by sticktoittint1

Today was a fantastic day for Window Tinting ! My first customer wanted to take advantage of my Mobile Auto Window Tinting service so she brought her car to me this morning and I gave her a ride in my car to her job at the Bank. I dropped her off and went back to my place and proceeded to apply Window Tint to her car. She got a ride back to my place and was very pleased to see her perfect Window Tint installation.
After the Passot Car Window Tinting I had a customer come to me with their Dodge Charger. This girl wanted darker Window Tint on her car and she also wanted to take advantage of my Mobile Window Tinting service. So I dropped her off at her home and went back to my place . I stripped the old lighter Window Tint and applied new Limo Window Tinting to her car . I went back to her house and picked her up to bring her back to her newly Tinted car.
Tomorrow I have an estimate to do on a house and I also have a Commercial Window Tinting appointment to go and apply some reflective Window Tint on a business for Privacy. After the House Window Tinting estimate and the Commercial Window Tint installation tomorrow I also have and Audi station wagon a customer dropped off tonight for me  to apply Auto Window Tint on.