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Month: June, 2018

Stick To It Window Tinting

The last couple of weeks we have had many Auto Window Tinting and Mobile Auto Window Tinting installations. We have also done some Commercial Window Tinting estimates and some Home Window Tinting estimates which we will do theses installations this week. Here are a few pictures of our current installations.

Stick To It

This first week of June has been hot outside ! We have had the pleasure of helping many people keep cool with a lot of Specialty Auto Window Tint applications.
Many people understand the Idea of getting the top quality window tinting on there cars that will last for many years with no color fading, no visual distortion, and exceptional heat rejection. This week has been Nissan Versa and Toyota Tacoma window tinting week. We have also done some Commercial Vehicle Window Tinting and some Home Window Tinting estimates.

Stick To It Window Tinting

It has been a very festive month of May. I think this week was black Car Window Tint week as well as Acura Auto Window Tinting week. We also have done several Commercial Window Tinting installations and estimates. We also have been busy Home Window Tinting too. Its getting hotter than heck out side ! It is time to protect those furnishings in your home and inside your vehicles from the damaging UV by the Sun! The added bonus is keeping cooler too ! Today I did some more Commercial Window Tinting estimates for Camden Apartments main offices. Tomorrow its strip and re tint another Acura.
It can be back breaking work but someone has to do it. Here are a few pictures of some of the vehicles and some commercial tinting we did in May.