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Month: October, 2016

It has been way too slow around here for window tinting opportunities !
We are starved for work and I have never been this slow to get opportunity.
Where is my advertising ? Its not working again ! I NEED WORK !

It was a festivity of Auto Window Tint stripping and re applying new window tint today ! My first customer was a repeat customer who has a handicap of being partially deaf. I have tinted a car for this gentleman before and today he brought me a VW Passat Wagon to strip and re tint. I used my Mobile Tinting Service to provide my customer with a ride to the corner bus stop and I went up to the bus stop to pick him back up after I applied Auto Window Tint to his car. The VW Wagon is just  another challenging car with limited installation tolerances. Thank goodness for my Jiffy Steamer. It was absolutely necessary for window tint stripping today. The temperature this morning was so cool the only option for tint stripping was the steamer. During the Passot new tint installation I stopped to help another customer get new auto tint for his two front doors on a Toyota Avalon , so I stripped the old faded peeling auto tint off his car and applied new legal tint. After the Avalon tinting I had another customer come to me with his Chevy Sonic for Mobile Window Tinting. I gave this customer a ride up to the Corner Star Bucks coffee shop and he waited there while I tinted his car. After I finished I went back to the corner Star Bucks and picked him up to bring him back to his newly tinted Chevy.

Yesterday I applied Auto Window Tint to a Toyota SUV. Then I had another customer with a Toyota car come for front door window tinting . Each vehicle I tinted only the drivers door. It was a  slow day. I also went to a commercial building in North Phoenix to do a office and store front commercial window tinting estimate. I have a completely open schedule today and we are starving for work window tinting. The threat of rain has gone away today, it is still pretty hot outside but I think we are out of the 100 degree days. We are open and available for work, and we welcome any work !

Finally today I had some work. Yesterday was a day of contact again with my advertiser to try to get something happening around here. Today I had a customer come and drop off his truck for window tinting. I gave him, a ride home with my awesome mobile service then after I applied the tint to his truck I went back to his place to pick him up and bring him back to his newly tinted truck. I also went to a business in central Phoenix today to do a commercial window tinting estimate. This estimate was on some interior windows where they wanted privacy in the office area, like a two way mirror window film. It is a film that is manufactured by Suntek.
Two way mirror is very dependent upon lighting to create the “two way” effect.  OPEN SCHEDULE WINDOW TINTING HERE ! WE ABSOLUTELY NEED SOME WORK !!!

We have not worked window tinting in several days ! Starting to get extremely hungry for work. Where are my advertising dollars going ?
They are not working ! All my starving competitors are giving it away just to try to stay afloat. We are sinking quick and we need some work, quickly !
Four days of no opportunity for work is no good ! STARVING FOR WORK !!!

It has been a couple of days without working, and it does not feel right !
We are open and available for any possibilities for work. We are not afraid of work in fact we love to work and apply window Tint. We could use some work this week . The temperature is supposed to be 99 degrees on Thursday, our last heat wave for a while so its time to take advantage of the lower temperature and our lower prices !

I can tell the weather is affecting my business. I had no calls for window tinting opportunities, this weekend. I had two people scheduled who had to cancel. I was supposed to do some Home Window Tint removal tomorrow but this person canceled too. This has to be the worst October I have experienced in business. We need work ,now !

It was a very slow day yesterday , I had a call or two for any window tinting opportunities but we did not get any work. We are open and available all day today for any work opportunities. Ready and able and  at your service all day today . Give me a call !

It is Saturday. I had a customer scheduled for later today but he is having some pet problems , so he can not make it today , so this means I am open and available for any window tinting opportunities ! I am also open for business the whole weekend long !

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day stripping old light colored window tint off a Porsche Panamera S. This car has some of the tightest window tinting tolerances, giving absolutely no room for slop or error in sizing each piece/window for installation. The back window was the easiest piece to size and install, but the rest of the windows were some of the most challenging installation unfriendly windows I have ever applied tint to.
Today I will go and do a Commercial Window Tinting Estimate in central Phoenix. We are open and available for any potential window tinting you may require and we would be happy to satisfy with some shade !
Don’t wince and squint get some Window Tint !