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Month: February, 2016

Friday I did some Commercial Window Tinting in north Phoenix.
As I was cleaning this glass for the commercial window tint application I noticed an unusually rough surface on the glass . I have seen this before in my experience’s and I think I may have figured out why in some situations I see this type of damaged glass. If the rough material is not removed from the glass the glass will show pitting and what looks like dirt behind the film. In all cases we use stainless steel razor blades to try to remove this debris, but unfortunately this can cause the blade to scratch the glass. One of those situations that is dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. In my research today I found an article that explain how glass should be protected when after installed on a job site under construction. I believe the welding of the store front frame caused small particles of welding material to embed themselves in the glass and when a blade comes in contact with the specs of weld embedded in the glass the blade dulls and scratches the glass. The glass was not properly protected before the welding occurred. Saturday was a slow day , and today I applied auto window tint to a Dodge Durango. This was a return customer who had his Cadillac tinted he a couple of days ago. Tomorrow I will do some more commercial window tinting in north phoenix on the side of a building to help reduce heat coming into the room.

Yesterday I had a customer come and drop off a VW Beetle. One of the most challenging cars to apply Window Tint. I spent about 3 hours with a slow melt down of the back glass tinting to achieve a one piece installation. Fortunately I was able to use our best product on this car. That helped in the forming process. The whole VW Beetle is curved so each window must be preformed before the installation. This car took me several hours to apply the tint so I could get that perfect Auto Window Tinting installation. Today I will do some Commercial Window Tinting . I am going to a chiropractors office to apply some bronze tint to a entire entrance on this office due to someone accidentally driving their car through the entrance. We have a open schedule for this weekend and we are available for any potential window tinting.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to test my window tinting stripping skills again. Fortunately my Jiffy Steamer did most of the work. I stripped old faded window tint off anther Cadillac. Today I did a couple of Commercial Vehicle Window Tinting jobs. I took my Mobile Window Tinting service to a place in Phoenix where I have applied commercial Window Tint to many other commercial vehicles. While UI was tinting there Truck Windows the neighbor next door also came and asked for some Commercial Window Tinting on their crew cab truck. After the Commercial Window Tinting I returned to my place and met a customer who wanted some Auto Window Tinting on his Chevy Cruze. This guy lived right up the street from me and found me through Google. After I applied tint to the Cruze I had another lady come to me with her Monte Carlo. Her front doors window tinting was in very bad condition. I stripped off her old tint and applied new Auto Window Tint to the doors.
Tomorrow I am supposed to have a VW Beetle come here for Auto Window Tinting. These VW’s are at the top of the most challenging cars to apply auto tint on.

Yesterday I spent a good majority of the day stripping old window tint off another Cadillac. I got to use the power of my Jiffy Steamer to assist in the removal of the film. The old tint was faded and was not effective anymore. It appeared to be  old Sungard Cobalt window tint. I applied some carbon non fading limo tint to the back doors and back window and I applied AZ legal to the front doors. Today I will go and give a Residential Window Tint estimate on a home in North Phoenix. I have an open schedule for the rest of the day so I would be available for any window tinting opportunities !

This weekend was a weekend of mostly window tint stripping and applying new Auto Window Tint. I had the pleasure of applying tint to a Honda Fit on Saturday . I also Stripped a Cadillac of old tint and I applied new Auto Window Tint. Sunday I stripped a Intrepid and applied new Window Tint on it. The Intrepid was a Gift Certificate that was purchased last year at Christmas time. Today I have a open schedule for any potential window tinting. Tomorrow I have a fairly open schedule , I will go to do a Residential window tinting estimate early tomorrow and then the rest of the day I will have a open schedule and will be  available for any window tinting opportunity that comes my way. .

The last couple of days have been good for work. The outside temperature is a good wake up call for those who do not have , and need protection from the sun. We have had a couple of people who have old purple ,bubbly window tint come for replacement window tint. It is always a nice feeling to give a face lift to my customers old but reliable vehicles.
Today was a day of Mobile Auto Window Tinting followed by even more Mobile Auto Window Tinting. This week I did a Commercial Window Tinting estimate and I was called by that company to schedule the Commercial Tint installation date. We have a Honda to apply Auto Window Tint to tomorrow as well as a huge car to strip and apply new window tint to. I will have time tomorrow evening for some night time window tinting. a lot of my recent customers have chose the night time window tinting option due to scheduling difficulty’s . The weather is crazy around here! 90 degrees in February !

Yesterday I went out Mobile Window Tinting . I had a customer who had a rack on his truck so we could not fit the truck it into his garage or my garage. I made arrangements with a friend of mine who owns a shop with a big enough opening to pull this truck into. I always like to have a garage to do the application of tint. Wind dust and dirt is not conducive for a nice window tint installation. Inside of my friends garage, I applied the truck Window Tint with no problems. Today we have a completely open schedule for any potential window tinting available.

Yesterday I had a customer come to me to take advantage of my Mobile Window Tinting Service. She brought her car to me and I provided her a ride to and from her home so I could use my garage to apply the Auto Window Tint to her car.  She had no access to her garage at home it was being used for storage. She is planning on moving out of state so I made sure that the Auto Window Tint I applied to her car, was a legal shade for the State where she was moving to. I am open and available all day today for any window tinting !

The day before yesterday I spent about 4 hours stripping the old window tint off of a older Impala SS. The customer came back to me on the next day for the application of  new Auto Window Tint .Before I applied the tint to the Impala I had a repeat customer come to me with his moms car.
I applied some Car window tint to her Kia Forte. Today I am going to apply some tint to another Impala. The older Impala’s are a extreme challenge in having to apply the window tint to the doors. The interior rubber seal extends around the window and  rubs up against about an inch of the glass (see the picture). The newer Impala’s are much different no extender rubber seal, no magic required.

The last few days have been good for window tinting . I have had several second time customers come to me for Auto Window Tinting on new vehicles. My advertising muscle has started to flex. I have had a few cars and trucks come to me for auto window tint stripping old window film and the application of new auto window tinting. I have also gone out Mobile Window Tinting to do Commercial Window Tinting estimates. I have posted many pictures of some recent work done in my Window Tinting World. Tomorrow I have a couple of cars coming for window tint stripping and the application of new Auto Window Tinting. I also Have a back glass on a car, that a lady wants stripped and new window tint applied. We gladly Tint ON !