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Month: September, 2014

Today I Tinted a Chrysler M200. The Third Brake is Mounted to the head liner and is not easily removed . I avoided removing the third brake light and I slipped the film under the third brake light assembly. This provided the best most professional look.
Tomorrow I will put up more sample pieces of film on a building scheduled for Commercial Window Tinting in Scottsdale. I will also go and give an estimate on some Residential Window Tinting stripping and replacing some old Architectural Tint.

Today I Tinted a BMW 325ci. Not an easy car to Tint. Very tight room to work with on the back window when applying the Tint. Expert Window Tinting Skill is required to get a perfect cut as well as a perfect Tint installation. Last week I was supposed to do some Commercial Window Tinting on a building in  Scottsdale . The project got delayed due to a company scheduled convention. This week is probably going to be the week I start the work. The 1st sample piece I applied was not going to work with the decor of the new building paint. So i will put a piece up this week that should go well with the building decor and will actually block more heat than their original plan.

It seems to be BMW month for me.
Today I Tinted a 2013 BMW Active 3. I also removed the third brake light assembly on this car to give the most professional appearance to the back Window Tint installation. If you notice in the pictures that I have posted on my Google Places Page, Facebook,  and my website we go to the most extreme measures to protect your cars audio and switch systems while installing the new Window Tint.
Tomorrow its another new BMW to tint!

It was a slow day today . I did take a few calls for Window Tinting estimates. I have a 2013 BMW active 3 coming for the top of the line Suntek Carbon CXP tomorrow. From what I can tell from the pictures on Google , I will have to remove the third brake light assembly. Good thing he is bringing his car to a Professional Expert Window Tinter !

Today I got to Tint a new Toyota Corolla. Very easy car to tint. I used my Auto Mobile Window Tinting Service to take my customer back to her home in Anthem and I went back and picked her up to bring her back to her car after I Tinted it. You just can’t beat that kind of Mobile Window Tinting Service !

I spent the day today hunting down a lawn mower, so I could do some much needed yard work at my business establishment. I still have a lot of air fresheners to give away to those customers who come to get a full Tint on your vehicle ! I also have a lot of available time available for Car,Auto,Truck,Residential and Commercial Window Tinting !

Today I used my Window Tinting Mobile Service to transport my customer back and forth to his vehicle after he dropped it off to me.
This particular BMW has a “Black Matrix” around the third brake light assembly, at the top of the back window, therefore no removal of the third brake light is required. Still a bit of a time consumer when it comes to getting an absolute perfect Window Tint installation. The inside of the bottom of the doors allows no room for error when it comes to setting or tucking the film under the rubber, it must be a perfect cut. Just another happy customer !

Today I Tinted a Toyota Tundra extended cab Truck. I also Tinted a Chevy Cobalt this evening after 6pm. I offer “After Hours”  Window Tinting Service to provide complete convenience for your all of your Window Tinting needs. I also placed a sample piece of film on a building which I will be Commercial Window Tinting this week.

Yesterday I Tinted a new Camero. A lot of the new Camero’s have a third brake light that is challenging to put the tint behind, that is without a few specialty tools. At stick To It we spare no expense for all of the appropriate tools to perform professional top notch Window Tinting work.
Today I tinted a VW Jetta, This particular Jetta was much easier to install the Window Tint on. No cutting around for the third brake light assembly was required. The stationary back door vents had a black “Matrix” boarder which made the Tint, much easier to cut out and install. I breezed through the installation of Window Tint on this Jetta. Tomorrow I will return to the Building in Scottsdale to collect a deposit for Window Tinting this building. I will hang up some Tint samples, and will discuss the different options of Tint and listen closely to my customers desire is so that I can ensure his satisfaction .

I completed the estimate for the building in Scottsdale which I will be Stripping and Re-Tinting next week. Tomorrow I will be Tinting a new Camero and I will also be Tinting two front doors on a Toyota Tundra.