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Month: September, 2015

WE NEED WINDOW TINTING WORK ! We are starved for opportunities !

No work today. It is still going to be hot outside , in fact record high temperatures are expected so I expect my Google Advertising to bring more opportunity for Window Tinting work . I have no work scheduled at all for this week so we are open and available for any window tinting opportunities ! Mobile Auto , Commercial and Residential tinting is our specialty !

It was a good day for working on stripping old tint. It was pretty hot outside today so the use of “black Bag” window tint stripping was definitely useful.
It was a long day today working on this older Impala. This style/Year of Impala requires extra time and top quality skill ability to appropriately install Auto Window Tint.  Getting the tint behind the tight seals and film tucking  is a major part of the skill required for tinting this car. I always put extra time aside for tinting one of these Chevy’s.
I have an open schedule this week for window tinting so I am hoping some work will come my way soon ! We love to apply professional grade Window Tint !

It was a full day of applying window tint.  I went to a friends garage with my Mobile Window Tinting service and applied window tint to several vehicles. There was a good variety of tinting to do.  The first car I applied Auto Tint to was a classic 1971 Z28. Very nice restoration on this car. The Tint I applied was the top of the line CXP by Suntek, in fact that is all I used today was the highest quality product I have to offer on all of these vehicles. After the Z28 Window Tinting I applied Window Tint to the two front doors of an SUV. I also applied a windshield visor tint strip on this SUV. After I Tinted the SUV I applied a Windshield Tint Strip on a Toyota truck. After the Toyota I stripped the Back window tint on a Mitsubishi and I applied new carbon XP window tint. Tomorrow I will strip and re tint a Chevy Impala. We are very happy to be working and Window Tinting !

Yesterday was a slow day for work . I had one customer come over for stripping and re tinting of his older Chevy Truck. Not much to it with my being an experienced tinter. Today was a good day for window tinting. I spent a great majority of my afternoon stripping new window tint on a Mazda CX5. The factory window film was not dark enough for the customer so they came to me for a darker, more elite top of the line window tint. After the Mazda stripping and applying new tint I had another customer who had old peeling window tint on his Ford. All of the doors were peeling so I stripped off the old window tint and applied new Truck Window Tint . Tomorrow I will go to an old friends shop to apply top of the line window tint to his 1971 Camero. After the camero I will tint some Jeep windows and then strip a back glass on a Mitsubishi and apply new window tint. Thank goodness for good old friends !

It was a day of a lot of driving to different buildings and giving Commercial Window Tinting estimates and I also had a little Auto Window Tinting too.
My first customer had some window tint that was peeling on her car.
I stripped off the old window film and applied new Auto Window Tint.
I have no work scheduled for tomorrow or this weekend . We need more opportunity for window tinting.  We need more work !

It was a good day yesterday , I am very happy to be working . We had a customer who saw my Google Reviews and was convinced that my place, is the place he would get his Truck Window Tinting applied. I also gave him a ride back to his home  which was not too far away from my place.
So he was able to get my free Mobile Window Tinting service too.
I had to strip off some old purple window tint and apply some new tint on a Black Dodge 1500. The new Limo tint I applied looked awesome on this black truck. Tomorrow I have a couple of windows to strip and retint . After that I will go mobile and do a Commercial Estimate on a dental clinic in Chandler. We certainly will have plenty of time available for any window tinting after the Commercial Tint estimate. It is still gonna be hot for a few more weeks so take advantage of my low low prices!

Not much to say. No work makes the window tinter a dull boy !
I had one call today for a estimate, which I’m sure my starving competitor got. My prices are low and very competitive. I had one person come to me today looking for darker than legal window tint. We don’t do that.
We need some real opportunities !
Where is my Adwords advertising ?

It was a very slow day again for any window tinting opportunities. We are open and available for all window tinting needs.

It was a great day today ! I had a customer show up who needed her two front doors stripped of window tint and new window tint applied. Her truck was a Chevy Colorado and it is a very easy vehicle to tint.
While I was applying the new tint to her truck I received a call from a customer who wanted to get my Mobile Window Tinting service. We spoke over the phone for a few minutes and I informed him that I would give him a ride home and I would come back and pick him up so he would not have to wait around my place while I applied the Auto Tint to his vehicle. He was very happy to hear that and he took advantage of my awesome Mobile Tinting service ! Very happy to have this Google search customer come to me today !