. Once you got the taste you have to have more. The same applies for Home or Office Window Tinting, once you realize how effective it is , you have got to do more windows to block more heat and create a softer ambiance to dwell in. We love doing that for all of our customers !

I posted some pictures of the window tinting work I have done over the past couple of days. Today I went to the Desert Botanical Garden and applied some bronze Commercial Window Tint to a couple of windows on a office building .
These were very old dual pane windows so I tried to influence the customer into putting a product on the windows that would have the least amount of risk of glass breakage and seal failure, but they chose a film that matched the decor. They will wait a day or two to see if there are any adverse reactions and if nothing happens then I will return to apply tint to the rest of the building.Tomorrow I will do a commercial window tinting estimate then I will return to my place to provide some Mobile Auto Window Tinting.

More auto window tint stripping going on this week ! Two days ago I went Mobile Window Tinting and I applied specialty window tint to a Toyota Camry. I noticed this customer had some Sirius stereo XM radio stickers on the doors of his car. I asked if he used the satellite radio and he said he did. I also noticed that the radio antenna was inside the glass on the back window of his car. Metal film can and would interfere with the Satellite signal to the radio so I recommended using a carbon grade film that will not interfere with the radio reception. He chose to use the specialty carbon film I carry so he could still get some great heat protection. Yesterday I had a customer come to me for Auto Window Tint stripping and the application of new tint.
Today I have a new truck coming for some Specialty Window Tint.

It has been a couple of days since I have blogged . I have been doing several strip and re tint on cars. I get pretty wiped out after a long day of stripping old window tint and re applying new Car Window Tint. I miss the commercial work , it gives me a break from cars for a bit. I do not blame anyone for trying to get ready for the heat that is obviously coming earlier than usual this year. Inevitable summer, inevitable heat ! We don’t mind applying window tint to cars either, that’s our bread and butter, so lets get ready to beat the heat , behind the tint we all retreat !

One out of two is not too bad, 50/50. I applied some window tint to a Honda CRV today. My second Honda for today had to reschedule for Monday.
Tomorrow I will strip and re tint a ford Fiesta. That will be an all day affair.