by sticktoittint1

Yesterday got better with my advertising after all. I had a customer come for some late night Auto Window Tinting. She had a sunroof on her car and she wanted her car tinted with specialty window tint and she wanted the sunroof tinted. She dropped her car off to me at about 5:30 pm and I finished the application of the specialty window tint at about 10pm. I know she will be much cooler in her car now with the specialty tint and especially with the sunroof tinting. Today I will do some Commercial Window Tinting in downtown Phoenix.
For this Commercial Window Tinting I had to make a template to make a 68 inch circle to do this window tinting. This will be the first time I have tinted a huge circular piece of glass . There is also a half circle that is 68 inches tall and 36 inches wide. We love all types of window tinting.