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Month: November, 2015

Today was a good day for casual Auto Window Tinting. I had a customer who lives close to me who looked in Google for “Auto Window Tinting near me”, she had several choices and she selected me because of my awesome window tinting web site. She saw all of my 5 star Google Reviews which was the deciding factor for her to come to me for her Auto Window Tinting. We did not get any calls today for window tinting . We have an open schedule all week for any and all window tinting opportunities ! Don’t forget about window tinting as a holiday present for your significant other !

Yesterday was a very slow day for work . I got a couple of calls for Mobile Auto Window Tinting so I scheduled a customer for today.  He came from central Phoenix to bring his truck for window tinting. I gave him a ride home in my Mobile Service Window Tinting vehicle so he did not have to wait around while I tinted his truck. After I applied the truck window tint I went back to his house , picked him up and brought him back to his newly tinted truck. People love this part of my Mobile Window Tinting service ,.
It IS the  best way to ensure a perfect window tint installation, in my garage and I get to sleep like a baby at night with no guilt on my mind, knowing that I have provided my customer with the best possible out come of window tint on their vehicle. I got a call today from a customer who will bring there new BMW X5 for Auto Window Tint tomorrow !
We Love Window Tinting !

We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving . We are open and available for your Black Friday and Black Weekend for window tinting!
It is the best gift you could give to that special someone in your life !
We are offering great deals on tinting this weekend so if you are shopping for that unique affordable gift then look no further that Stick To It Window Tinting !

Today was a day of no work again. I did get a call from a customer to strip and re tint his Toyota Corolla on Wednesday this week . He stopped by today just to get the drivers door stripped the tint was completely hanging from the top of the glass while the rest of it was hanging like a drape. He could not roll the window up and down , so I took a few minutes with my Jiffy steamer and removed the tint for him. I have plenty of time tomorrow for any window tinting ! We will work on Thanksgiving day for those who cant find any other time for Auto Window Tinting. We do it because we love it !

It was a great day for work. I did go to my first customers house and apply Auto Window Tint to his Jeep Wrangler in his garage. Not quite as nice of an environment as my garage but it was not bad. I applied the best product I carry which is the Suntek CXP Carbon Film. While doing the application of the carbon tint to the Jeep I received a call from a customer who wanted to get his Fiat tinted as a Birthday present for his girlfriend while she was out of town. That is the best gift some one can get is new window tint for years of protection from the harmful sun! Tint also makes a great Christmas gift. I have an open schedule for the week. We are open late night for those who cant get time off work during the week. We also can usually accommodate you with a ride to your place and then come and pick you up to bring you back to your newly tinted car.

I finally feel a little more human again. I actually had some legitimate work window tinting today. My first customer came to me with his Cadillac Escalade . I applied Auto Window Tint to his two front doors. He was so happy with his new window tint on the front doors he called me later today to bring it back for me to apply window tint to the rest of his Cadillac. While I was applying the rest of the film a customer called and came to me with his New Chevy Silverado. He also wanted window tint applied to his front doors. So all together it was more like a normal day in my window tinting world today. Tomorrow I have a Jeep scheduled for Mobile Auto Window Tinting . I will go to the customers house/garage and apply the best film I carry. This appointment is not until 1pm, so I will have a lot of time available before that for any potential window tinting needed. Happy to feel normal with my Window Tinting world.

Today I got a couple of calls for Mobile Auto Window Tinting . Fortunately these people saw my website and were dedicated to getting there vehicle tinted by me. I was able to schedule a appointment for mobile window tinting tomorrow and I will also go mobile window tinting on Sunday.
We are the best at what we do because we love to do it !

We are open and available for any Auto Window Tinting today. We have no work scheduled. We have no work scheduled at all for the rest of the weekend.
The Holiday season is coming soon so remember that Window Tint is the best gift to give that special someone with years of protection from the suns harmful UV rays.

Today I had a customer come and drop off her Ford Escape for the application of Auto Window Tinting. Ford has redesigned this vehicle and the new Escape is a breeze to tint.
I got a call this morning from someone looking for illegal window tint.
We do not install illegal window tint but I am sure one of my cheese ball competitors will. If you install illegal window tint on your vehicle you are just ruining things form everyone else. Soon lawmakers will change the laws and make it illegal to have any window tint on your front doors, just like the law is in California. Do your window tint legal on the front doors !
There is not that much difference in solar energy rejected anyway if you use just about any product.
Two calls today, and not one job scheduled ! WE NEED WORK !!!!!

One call for window tinting yesterday. I did not secure that opportunity because my starving competitors are giving it away ! We need some real opportunity for work!  FORTUNATELY my awesome window tinting skills have brought me a Ford Escape today that was recommended  through “word of mouth”  advertising. Good thing that is working for me because it appears as though Google Adwords advertising is NOT working for me and my hard to come by $.    WE NEED WORK !