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Month: July, 2017

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Yesterday was a bit slow but we used our Mobile Window Tinting Service and applied some specialty Auto Tinting on a Porsche Macan. Today dripping wet from head to toe today stripping some old window tint off a Toyota corolla. There was so much cloud cover it gave me and my steamer a major work out. Detoxification ! After we stripped the old tint off, I had a customer show up for a visor strip on his windshield. I put one on his car last week so today he brought his wife’s car . After the visor strip I returned to complete the new Auto Window Tint on the corolla. After the corolla I had a customer find me on Google Search and he drove all the way from Mesa to me for a Visor strip on his windshield. All a person needs to do is look at my web site and see the Google Reviews and they need to look no longer. The choice is clear, we love to tint !

The past few days I have done a lot of Mobile Window Tinting and some home window tinting estimates. I had a customer come to me from my Yelp page.
I just realized I needed to claim and verify that page for optimization of my advertising. I have has a slow day today and I have plenty of time available for Mobile Auto Window Tinting today or Home Window Tinting this weekend.

So far today I got more calls from search engine optimization company’s but I did also strip some old Auto Window Tint and I reapplied some new car tint. We are open and available today to take care of your window tinting needs . We LOVE to Tint !Prizm Strip Auto Window Tint

The rain is killing the demand for window tinting.
Monsoon storms GO AWAY ! I got no calls for window tinting work yesterday, and so far today I have been bombarded with calls from search engine optimization company’s its ridiculous. What is going on AD WORDS ?
We are OPEN AND AVAILABLE for any window tinting opportunities.
We tint homes and offices too !

It was a very active weekend in my window tinting world. Saturday I stripped and applied window tinting to two vehicles and I used my Mobile Window Tinting Service to provide shuttle transportation “too and from” for my customers. One of these two customers on Saturday chose to use some specialty Film on their car. Stripping old window tinting took up most of my time on Saturday. Yesterday I applied specialty window tint to a new Dodge Challenger which was no challenge. After the Auto Tinting on the Challenger the same customer brought his Cadillac SUV for some new window tint on his front doors. Today I am supposed to have a customer come for some Mobile Window Tinting Service. Applying specialty window tint means the film will last longer and keep its optical clarity longer and blocks more heat with a “no color fade” warranty !
It is more expensive than the cost of standard window tint, but when you think about how much longer specialty tint will last, it is well worth the expense.

Today I did some Commercial White Frost Window Tinting on some office windows in Phoenix. Sometimes window tinting can be contagious. I did some white frost tinting on other windows a couple of weeks ago and when some of the other office workers saw the privacy , they requested the same White Frost Commercial Window Tint be done to there office windows.Tomorrow I will strip some old blurred window tint from the back window of a car and re apply new Car Window Tint. I will also do some Mobile Auto Window Tinting.

Today I had a very challenging Mercedes to tint. Challenging to apply the auto film to the quarter glass windows. This was one of the first two door coup Mercedes I have applied Specialty Auto Window Tint. I gave the customer a ride home after he dropped off his car this morning. This is one of the best parts of our Mobile Window Tinting Service, we will give you a ride too and from your vehicle so you don’t have to wait around. I got a lot of calls from non customers today , my Google adwords advertising is getting weird, again ! Tomorrow I will do some Commercial Window Tinting with some white frost to give privacy to a commercial office. The customer today was one of our happy return customers with his new/used Mercedes. Tomorrow is the same, a happy customer who subcontracts out my window tinting .
If it is not too cloudy tomorrow I will also strip and apply new Car Window Tint to a BMW.

Yesterday I did some Commercial Window Tinting at Deer Valley Dentistry. I stripped the old scratched and distorted window film off the entrance door.
I reapplied some Commercial Window Tint to replace the old film. I talked to two return customers yesterday looking for more tint on other vehicles they own.
Today I had a customer scheduled for some Mobile Window Tinting but he has not confirmed his appointment so I will be open and available today for any quick tinting opportunities like applying auto tint on the two front doors of your car.

It has been a hot and kind of muggy weekend. I wish the clouds would” let go” !
I have applied Auto Window Tint to a couple of vehicles and I also provided some Mobile Auto Window Tinting service this weekend. I had a customer scheduled for two vehicles today and he called me and said he could not make it, he was having problems with his car. I did have another customer come to get new the old window tint stripped off and have new window tint applied to his truck , His old tint was bubbled and purple. I had to point out to the customer that removing the old tint would not make the scratches and the oxidation of the glass go away. This “ghosting” of the door glass is a inherent issue with these older Ford and Chevy trucks. So I just removed the old purple tint. He decided not to tint them again because the glass oxidation was so bad.
Tomorrow I will go to a commercial business and strip old beat up window tint and apply new Commercial Tint to the entrance door.