by sticktoittint1

Yesterday was a good day for window tinting. I had a customer come to me with his truck for the application of specialty window tinting.
It burned up quite a bit of time because I remove the quarter glass windows on these older trucks in order to cut thru holes in the tint where the hardware goes through the glass. It makes a perfectly professional installation of the window tint. Some of my competitors do not take the extra time involved to remove the glass and the hardware but we do ! I would only provide you with what I would want done, if it were my vehicle.
Today I had a customer come and drop off her car for my mobile service window tinting. This was a easy car to tint and we love to tint Toyota’s.  Almost all Toyota vehicles are a good example of the way to install glass into a car. There is plenty of room available to tuck the window tint behind the edges of the glass providing the most professional appearance of auto window tint installation. I had a customer call earlier today and schedule an appointment but once again it was another flake ! I also spent some time yesterday making more changes to my ad words account. They finally called after I asked them via email if they missed my “donations” for second page advertising. I hope with the new changes I have made to get more potential business but, I can say I have only had one call today, who never showed up, and I am STILL waiting for the phone to ring with more potential opportunity ! We have a open schedule for work window tinting both today and tomorrow!.  I had a customer go onto my G+ page to follow me and apparently Google is still trying to fix some technical issues with my “Followers”, I can say he never got recognized by my G+ page. Any work any where anytime ! We are available to apply some professional tint for you !