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Month: March, 2016

Yesterday was a slower day for window tinting. I returned to a customers home to apply some more Home Window Tinting to some french doors. I was here last week and applied Home Window Tinting to the kitchen windows. Today I went to a customers place to apply some New Mexico style window tint to their car.  They are moving back and wanted the New Mexico legal window tint. This afternoon I will apply auto Window Tint to a Honda Ridgeline.

Yesterday was a good day for work. I started the day off doing some Commercial Window Tinting for Cox Communications. I applied some Suntek Silver Film on four windows in the Cox Lobby. The sun was blinding the receptionist. After the Commercial Window Tinting I went to a business in Scottsdale to give an estimate on a commercial building that has some old cracked and peeling exterior window film. This job looked like it would be a nightmare to do. Experience tells me that it would be a big mess trying to capture the disintegrating particles as they get removed from the glass. I bid the job accordingly. After the commercial window tinting estimate I returned to my place to rendezvous with a customer who wanted to take advantage of my Mobile Window Tinting service so she dropped her car off , I gave her a ride home in my car then I went back to pick her up and bring her back to her car after I applied the Auto Window Tint. Today I will do a commercial window tinting estimate at Metro Center in Phoenix then I will return to a customer who I did some Kitchen window tinting for last week , they want some more home window tinting on some French doors. We love Slappin’ up the Tint !

Happy Easter ! Two days ago I had a customer come to me with a Dodge Charger looking for Mobile Window Tinting service. I Took care of this Window Tinting and I set an appointment for yesterday for some Auto Window Tint stripping and Re tinting. Yesterday I had a Angie’s List customer come to me with his Ford Edge for Car Window Tinting.
This was a easy vehicle to window tint .
Today is Easter Sunday so I plan on some church and no work today.
It is starting to get a little warmer outside but this week it is supposed to cool back down, thought the heat is on its way ! The people who can afford the tinting now are coming to prepare for the hot summer months to come !  Tomorrow I will do some Commercial Window Tinting for Cox Communications at the Main Office. The sun is coming through the entrance windows and blinding the desk receptionist.
After the Commercial Tinting for Cox I will go to Scottsdale and give a Commercial Tinting estimate and set an appointment for the window tinting. After the Estimate I will return to my place for some Mobile Auto Window Tinting on a Corolla. We love to apply Window Tint.

I just noticed my Google rating went up ! Yeah !!!

The day before yesterday I did a Residential Window Tinting estimate for a Commercial construction company, nothing came of that opportunity. It was nice to see some ROI today!
Yesterday I had a customer come to me with an older BMW. That was a all day love fest to get the top notch Window Tint installation. Today was a much better day with my advertising, I had several calls for window tinting and I set a couple of Commercial Window Tinting installations. Today I also had a customer come to take advantage of my Mobile Auto Window Tinting service. I gave him a ride home and I went back to his house to pick him up and bring him back to his newly tinted auto. After the VW window tinting I had a customer come with a Nissan Sentra for Car Window Tinting.  While I spent quality time cleaning the filth and dirt off of the Nissan I had a customer come with his Chevy Silverado for Truck Window Tinting. I applied window tint to his two front doors. I also scheduled an appointment through Angies List for Mobile Auto Window Tinting for Saturday. Tomorrow I will greet a customer early in the morning coming for mobile auto window tinting.

Yesterday I went to a Home in Sun city and did an estimate for Home Window Tinting . This was a commercial construction company that damaged some window tint while doing some remodeling of the home.
I came back to my place and I got a call for some late night Auto Window Tinting. This customer came down from Tuba City Arizona just to get there Window Tinting done by me. Today I have a BMW I will apply some Auto Window Tinting on.. Today I will call Google and ask them WHY when I first set up my 2nd campaign I got many many calls every day and now why has this dwindled down to almost no calls ! Once again I feel as though I am getting the shaft from Google !

It is quite obvious why I am not getting any calls for Window Tinting work, Google has me listed on the second page of all the keywords that get me business. I give Google $7.00 a day in advertising money and this is how they repay me ! Thanks a lot Google !

Yesterday was a very slow day. I wanted to work but my Google Adwords advertising is falling on its face. I think I might have got two calls for window tinting estimates yesterday. This new campaign for advertising was great for about two weeks and now it has slowed to a crawl for window tint work opportunities. I should not have to shake things up with Google I am spending quality money for a better return on my investment.
If things do not improve for opportunities right away, I will call and ask Google what the heck is going on ! I do all kind of commercial and home window tinting but these opportunities have dwindled down to nothing too. I am out of work for tomorrow ! I NEED WORK !

Today I had four different little window tint installations to do. The first appointment today was a Nissan Truck with nasty old deteriorated window tint. I stripped off the old stuff with the use if a razor blade , the old film was so deteriorated that was the best option for removal. After the Nissan Truck Window Tinting I had a customer come to me with a Jeep Wrangler for Bronze Auto Window Tinting. I used the last of my old solar gard bronze window tint on this Jeep. The bronze tint was the best way to match the bronze colored soft top with Bronze colored Plastic windows. After the Jeep I had a customer come and drop off their Honda Civic for Auto Window Tinting. After receiving their car I left my place and went to a home close to mine and applied Bronze Home Window Tint to a kitchen window . I will return to this customers house next week to apply more of this Home Window Tinting. After the home tinting I returned to my place to apply the Auto Window Tint to the Honda Civic that was waiting for me. TOMORROW, I have a COMPLETELY OPEN SCHEDULE for any window tinting !
Lets flex that advertising muscle Google Adwords !

Yesterday was a slow day for window tinting. I used my mobile service to go to a customer in north Phoenix and remove some window tint that was too dark for her liking on the back door windows of her Escalade. Today I had another Ford Fusion to apply window tint . Once again I used my awesome Mobile Window Tinting Service to provide my customer with the convenience of not having to wait around while I tinted his car. I drove him home and I went back and picked him up to bring him back to his car. My customers LOVE this part of my Mobile Window Tinting. Tomorrow I have a couple of little window tinting endeavors. I will do some tint stripping on a car or two and I will also do a small home window tinting job. We are open and available this weekend for any kind of window tinting opportunities.