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Month: November, 2016

I got a couple of calls today for Auto Window Tinting Estimates . I book an appointment for December 26th. The others that called probably went to my starving competitors that are giving it away for peanuts. We were supposed to go talk with a commercial window tinting customer today, but he got tied up in a meeting so I will go again tomorrow to talk with this potential customer. We definitely could use more window tinting opportunities.

Today a customer who scheduled with me several times in the past and could not make it finally made it today with her car for Stripping and re tinting. What a nightmare . I spent 4 hours stripping her back window with my steamer. This old film was baked on the glass and it came off in tiny little pieces. This old film was highly degraded and an extreme challenge to remove. I had so many tiny particles of tint on me and my shirt after stripping the back window I had to get a shower and a new change of clothes. It is too cold out for window tint stripping. This customer put it off until the worst time of the year for this. The stripping  took so much time so that I could preserve the majority of her rear window defroster.  You have to “be into it” to spend four hours on just the back window alone. We are open and available for window tinting tomorrow. I will also go back to a place that called several weeks ago for commercial tinting their church.

I was happy to get some work today. My customer came to me because I was one of the only window tinting shops open on Sunday. He came and dropped off his car and I provided mobile tinting service and gave him a ride too and from his car. I have a customer coming here tomorrow for Mobile Window Tinting . She has a car that needs to be stripped of old tint and new auto window tint applied. I have an open schedule for the week and I am eager to do any window tinting work ., Mobile Tinting , Home Tinting and Commercial Tinting are are forte. We have spent the majority of our life perfecting our craft of window tinting to provide the best quality installation available.

I feel non existent. One opportunity today for window tinting which I’m sure was grabbed by my starving -give it away for nothing – competitor.
I am Starving for any opportunity for work.  One opportunity in three days is not good.  Ad words ain’t working, I have got no opportunity for work from them in so long – I NEED WORK ! I can not say it loud enough !~

Yesterday was another interesting day in my world of window tinting. I had a customer call and schedule an appointment and he never showed up or even bothered to call. I tried to get a hold of him but he gave me his “Brothers” phone number, yeah right. Weirdo !
While waiting for the weirdo to show up I had another strange call for Auto Window Tinting and the customer said he ordered the tint on-line , a pre cut pattern. He said he tinted the car himself but he could not do the back window. He brought me the piece of film and I applied it to his car.
After looking at the amateurish window tint installation he did , it makes no sense to me why you would even bother doing this yourself. The installation he did was horrible. It had tons of dirt under the film and creasing everywhere. Unbelievable. The quality of the product of his that I applied left a lot to be desired. Very cheesy compared to the better quality product I use.
Black Friday deals are extended through Sunday !

We are open for business ! We welcome any customers who are thinking about a deal on window tinting . We offer Professional Window Tinting installation at a great price with a great product selection ! Stick To It Window Tinting is our name and Window Tinting is our game !

Yesterday was a very slow day. I did get a call from a construction company that I have done commercial tinting for before. I went today to do the Commercial Window Tinting of some white frost on a door in a Scottsdale resort called Aloft. I have an open schedule for the rest of the day so come one , come all for some window tinting !  I am very thankful for my followers, friends, customers, Google and my Family !
Happy Thanksgiving to all !

Today was a good day. I had a repeat customer come to me with his new Scion for Mobile Window Tinting. I gave the customer a ride back to his home and then I returned to his home to pick him up and bring him back to his vehicle . This is just one of the many ways we offer Mobile Window Tinting service to our customers. I did not get any other calls for tinting today. We are open, very capable and available for any and all of your window tinting needs !

It was virtually a dead day around here yesterday although I did have one customer set an appointment for Friday this week.  It is the week of Thanks Giving and I would be very thankful for some, any,  Window Tinting work ! WE HAVE A OPEN SCHEDULE FOR WINDOW TINTING !

I finally got a little bit of work today ! My scheduled customer flaked out on me but i had another customer who after reading my reviews, came to me with his Impala for auto window tint stripping and the application of new darker window film. This car had paint all over the back glass on the outside of the window which had to be cleaned off before I could do any tint stripping or tinting. It was warm enough outside today to do the tint stripping without the use of my Jiffy Steamer. This also had a lot to do with the quality of the film I was removing. The customer wanted darker window tint so we stripped the old tint and re tinted the whole car.
I have nothing scheduled for window tinting at all for the rest of this month so I will be open and available ,even on Turkey Day for any potential window tinting possibilities !black-impala-before-stripping-back-glass