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Month: January, 2018

Stick To It Window Tinting

The new year has brought me a couple of Commercial Window Tinting jobs and a couple of Auto Window Tinting jobs. Last week was a SUV specialty Window Tint week. I have also figured out how to moderate the clicks on my advertising as to not spend too much or an over exorbitant amount of money for work advertising. We learn as we go.


Stick To It Window Tinting

Last weekend was good for Auto Window Tinting. This week I have done two Commercial Window Tinting applications at a Aquarium and Fish store and a Thai diner restaurant. I am staying pretty steady with work but it is costing me a small fortune in Adwords advertising. It is what it is. I would rather be working than not. I will be talking to FaceBook representative this week to see about increasing my advertising opportunities there. I hope its not as expensive .