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Month: January, 2017

Today we did not do any window tinting. We did get a few calls for Auto Window Tinting Estimates. I did schedule a Mobile Window Tinting job for early tomorrow. We still will have plenty of time available tomorrow for any window tinting opportunities the rest of the week is open too !
The heat is slowly coming back so get prepared don’t get attacked !

It was a day of Mobile Window Tinting and Car window tint stripping and new door window tint. My 1st customer showed up with his BMW for Mobile Window Tinting. I took him home then I returned to my place and applied Specialty Window Tint to his car. I went back to his house and brought him back to his newly tinted BMW. After that Auto Window Tinting I had a customer come and I stripped and applied new Car Window Tint to her drivers door on her car We have an open schedule for any window tinting tomorrow! It wont be long before the frying sets in !

Two customers scheduled today and the same two customers flaked out.
Very irresponsible people out there in this world. I would NEVER schedule an appointment with some one and not at least call them if something came up. I got no call from either of the losers ! What a bunch of weirdos ! My customer scheduled for tomorrow was redeeming to me today . He actually called to ensure we were applying Auto Window Tinting on his car for him tomorrow . What a great guy . Open tomorrow afternoon for all kinds of window tinting get it now before the heat gets here !

Yesterday I did not do any window tinting. I did get a couple of calls for Auto Window Tinting estimates and I scheduled a Car Window Tinting appointment for today. I will also apply some Truck window tinting today providing my customer has not forgot. he set this truck window tinting appointment with me about a week ago. I did do a Commercial Window Tinting estimate yesterday and they called me later in the day to set the appointment for me to come and apply the tint for them in February.
We are open and available for any small window tinting opportunities today and tomorrow.

Yesterday I applied some Commercial Window Tinting to a apartment for Camden Living in Phoenix. I have done a lot of Commercial Tinting for them before, at other locations. Tomorrow I will go do a Commercial Window Tinting estimate in Anthem . North of where I am at but still a Phoenix location. We look forward to the continued better opportunity for work.
Time is available for afternoon Auto Window Tinting at my place on Saturday. Keep on tinting on !

We had a customer come to me with a vehicle that is going to Colorado. The tinting laws are a little different there than they are here in Arizona.
I applied the appropriate State allowable Window Tint to the truck front doors. I also put a small four inch visor tint on the front windshield.
I contacted a company that I did a Commercial Window Tinting estimate for a couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow I will go and apply window tint to a apartment for Camden Properties. I am grateful for the better day for Window Tinting opportunity, lets keep it going !

Today I went to a commercial business to do a Commercial Window Tinting Estimate. I hope I get the job I have not worked in days.
We are always open to any Window Tinting of any kind.
I had a couple of people contact me through my website web mail.
I hope they will call for more detail about my services.
OPEN and AVAILABLE for ALL your Window Tinting needs !


And another day goes by with no business. Where is my advertising muscle ? I NEED WORK ! I am not opposed to working !!!
I am quite good at what I do but here I sit on my hands .

Unbelievable joke played on me by Google Ad Words.
So far this month I have done two complete window tint jobs on cars.
Google Ad Words comes into my bank account and steals $500 from me with no return on investment.
Yesterday I had a return customer call me for mobile window tinting on his wife’s Jeep. Return loyal customers have brought me more penny’s than any of my Ad Words advertising has all month. WHAT A RIP OFF !!!!
No monitoring of my account by the lame ad words Team for illegal clicks on my account by my competitors. Absolute Rip Off from the rip off artists !

Today it was a very wet and rainy day. If we were in a state of drought I don’t think we are any more. I went to the American Italian Club today to strip the entrance door to the Bar inside. It had many scratches and was badly faded. I stripped off the old Commercial Window Tint and I applied some new dark window tint to resemble what they had. I have a complete open schedule this weekend so bring on some more window tint work !
We are ready and able, the rain wont scare us away !