by sticktoittint1

It was another awesome day for Window Tinting. My first appointment was in Phoenix near New River . I went to a customers home to do a Home Window Tinting estimate. The Window Tinting company who came out to his house to do a Home Window Tinting estimate before me had over estimated his total square footage of glass to be Tinted by 100 square feet. That is why you should call me at Stick To It Window Tinting, I am an honest person who will make recommendations that will beautify your home decor. I secured this job because of my honesty and my fair pricing for Home Window Tinting. After the Home Window Tinting estimate I went to a Job I had scheduled for Commercial Window Tinting. I applied over 45 square feet of Commercial Window Tint on one window alone.
This one window was over 126 inches long by 54 inches high. After I got done with the Commercial Window Tinting I returned to my place to apply Car Window Tint to a Audi Station Wagon. We love staying busy providing awesome quality installations of professional grade Window Tint !