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Month: January, 2016

Thank goodness for repeat customers and some Angie’s List business for next week . I do not know what is going on with my Google Advertising other than it seams to be absolutely ineffective !!!!!!!!~ I do not understand why I am not getting any Google related phone calls. I am getting pretty upset about being up in the listings one day and being so far down in the listings the next day,  I may as well find another line of work ! RECOGNIZE the excellence and the professional demeanor ! I should not have to beg or complain about my Google Advertising just to get recognized for a day or two and then slam me back down in the listings ! Get it going Google ! What is up ? I am getting frazzled from not enough work !

Yesterday was a nice day for work. I had a customer come to me with his Toyota truck form a Visor Strip of Tint on his front windshield. After that I had a Customer come to me with his Toyota Four runner. He took advantage of my mobile service and I shuttled him back and forth to his house and back to his car. We enjoy providing our customers with our awesome Mobile Window Tinting Service . This morning I went to Biltmore Fashion Plaza and did a Commercial Window Tinting estimate on a Taylor shop. If I do this job it will require a 10 foot ladder and some decorative white window film. No work scheduled all week so we need some Window Tinting Work !!!

We are ready willing and able to take care of all window tinting !
I just applied a visor strip to a Toyota Truck a commercial Window tint
application for a business in central Phoenix.. I have a return customer coming for more window tint today on another vehicle he owns. I will provide him with my awesome Mobile Window Tinting service.

Today was a pretty slow day . I got two phone calls for window tinting opportunities, and quite frankly I need more than two opportunities daily. I am starting to struggle to make ends meet, and we are getting desperate for work. I scheduled a Visor strip on a truck for tomorrow but that is all the work I have scheduled. WE NEED WORK !!!

Yesterday was a dead day and so was today. No window tinting at all.
We need work! Completely open and available for all Window Tinting of any kind ! Come one come all !

Yesterday was a very slow day. I think I may have had two calls for estimates on some Auto Window Tinting. Today was much better. The day started off slow but at about noon I received a call from a Google Search customer. She brought her new Honda CRV to my place for window tinting and I gave her a ride home so she would not have to wait around while I tinted her vehicle. She found a ride back to pick her car up. This was just another satisfied customer ! We love our Google Customers !

Yesterday was a good day for work . I started the day off early and did some Home Window Tinting with the use of my scaffolding. I applied residential window tint to a window on a condo off Lincoln Blvd. This window was nine feet wide by approximately 26 inches high. It was not too big of a challenge other than the fact that it was nine feet off the ground level. This job came to me through a window washer, who seems to be a bit greedy. I think that’s enough said about that.  After the residential window tinting I came back to my place and received a car from a customer who wanted some Auto Window Tinting. He had transportation back to his place but after I applied the Auto Tint to his car he needed me to go to his place and pick him up . I got in my Mobile Window Tint service vehicle and gladly picked him up to bring him back to his newly tinted car. I have a completely open schedule today > Any window tinting is available today !

Yesterday I had a customer who found me on Google come to me for Auto Window Tinting on his 2014 Rav 4 Toyota. Very easy vehicle to tint. After the Auto Tint on the Rav 4 I had another customer who found me on a Google search come for new window tinting on his passenger front door of his Chevy Taho. Today I will go do a residential window tinting estimate. After the Home Window Tinting estimate I will go to Midway Nissan to pick up a Nissan Altima for some commercial Vehicle Window tinting for Enterprise Rent A Car. And so we merrily Tint along  !

Yesterday was a great day for work. I started the day off early in the morning and I went to a business in the Biltmore Plaza and stripped old Commercial Window Tint and applied new window tint. If you look at some of the pictures I took of the stripping of the old commercial tint you can see that almost all window film is made in multiple layers. This can be very challenging to remove. This old film was distorted, scratched up and well baked onto the glass. I spent more time cleaning and stripping the old film than I did re applying the new tint.
After the Commercial Tinting I rendezvoused with a customer at my place and I provided her with Mobile Window Tinting. She had a new Ford Excursion. The new Excursions are big but easy to tint.
Today I will do a commercial window tinting estimate in central Phoenix. I have plenty of time available for some auto window tinting today ! Yelp has been very active in bringing me customers and Google Ad Words has not. Makes me wonder why I am doing the Google Ad Words campaign. Yelp is free, Google gets a good chunk of money from me every month with very little return. Should I stop my Google Ad Words advertising ? Google ?

It was another slow day for work. I had no work today. I got a call a little while ago for a Residential Window Tinting estimate for Thursday this week . I Have some Commercial Window Tinting to do for tomorrow and Tuesday. I will strip old Commercial Tint off a Mail Box Store in the Builtmore Plaza. Ready and available for any evening window tinting for the next two days !