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Month: December, 2015

It has been dead around here. I had one call for  a Commercial Window Tinting estimate yesterday. I went to a chiropractors office and did a Commercial Window Tinting estimate. This morning I received a call for some Mobile Auto Window Tinting for tomorrow. We could use some work. Things have been unusually slow around here. Bring on the new year with new opportunities !

I received no phone calls today. No opportunities for window tinting.
With the New Year on the way now is the time to get prepared for the hot months to come. We are still open and available for any and all Auto Window Tinting opportunities !

Today I started the day off with the completion of Commercial Window Tint application at Karma Tattoo. After The Commercial Window Tinting I returned to my place to apply Truck Window Tint to two front doors on a Chevy 1500. Business is still a little slow. I could use some more potential work window tinting. I have an open schedule for tomorrow. I am supposed to have a customer come over for the two front doors on his vehicle for window tinting in the morning but I am available for any and all window tinting tomorrow ! We are looking forward to a prosperous New year !

Merry, Merry Christmas ! Merry, Merry Christmas !

Yesterday was a good day for working. I went to a Tattoo Place that I did an estimate on for Commercial Window Tinting about a month ago.
I applied the darkest bronze commercial tint to help block out some of the sun that beams directly through the top windows in there business. All day up and down the ladder. I will return on Saturday to complete two more windows they decided to have me tint too. That is usually how it works , I apply Commercial Window Tint or Home Window Tint on a few windows and the customer suddenly can see just how much the tint beautifies the appearance and allows a soft warm glow to the room. This is a great incentive to apply tint to more windows. The window film will pay for itself in lower energy consumption all year long, not to forget to mention all of the Ultra Violet Light gets blocked out ! That equals protection to your flooring ,furniture and fabrics. Today I did get a call from someone in the town of Maricopa for auto window tinting. We do not travel that far with our Mobile Window Tinting service.

Yesterday was a slow day for window tinting work. I had a customer come to me and I applied Auto Window Tint to his two front doors on his new Jeep Cherokee. I did not get any other cars to apply window tint on yesterday. I did get a call from someone who set an appointment with me for today and so far he has not called or showed up. We are ready and willing to tint your sleigh, so take a sleigh ride right on over for some new window tint. Oh what fun it is to ride in a Window Tinted Sleigh !

Yesterday was a very tough day for window tinting. I tinted this Audi A4 2013 and it had many issues for applying the back glass window tint. The first issue was I was not able to remove the back seat head rests that normally allow complete access to the back glass ,but not on this one. The second issue was the interior fabric. It covered the edge of the windows and the window tint had to be tucked behind the edge of the interior. The third issue was that there was no way to remove the third brake light assembly and it was pressed up against the back glass leaving no room to slide the film under the brake light assembly , the fourth issue was there is a piece of felt that was loosely attached along the inside bottom of the back window- What a Pain ! I was successful at applying the window tint to the back window with much attention to detail when cutting the pattern and applying the film.
Yesterday I also had a customer come to me with a Honda Civic that had old purple pealing up window tint on his car. I stripped and applied new Auto Window Tint to his two front doors. He will return at another time, when he has more time to do the rest of his car. We LOVE to apply Auto Window Tint.

Yesterday was a do nothing day. No window tinting yesterday. Today I had a previous customer recommend a friend to come to me for Auto Window Tinting. Today I applied Auto Window Tint to an older Mitsubishi Eclipse.
Tomorrow I am supposed to have a customer come for window tinting on his Audi. Business has been very slow but steadily slow we go !

It was a good day yesterday for working and doing some commercial window tinting estimates. My first appointment was a Home Window Tinting stripping and applying new light Bronze window tint. After the Home Window Tinting I went to a Commercial Window Tinting estimate in central Phoenix. This estimate covers a extremely large quantity of glass, a very big job. Most of the windows are covered in an old looking wood panel type of lamination.  This company wants all of the old lamination taken off and some of these windows they are requesting the application of the “White /Matte-Frost “. This is the time of year for that kind of work. The Auto Window Tinting seems almost non existent. What is up with my AdWords advertising for Auto Window Tinting ?
These windows are approximately 80 inches wide by 114 inches tall. Most of the windows are so wide they will have to be done with two pieces of tint . When I can and I have to I usually put the seam of the two pieces right down the middle with a approximate eight inch overlap.

The past few days have been pretty bad. No Work Window Tinting !
We are Starving for work !