by sticktoittint1

It was a great day for Window Tinting ! I took my Mobile Window Tinting service to Penske in Phoenix today for the application of Auto Window Tinting to a Chevy Cruze. This four door sedan was new and it was a diesel engine. When I started the car to pull it into the Penske garage it sounded like it had a bad bad connecting rod bearing , it had a hard knock . I also posted some pictures of the Honda I applied Window Tint to yesterday at Penske. After the Window Tint application to the Cruze I went to a Commercial Window Tinting estimate at a Pizza Parlor in Phoenix. Tomorrow I will apply Home Window Tint to a huge house with lots of windows, 483 square feet to be exact. I will apply a light silver Window Tint to all of the windows in this house tough it will take a couple of days for the completion.
I will still be available for evening Auto Window Tinting applications so please feel free to call and schedule your car now !