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Month: June, 2015

It was a glorious day Window Tinting ! My first appointment was with a realty company that I just put some film on their windows last week, but it was not enough to satisfy the need so I applied more Commercial Window Tint to their Realty office today. After that I went to the real estate agents home to do a Home Window Tinting estimate for her. Then I returned to my place and waited for my customer from Penske to come and drop off his Ford Fusion for Mobile Window Tinting. I drove this customer to Anthem and dropped him off at home and then I went back and picked him up in Anthem to bring him back to his newly tinted Ford Fusion.
Tomorrow I will get up very early and do a Commercial Window Tinting estimate for Cox Communications. Then I go to Mesa and do a Commercial Estimate on a McDonald’s . Then I come back to my place to apply auto Window Tinting to a couple of cars. Busy busy busy but Happy Happy Happy to be Window Tinting !

It was a beautiful day for Window Tinting ! My scheduled customer showed up on time and I spent a couple of hours applying Car Window Tinting to his Toyota Race Car The back window was not accessible due to the roll cage and the racing seats lock tightened into the frame. We did apply Arizona Legal  Car Window Tinting to the other windows and it looked pretty nice. I think he will return with the passenger seat removed so I can apply Window Tint to the back glass.
I spent the rest of the day doing some yard work and paper work.
Tomorrow I will return to Premier Realty to do some more Commercial Window Tinting in the Managers office and tomorrow night I will tint a Ford for Penske ! Window Tinting is our way of life , and we love it !

Today was a good day for Window Tinting. I took my first customer back to his house after he dropped off his car for Mobile Window Tinting.
I was supposed to have another SUV to tint but my customer called to reschedule due to a family emergency. Tomorrow I think a customer is supposed to show up with a scion TC . I received no confirmation call so we again will see what will happen. Happily Tinting !

What a Fantastic day for Commercial Window Tinting ! I got up early today and went to the Window Tint distributors office and picked up some product for the Commercial Window Tinting projects I had scheduled for today. My first Commercial Window Tinting was on a commercial store front entrance door. After I applied the commercial tint to the storefront door I went to Scottsdale to do a complete Commercial Window Tint on a apartment unit for Camden at San Palermos. I applied Commercial Window Tint on almost 200 square feet of glass today . Tomorrow its back to Mobile Window Tinting. I have a couple of Auto Window Tinting appointments scheduled for tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes. I have not confirmed any of these two appointments for tomorrow so who knows how thing will go

It was a splendid day for Window Tinting today !  My first customer dropped off his car early this morning, and I gave him a ride to a local fast food place where I dropped him off to get some breakfast. After I applied Auto Window Tint to his vehicle I went Mobile to go and pick him back up to bring him to his newly tinted car. After the Mobile Window Tinting I had a person who lives up the street from me come to me with her car for Car Window Tinting. It was a Toyota Corolla . That car is one of the easiest cars to apply Window Tint to. Tomorrow I have two Commercial Window Tinting appointments. The first is applying Auto Window Tint to a Commercial Business Entrance. The second Commercial Window Tinting appointment is at an apartment complex in Scottsdale . I will apply Window Tint to the entire apartment! Splendid Window Tinting day !

Yesterday was a great day for Window Tinting  ! My first customer brought his Nissan Altima for Mobile Window Tinting . I gave him a ride home and I came back to pick him up after I applied the Auto Window Tint to his Nissan. I had a customer come to get one Window Tinted, that was shot out by a BB gun and replaced. Then I had a customer with a Honda Van that also experienced a glass breakage and had it replace but he still needed Window Tint applied . After the SUV Tinting and the Van Tinting I had a customer bring his Ford focus for the application of Auto Window Tinting. It was a great day of Window Tinting ! Today I have already stripped and applied new Truck Window Tinting on two windows on the front doors of a ford truck. I also have a residential Window Tinting estimate to do today. We love to apply Window Tint !

It was a Fantastic day for Window Tinting. I applied Commercial Window Tint on a realty office in west Phoenix today. The Window Tint used for this project was a silver tint. This silver film has the lowest solar absorbance of all of the Window Films and is the safest to minimize the risk of potential glass breakage or seal failure due to solar absorbance of the Window Tint. These windows I tinted today were all dual pane windows.The dual pane windows are a sealed system of glass or air between the two panes of glass. Because the Window Tint has “solar Absorbance” ( Heat absorbance) the air between the two panes of glass will expand with this heat absorbance from the Window Tint. This can cause pressure to build between the two panes of glass witch could cause potential glass breakage to relieve the pressure or seal failure to relieve the pressure.
All Window Tint manufacturers offer some kind of warranty to take over any existing glass warranty after the application of Window Tint.
Usually a 5 year glass breakage warranty but when it comes to seal failure all Window Film manufacturers require preexisting documentation showing that a current seal warranty is in effect for the glass that was tinted. 99% of my customers do not have any documentation for the glass in their homes, but 99% of the time they have me apply the window tint anyway. ( Due to excessive heat ).
Tomorrow I have several Auto Window Tinting endevores both mobile and here at my shop. We are happy to be Window Tinting!

It was a great day for Window Tinting. Today I saw my dad for Fathers Day. After breakfast with my parents I returned to my place to do some Truck Window Tinting. I had an Angies List customer who brought her Ford explorer over to me to get her two front door Tinted. After that I had another customer call and come over for some Window Tint on his Silverado.  Tomorrow I will start and hopefully complete  Commercial Window Tint for a realty company in west Phoenix. The heat is ON !
So lets cool-it down with some Window Tint from Stick To It !

Yesterday was a outstanding day for Window Tinting . My 1st customer flaked out on me again, and had the nerve to text me at 3 am to let me know. Not to worry though I moved my second customer up to a earlier time. He came to me for Auto Window Tinting on his new Toyota car. He took advantage of my free Mobile Window Tinting service and I gave him a ride home and I went and picked him back up after I applied the Car Window Tint to his new car. My third customer came to me for Truck Window Tinting. In the middle of these two Window Tinting appointments I had a customer show up for a Window Tint visor strip on his front windshield. Today is Fathers Day ! I am planning on seeing my Mom and Dad for breakfast today. I plan on telling him how much I love him ! After I spend some time with him and my parents I will return to my place to apply Auto Window Tint for a customer who is burning up from the excessive heat ! Happy Fathers day to all you Dads !
We love to provide protection from the Harmful sun with our Window Tint !

Today was a great day for Window Tinting ! I went to the Recreation Centers of Sun City to give them a Commercial Window Tinting Estimate .
They have some doors that enter the theater they have glass around them and they want the White Frost type of window film applied to the glass.
After that, I think I talked to about 10 people today for Auto Window Tinting estimates. Its hot and we are busy saving people from the excessive heat. Stay cool ! Come for comfort and shade in the Window Tint !