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Month: February, 2017

Yesterday I was able to complete the Commercial Window Tinting I did for a company called William Scotsman in central Phoenix. I thought the job would take longer to complete. After I did the Commercial Window Tinting I had a customer come for some Mobile Window Tinting I gave the customer a ride home then I returned to my place to apply the Auto Window Tint. We have nothing scheduled for today or tomorrow. The heat is on its way , its going to warm up by the end of this week, we say bring on the heat !

I spent some quality time on applying Specialty Auto Window Tint to a VW GTI today. These cars are very tedious for tinting. Tight beck glass plastic trim on the inside and no VW engineering degree to remove the plastic trim without setting off the air bags, makes this car a time consumer that requires the cutting skills of a surgeon.
Tomorrow I will apply some Commercial Window Tint on a structure in central Phoenix. This job will take a couple of days to complete so my available time for any auto tinting is going to be in the evening this week. I already have a night time appointment for Auto Tinting for tomorrow.

I went to tint some specialty window film on a truck in North Phoenix.
It was a bit of unorthodox window tinting. No garage and fighting the breeze was no fun but we got the job done and it looked good.
After the truck tinting I returned to my place to apply some Auto Window Tint to a customer who wanted my mobile service. I gave her a ride back to her place and I returned to tint her car. It was a newer car and it was clean so the tinting went great.

Today I did several Mobile Window Tinting installations, I also applied tint to a Silverado Truck Regular Cab. I applied Auto Window Tint to a customer who I provided my Mobile Window Tinting service .
Tomorrow I will go to a customer for some auto window tinting in North Phoenix. He is a old neighbor that used our Window Tinting Service when he lived across the street from us. Another “returning for more” satisfied customer !

Today I was up early and went to a Auto Body shop to apply some auto tint to a vehicle with scratched Window Tint. After the application of auto tint I returned to a Commercial Window Tinting job in North Phoenix to complete the work. After the Commercial Tinting I completed today I returned to my place to use my Mobile Window Tinting service and apply Auto Tint to a Ford Truck. Tomorrow I will
do some more commercial window tint work for the Auto Body shop on a customers car who needed two doors tinted. I also Have a 8 am appointment but I am getting that feeling that this customer may not show. It was a lively day !

It was a day of Commercial Window Tinting in north Phoenix.
I went to a pediatric business and applied some window tint to the lobby windows to help cool it down. I also went to another commercial business in central phoenix to give a commercial window tinting estimate.Tomorrow I will go to a local auto body shop and apply some tint to a SUV door glass. After that I will go and complete the pediatric business store front, and rendezvous with a customer at my place for some Mobile Auto Window Tinting.

Today I did some Auto Window Tinting for a company that I have done resale work for before. Today it was the application of Specialty Auto Window Tint. I also did a Commercial Window Tinting estimate for a customer of mine that had me tint many of his personal automobiles.
Tomorrow I will do a Commercial Window Tinting estimate in south Phoenix then I will go to North Phoenix to apply Commercial Window Tint to a Pediatric Store Front. I love flat glass window tinting !

Yesterday was a very slow day just like today. I did apply some Auto Window Tint to a Chevy truck and I used my Mobile Window Tinting service to provide transportation for my customers convenience.
Today I had a customer come with some illegal window tint on the two front doors of her car. She was stopped by the Arizona Highway Patrol and given a warning for having darker than legal or “Excessive window tint”. I always love to help my customers with legal window tint. I have a Commercial Window Tinting estimate to do tomorrow morning in North Phoenix. I think I have an pen schedule for any window tinting after that estimate . I will be available all week for tinting too !

Yesterday I went to a commercial store front to do a window tint stripping estimate. Some of the glass had BB holes in it and was spider webbing out from the holes . I suggested that the glass should be replaced and that I would not even attempt to remove the old Commercial Window Tint for fear the glass would break further.
I also went to a home in Phoenix to do Home Window Tinting estimate.
This home has two 9 foot tall windows on the front entrance doors of his house. His home is beige and brown so I suggested the Bronze window film to match the exterior decor of his house. Today my first customer is a no show , no call. I have the number of my next customer so I will try to rearrange my schedule. Open season for window tinting this weekend ! I have nothing scheduled for tomorrow.

Yesterday I did some Car Window Tinting on a Honda Accord. This customer wanted the specialty window film so I used the Suntek CXP Carbon grade with a color fade warranty and great heat rejection ability. After I applied the specialty film I had a customer come and get his girlfriends truck tinted. I applied the standard carbon grade window film to this truck. Today we have two flat glass window tinting estimates to go to. Open and available for some window tinting this weekend ! Come get some protection !