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Month: June, 2016

Yesterday and the day before, I applied commercial window tinting at the Burger King on 91st avenue and Peoria. This burger king has a cool playground area, cool in temperature. I got a call from Penske , it looks like I will be stripping and re tinting the windows on their commercial building . I scheduled that for next week after the 4th of July. Tomorrow I will give a commercial estimate at Gainey cleaners second location, then I will go to a customers home near mine and apply some home window tinting to a picture window. After that I will go to an apartment complex managers office and apply some tint to the office window. Steady goes the heat and steady goes the tint !

It was a great day today . I applied some window tinting to a customer who wanted my Mobile Window Tinting service. Tomorrow I will go to another Burger King and apply Commercial Window Tinting . This makes Restaurant  number six.

The last few days I have applied window tinting to  several cars for a fleet company. These commercial vehicles came from major national companies. Friday and Saturday I did some Johnson and Johnson  Reps, cars . I also squeezed in a few other customers cars. Tomorrow I will apply tint to another fleet vehicle two front doors . I will also apply tint to a Toyota Tacoma and I will provide this customer with my awesome mobile window tinting service. On Tuesday I plan on applying commercial window tint to another Burger King on 91st ave and Peoria. This will be the sixth Commercial window tint application for BK.

It has been a good week with a great mixture of window tinting applications. Monday this week I stripped some Home Window Tint that was scratched by a dog . These two home windows were 96 inches  by 48 inches . It was a good thing that I brought my jiffy steamer with me. I used the steamer to strip off the old two ply scratched architectural window tint. The steaming was a slow process but it was well worth taking the extra time to steam off the old film . It does not always work with the steaming method but I got lucky on this one.  After the removal of the film it was a simple blade-ing off of the old glue and re application of new Bronze Home Window Tint.
I Provided mobile auto window tinting for a customer with an Acura this week ,. I also Tinted a Chevy Sonoma Pick up truck, and a Toyota Tacoma Sport truck this week. This weeks work also consisted of stripping some Commercial Window Tint in Tempe this week. I talked with the my contact at Burger King and they have another location they want me to apply more Commercial Window Tinting on. This will be the sixth location I will tint. It has been said, ” they love the film”!
Today and most of this weekend I will be applying Auto Window Tint for several customers who came to me through a “fleet company” that sub contracts out upgrade auto installations for major national corporations. They have used me for years for auto tinting installations.

The day before yesterday I applied some window tint to a customers Nissan Murano. I gave her a ride to the Metro Center Mall then I returned to my place to tint her vehicle. When I finished I went back to Metro Center Mall and picked her up to bring her back to her newly tinted Nissan. Yesterday I had two vehicles come to me for Auto and SUV window tinting. My first vehicle was a new Jeep Renegade. Black color with black interior. (Heat Magnet !) After the Jeep I had a customer who liked my price better than my competitors price so she came to me, and I was very close to her home. Today I was going to do some commercial window tinting but the customer is a contractor and I would be a sub contractor for him and when I usually do work for them I use a Silver type Commercial Window tint , but this building had a beige and brown color exterior so this call for Bronze window tinting to match the motif. I will go back next week and bring some bronze window tint with me !

It was a warm day today but not nearly as hot outside as it is going to get ! We are ready to ramp up the temperature outside and I am well prepared with my climate controlled garage ! I stripped and applied new Specialty Auto Window Tint to a Chevy Colorado today. I also got a call from Burger King asking me to apply Commercial Window Tint on another restaurant  location by Friday this week ,so Friday it is ! I have some commercial tinting to do on Thursday for PBW Construction , another office location !

It was a good weekend for window tinting. On Saturday I applied some home window tint to a house near mine in phoenix. I tinted almost all of the windows in this home. They had two sets of French style doors. These are no fun to apply window film to.  They are very time consuming and it is very tedious work. Yesterday I applied specialty auto window tint and I provided mobile window tinting service for my customer. Today I will post many pictures of the recent work I have done, on my website. I am supposed to have two vehicles come for mobile window tinting today.



It was a great day yesterday applying Truck Window Tint ti this huge vehicle.I used some metal film to assist in the solar heat reduction, on this (fish Bow) Ford F250 ! Today I used my awesome mobile window tinting service for a customer who had a mini cooper tinted.Tomorrow I will go and apply Home window tinting for a friend who works at a glass company I have sub contracted work for since 1996. Its hot and everyone is baking, defy the heat with solar energy protection with quality tint and a quality installation  !

The day before yesterday was a good day for Commercial Window Tint stripping. This store proprietor wanted any potential customers and passers by to notice the activity inside his store and the dry cleaned clothes on the racks. I also provided mobile window tinting for a customer with a new Chevy Colorado. Yesterday I had a very interesting day for window tinting. I got a call from Burger King claiming that one of the windows I applied commercial tint to had a big bubble in the film. when I got there it was obvious to me that the window film was damaged due to premature cleaning. After speaking to the store manager he did tell me they had a cleaning crew in this store and that was how it got damaged. Fortunately when I stripped off the original piece it left no glue behind because it had not fully cured to the glass (thank goodness). I also provided some more samples of window tint to a hair salon in Phoenix. Tomorrow I will apply window tint to a repeat customer . I tinted his wife’s car a few months ago and now he wants his truck tinted. It’s blazing hot so get behind the tint for the cool spot !

The last few days I have had a wide variety of Auto Window Tinting to do.
Friday I applied some auto tint to the front doors of a Ford Explorer. I also applied some front door window tint on Toyota Tundra. On Friday I also did some Residential Home Window Tint removal .
Saturday I applied window tint on two front doors of a Ford F150 Truck. I also applied Specialty Auto Window Tint to a Hyundai Sonata . Yesterday I provided Mobile Window Tinting and I applied Truck Tint to a Texas Cotton Silverado and I also provided some Mobile Auto Window Tinting for a customer with a Toyota Corolla. We have plenty of time available this week to take care of any window tinting . The heat is on high !